Chapter four-Resolution

'Does she mean Kisshu, pai?' Murmured the boy alien under his breath.

'Yes tart, it's his human form name for keeping his identity a secret.' Pai mumbled.

Pai cleared his throat and turned again to you.

'Yu is safe and sound. Are you in any pain?' His hard moulded face looked curiously at you.

'NO! Please, where am!' You cried. Tears running down your face.

Taruto looked sheepishly at you trying to hide something. You didn't notice this. You was focused on Pai's composed face.

'You're in our base. You have been for several hours. We have attended to your wound but you may still feel some pain.'

'As if this day could get any worse.' Groaned a voice from behind.

Pai, Taruto and you turned your heads to see the green haired alien limping slowly over to pai. His face had a slice just above his left eyebrow; a sling on his right arm and his leg was in a plaster. You stared intently at him.

'I see the walking ruin has finally awakened.' Giggled Taruto reclining in mid-air.

Kisshu gave him a death glare and Taruto soon shut up.

You studied his features. He resembled Yu a lot. His hair was the same colour. So were his eyes and skin. However his hair style and clothes were different.

'Yu?' You croaked.

The green haired alien froze. But then shook his head. You slinked beneath the sheets nearly crying again. Kisshu mouthed something to pai and tart.

*Breathe a word and I'll have your graves buried before you can plead for mercy*

Taruto snickered. Knowing he could threaten Kisshu to do anything if he didn't tell. And Pai's face stayed briefly unchanged. Pai took a peek at you hidden beneath the sheets.

'She will be okay. I have further research I need to attend. Kisshu, keep a close watch on the girl. Taruto I need you.'

With that, Pai and Taruto vanished out of the room. Kisshu sighed heavily. He got a chair with his good arm and placed himself next to the bed. You did not move in threat of crying again.

Here's where the lies start. He regretfully thought. He watched for what seemed a very long time at your form slowly moving up and down at each ragged breath. Eventually you peeked outside the covers. Kisshu was watching you still.

His stare is the same as Yu's.

'Why did you save me from falling? Do you know what happened to Yu? Is he safe?' You questioned like a 4 year old.

This distracted Kisshu from his poignant thoughts.

'I was near you at the time so I caught you. Yu fainted with the shock so I delivered him back home and he seemed okay.' His eyes were sorrowful.

You cheered up slightly.

'Who was that girl?' Gesturing big pointy ears.

'She's someone we would like to wash our hands of.' Kisshu clenched his fist.

'What are you?' You glanced at his ears and clothes.

'I'm a . . . alien. Long story.' He sighed.

'Oh. . .'

The awkward silence dragged on.

'When can I go home?' You asked. Trying to figure out the time.

'Now, since your injuries been stitched up.'

Kisshu picked you up gently grimacing at the pain it caused his arm and suddenly you were in your room being laid down on the bed by him. He gingerly prodded his arm scowling at it.

'Try to forget this ever happened.' He faintly smiled at you.

'Thank you Kisshu. Will I ever see you again?' You had a hint of hopefulness in your voice.

'Unquestionably.' He said resolutely.

He deviously grinned at you and disappeared. Leaving you stunned, shocked and curious. Millions of other emotions mixed in.

'I need to see Yu tomorrow.'