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Funerals and Life After

Chapter 7: Her Room

Let's get one thing straight Artemis

Artemis could hardly breathe. Her blond hair fell from its ponytail and framed her face. Soft lips hungrily kissed down her throat, leaving a trail of marks as it went.

You're my daughter. My protégé. And my world.

Wally's pale fingers dug into her knees which were wrapped around his waist, squeezing tight. The straddling position Artemis had taken on Wally's lap made her loose night shorts bunch up at the top of her thighs. Her hands were anything but shy as they explored beneath his open shirt.

I know Ollie.

"Wally, you can touch me" she breathed, trembling with excitement as she led his hands over her body and stopping just below her breasts. The red head flushed, his hands trialing out touching the area below her mounds.

"Babe are you sure?" Wally asked. His answer came in a whisper of approval and hungry grey eyes. His hands groped at her breasts, enjoying the tenderness of the smooth flesh against his fingers. Upon realizing that the breasts were too big to fully capture in a single hand, Wally began to knead them, pushing and squeezing the flesh, teasing their erect nipples through her singlet.

I don't know what this suddenthing you have with that speedster. And I would much rather that nothing was happening at all.

Come on Ollie it's-

That boy does not deserve you, he will never be good enough for you, and god knows what his real intentions are towards you. That kid flirts with more girls than I did. Who knows what indecent things he tries to do to you when takes you out.

"Ah! Wally." Artemis arched into his touch, bringing her mouth back to his in a searing kiss, rocking her hips so that their crotches rubbed against each other. Wally groaned as he felt his jeans beginning to tighten, his growing arousal straining against the stiff fabric. Looking down Wally realized that Artemis's shorts revealed a large amount of her bare ass cheeks and knowing this did nothing to ease his suffering.

Wally slipped the straps of her singlet off her shoulders, allowing it to fall to her waist, completely revealing her bare breasts. As he started to feel the newly exposed soft skin, Artemis gasped into his lips, reveling in the feel of his fingers brushing her soft skin. Refusing to be one upped Artemis slowly slid her palms down his chest to the top of his jeans, running a single finger over the bulge at his groin.

It's not like that. He likes me and I like him too.

Her tongue slipped between his lips, savoring the sweet taste of his mouth.

Artemis please he's a hormonal teenage boy with two things on his mind food and sex. So let me make myself clear. I don't want you alone with him. I don't want you at his house, I don't want you in his room. I don't want you alone at the cave. I don't even want you in a relationship of any sorts with that red head. I won't have a kid like him screwing around in your life.

Oliver that choice isn't up to you. It's up to me. I get that you don't want me dating, okay, I get that. But I want to. I love you and respect you but come on, it's just dating. We both know there's no way I'm doing even half the bad stuff you were when you were my age. And what the hell is the point of being a teen if you can't have a couple of boyfriends along the way.

Wally didn't hear the crackle of his zipper as Artemis tugged it down, too occupied with her talented tongue, however felt as the sharp pressure against his hard-on disappeared. His exhale came out ragged and harsh causing Artemis to giggle. Sucking greedily at the tip of her tongue he moved one hand to the back of the blondes head to secure her mouth to his, the other hand still playing with her breasts. Small, nimble fingers searched the shape of him through the thin fabric of his boxers, causing Wally to tug at her nipple a little harder than he meant to, but smiled as her she moaned helplessly.

Ok fine, but I'll only say this once Artemis.

She was stroking him now, rubbing her palm against his length as she fought with the restrictive cut of his jeans. Wally broke their kiss to groan into her smooth shoulder, dragging his lower lip over the exposed skin, his tongue accompanying it. His fingers finally leaving her chest to tangle in her golden strands.

He is under no circumstances allowed in your room.

Wally nibbled at her neck and hissed when her reflexes made her grip tighten around his manhood. The kiss he pressed into her pulse point let him feel the way her heart was racing with excitement, just as his was.

"So what time does Oliver get home from patrols babe?"

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