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"Give me the rundown." Special Agent Brent Jefferson sat at the head of the table, slamming a stack of files down in the process. "Who the hell are these guys?"

"Nobodies from Minnesota." Agent Brax looked through the files for a brief information update.

"If they were truly nobodies, they wouldn't be on our radar! Now tell me who they are."

"Carlos Garcia, twenty, grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Only child. His parents both still reside in Minnesota. His mother, Sylvia is an IT systems analyst. His father, Erik Garcia, is a police officer. He dropped out of high school his senior year and used his father's keys to break his friend out of a holding cell. Soon after he fell off the radar." Agent Ohms flipped through files on the screen while she spoke.

"Hortense Mitchell Jr., whom goes by Logan, twenty-one, born in O'Fallon, Missouri and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota at the age of nine, when his parents got divorced. Also an only child. His mother moved back to Missouri a year after Logan disappeared with Carlos and Kendall. His mother's name is Joanna and is a real estate agent. His father, Hortense Sr., was last seen in Jackson, Florida, two years ago. Logan drove the getaway car when Carlos broke Kendall out of a holding cell."

Agent Brax slid Kendall's file back over to S.A. Jefferson. "Finally, we got Kendall Knight, twenty-one. He grew up in Shakopee, Minnesota. His little sister, Katie, is fifteen, and his mother, Jennifer, works at the local diner, Ross' Diner. Kendall's father, left town when Kendall was seven, after accusations of abuse were brought to the police. Two years later he was arrested and charged with murder in Denver, Colorado, and is still serving a fifteen year sentence. Like father, like son in that department."

Agent Ohms pulled up an article from a Minnesota newspaper. "Three years ago, Kendall was arrested for murder, with DNA evidence tying him to the murder. However, his two friends, Logan and Carlos, broke him out of the police station, and they quickly fell off the radar."

"Until the DEA started keeping their eyes on them three months later."

"They went into the drug business? Cartel?" Jefferson looked at his two agents.

"Nope, according to their files, the three boys were actually stealing and destroying drugs, taking them off the streets. The DEA kept an eye on them, until some of the gang members turned up dead, from the gangs they were ripping off. They made their way through several states before the DEA brought the FBI onto the case. They started increasing their numbers, getting into the gun business, gun for hire business, smuggling business, and there are rumors of even more."

"And why has no one brought them in?" Jefferson didn't understand how three "nobodies" could rack up such a rap sheet.

"Most of these charges are unsubstantiated. Rumors. According to most of these files, they aren't seen in town until they are leaving. We have some of our men looking into how they stay ahead of us. We have them looking into local agencies, some DEA agents, and the first few agents from our agency who got the case."

"Good, now who the hell is this fourth guy?" Jefferson tossed the final file on top of the other three.

Agent Ohms pulled up the final pictures on the screen. "That's James Diamond, Kendall Knight's boyfriend. Rumors say they broke things off after the murder, but from chatter we've picked up, we don't think that's the case. They started dating 5 years ago, and we actually have photos of Kendall being in L.A. recently, just down the block from where James now lives."

Jefferson nodded. "Okay, let's start from the beginning again. We have legitimate murder charges to bring in the three guys, so we need to get them off the street."

Brax and Ohms nodded and they opened the files and started again.

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