Chapter One-Introducing Yu.

'Ohayo sensei!' chorused the class.

'Ohayo class. Today, we have a new student joining us . . .'

You could barely lift your head off of the desk. The alarm must have had a fault with it and you woke up late. The class was muttering quietly among themselves. You half-heartedly eavesdrop.

Urgh, I didn't even have any breakfast. Today is going to be great. You sigh sarcastically. Your stomach gave one large grumble for good measure,

'Wow isn't the new guy cute!'

'Yeah, he's really hot! I want him to sit next to me!'

You could hear a few class girls squeaking excitedly about the new student.

Hm, I wonder what's so interesting about this new boy? You thought to yourself.

Grudgingly lifting your heavy head you look in the direction of this supposed 'Cute and hot' new guy. He swept a gaze at you. He had dark shaggy green hair and poisonous yellow eyes. He smiled intriguingly at you. His fanged teeth glinting.

'Ahhh he smiled at me!' Whispered a girl possibly near fainting. Little did she know it wasn't actually directed at her. But you left her to have her fit over the boy.

Wow. . . I suppose he is quite hot you thought agreeing with the overly excited girls.

His uniform was fitted so you could faintly see his bulky muscles underneath his shirt. He stood in a sort of reclining 'cool guy' pose. He had a short ponytail tied up with a red band at the back of his head. Leaving his unkempt but spiky bangs flicking over his pale forehead. His skin was deliciously smooth and pale. Almost a white colour but not quite; like vanilla ice-cream.

'Well, why don't you introduce yourself to the class?' said the teacher beaming at the boy. Why did the teachers have to b so cliché with the 'friendly, like me!' act.

'Sure.' Said the boy. He looked over in your direction. His voice quite low but somewhat elegant.

Why is he looking at me so much? you mentally questioned his actions. You were sure you could feel some girl's fiery stares boring into you.

'My names Yuuki Ikasatachi. I'm 15 years old. I moved to Tokyo a week ago with my two brothers. He eldest one is Minoru and the other is Osamu.'

'That was a good introduction Mr Ikasatachi. . .' Started the teacher.

'Would it be much trouble if I was called Yu?' He asked politely.

'Right um. . . Yu where am I going to put you . . .?'

To the teachers astonishment Yu graciously walked over-leaving a trail of love-struck girls swooning in his wake as he walked past-and he sat down next to you.

What is this guy playing? You thought without a turn of your head. Your cheeks were becoming inflamed dangerously.

Now you were definitely sure all the girls' eyes became green with visible envy.

'Right um. . . now you're sitting comfortably we will start the lesson. . .' The Sensei stammered turning to the blackboard.

You went under the table to get your note book out and a pen. You found the book but you were scrambling around in your bag for the pen.

Damn, I can't find the pen.

'Here you go.'

A thin pale hand slid across the desk with a pen. You looked up to see the strange boy was staring intently at you.

'Ah, um. . . Arigotou!' You finally choked out.

He was looking at the board now and became engrossed with the lesson.

'Not a problem.' He murmured.

The lesson dragged at a snail pace regretfully.. Throughout, you found yourself glancing at Yu. The blush never left you cheeks. Leaving them looking as red as a porcelain dolls.

He is so mysterious looking. I wonder why he moved to Tokyo so late? Its December now.

The bell rang intensely calling the end of the lesson. At last, free.

'Takenaka Miu? The teacher spoke looking up from the board.

'Hai sensei?' You stood up and bowed. Your bangs falling across your eyes.

'You will be Yu's guide for the day. You must show him around our school. I can trust you can do a good job.' He smiled closing his eyes.

'Hai.' A hint of worry in your voice. Not so free now.

You sit back down and scrabble to get all your things in your bag.

'Here is your pen back. Arigatou.' You said bowing your head slightly.

'Pleasure.' He said smoothly.

You felt your cheeks were starting to blush. Again. After them finally returning to normal. Damn

'So, I take your name is Miu and your showing me around today?' He said half asking.

'Correct.' You replied.

'Cool.' He said smiling and closing his eyes; leaning back into his chair.

The class started filing out chattering like a bunch of monkeys.

'Miu! Come and join us.'

Several girls with cheerful grins waited outside for you. Your best friends.

A short girl with cropped blonde hair and puppy brow eyes bounded over to you. She was your best friend out of the lot of them.

'What you waiting for Miu?'

'I am sorry Yuko. I have to show the new guy around today.' You said retuning her beaming smile.

'Ohayo Yuko. My name is Yu, I'm sorry I'm stealing Miu today.' Spoke Yu with a wicked grin. You noticed he was right behind you. You felt his cool breath at the back of your neck.

Yuko had turned the same colour as a tomato.

'H hai! No w worries. . . Yu. I um will call you later Miu!' She stammered out.

'Hai.' You spoke. The hairs at the back of your neck had risen.

I know how you feel Yuko. He's so. . . intimidating.

She waved and gambolled of after your other friends.

'So, where to first Miu?'

Break seamed to last millenniums. You walked around the whole school showing him everything he needed to see. He was always a couple of steps behind you listening to your every word.

'So, I guess that's all the school I have showed Yu.' You turned to look at him.

He flashed a grin.

'Thank you kind Miu.'

'Uh hai!'

Well this is awkward. You sigh.

Fortunately, the bell rang. Un-fortunately it was p.e.

I'm doomed.

'Miu, what lesson do you have now?' Said yu.

'P.E.' You grunted.

He mistook your grunt.

'Oh never mind then.' His smile drooped a fraction.

Blushing violently you started freaking out slightly.

'Ahhh! I didn't mean to sound so rude! I just hate games that's all.' You was gabbling now.

Yu however was chuckling.

'I see. I have games now too. I will escort you dear Miu.' He said bowing to you playfully, 'I'm really grateful you showed me the school.'

Wuah! He can be charming. He seriously is cool.

'Hai, arigatou!.' You said smiling and retuning the bow.