Alright, I love everyone who still reads stories about this show. I miss it, even if it wasn't the best show ever, it was still great. Guess what, in the US, its on HULU! So I've been binging in my free time. Anyway, I know I am the worst updated on this website, and I'd like to claim that I try super hard, but I mostly just get super distracted and have writer's block. So here's another chapter, my lovelies.

Chapter Title is "Secret" by The Pierces.


"We're not going to the hospital!"

"Yes we are! You could have a concussion, some of those cuts need stitches, you have broken bones in your hand, and your face is swelling up like a balloon! Those are not things I can just fix with a home first aid kit! I am not a miracle worker Kendall." Logan glared at Kendall in the back seat. "Drive to the hospital, Carlos."

"Drive home, Carlos."



"Guys! Stop! I can't drive under these conditions." Carlos sounded heartbroken. Stress, fear, and arguing led to a miserable Carlos.

"Sorry, Carlos," came the uniform response.

"Now talk in normal tones."

"We are going to the hospital."

"Loges, we can't go to the hospital. Because, one, I need to play hockey for a scholarship, which means no concussion diagnosis and no cast. Two, it's nothing I can't handle. Finally, three, we can't have a record of this at the hospital! If for some reason that body is found, I can't have my injuries match with a time of death!"

The color drained from the faces of the two upfront. "Right."

"So let's go back to Carlos' house, patch me up, and go our separate ways."

Nothing was said for the rest of the drive.

Kendall parked the truck on the street and was thrilled to see his mom was still at the diner. He walked into the house and quietly shut the door behind him. If luck stayed on his side then Katie would be-

"What the hell happened to you?!"

Kendall cringed and faced his little sister. The momentary fear in his sister's eyes broke his heart. "Little sister, I'm fine."

"Big brother, it looks like you got into a fight and won by the skin of your teeth. What happened?"

"I just got mugged on the way home. The idiot obviously wasn't ready for me to fight back." He smiled and then winced as it moved the bruise on his cheek.

Katie sighed, but was too tired to dig for the truth. It was almost midnight on a school night. "You won though, right?"

The image of Hawk's lifeless eyes came to mind. "…Sure, baby sister. Now go to bed before Mom gets home." Katie hugged Kendall, and with a kiss to her head, she headed to bed.

Kendall felt the overwhelming fear dissipate for the first time since the incident. His little sister always made his day brighter. He walked down the hall to shower.

While the water heated up, he stared at his shirtless reflection in the mirror. His chest was peppered with small bruises, which he guessed was from when Hawk was fighting for his life. He had a couple deep cuts on his arms, also from Hawk fighting for his life. When adrenaline kicked in, the strength, even in the last few moments, could be incredible. All it did now was make Kendall want to puke.

His cheek and eye were swollen and were now becoming a deep purple. Two of his right knuckles were also stinted the best Logan could, and the cuts butterflied together. He knew they'd be swollen by morning.

James would be so disappointed in him. That did make him sick. His retching echoed through the house. Katie texted James before she went to sleep.

Kendall woke up to his alarm, exhausted after waking from nightmares three times and retching each time from the fear of losing James, Katie, and his Mom because of his mistakes. He ached all over and wanted nothing to do with school, but it was his two-year anniversary with James. He dressed in James' favorite outfit and slowly lumbered into the kitchen.

The sight he saw actually brought a smile to the surface. James was there with coffee for everyone and was laughing at one of Katie's jokes, while his mom pulled cereal and bowls out of the cabinets for breakfast.

"Hey, big brother. James brought coffee." Katie smiled looked over James' shoulder, prompting the older brunette to turn around.

"Hey, babe, I- What the hell happened to you?!" James jumped to his feet. A bowl clanged against the counter as Jennifer caught sight of her son. "You said you were going straight home! How-"

"James! Shut up for a second. I'm okay." Kendall laid a reassuring hand on his boyfriend's cheek.

"You don't look okay, Ken." James rubbed a gentle thumb under Kendall's bruise.

Kendall led the way back to the table and greedily chugged half his coffee before sitting down to explain.

"Kendall, explain. Now." Jennifer sat down next to Katie.

"Instead of coming straight home, I headed into to town because you were right, Jamie, I was pissed. So I thought Mom could help me calm down." James grabbed Kendall's uninjured hand. "On the way there, I got dragged into an alley and some idiot tried to mug me."


"But I fought back, and I'm fine. I called Logan and Carlos and they helped to patch me up. So, I'm fine."

"You should have gone to a hospital, Kendall. You need to report this. You should have called Carlos' dad." Jennifer stood to go grab her phone. Kendall grabbed her wrist.

"Mom. I'm fine. I really don't want to mess with reporting it. Please." Kendall begged his mom to drop it.

"If you show any signs of worse injuries, I am calling Officer Garcia. No arguments."

Kendall nodded, yawned, then leaned against James. "Happy Anniversary, Jamie."

Katie watched her big brother with critical eyes, a simple fight would not cause Kendall to have nightmares all night. There was more to the story, and Katie was terrified to find out the whole truth.

James couldn't focus all day, his mind on Kendall. He scarcely thought about their anniversary plans, his only thoughts were filled with worried ones. Kendall hardly touched his food at lunch, he was paler than usual and zoned out or fell asleep in all his classes. To top it all off, while Kendall looked like shit he otherwise seemed okay, while Carlos wouldn't meet anyone in the eye and Logan was constantly jumpy and kept looking at the doors, waiting for someone to come in, with terrified eyes.

James thanked them for patching up Kendall the night before and they brushed it off because they were always there for each other. That was the end of the normal behavior for the day. Obviously something was going on; they could be hiding something more that happened last night, which was a terrifying thought. They could be hiding that Kendall had worse injuries. They could be lying about the situation entirely, but they never lied to each other. So why were they on edge?

What could Kendall have done, or what could have happened to him that Kendall would lie about and keep from the cops?

Two things came to mind. Kendall seriously hurt someone and thought he'd disappoint him (because James hated that Kendall struggled with his temper and control) or…Kendall didn't want to talk because he was embarrassed by what happened (Kendall hated being embarrassed)…

Now all James thought about was… was his boyfriend raped/attempted raped?

He couldn't honestly think of anything else that would make his boyfriend keep information from him.

James hurried to his locker after the last bell, needing to calm his thoughts and talk to Kendall about the whole story of what happened last night. The only thing at his locker though was a note and a miniature purple bandana designed as a bracelet.

James smiled, slipped on the bracelet and read the note.

"We both enjoy a little romance now and then,

So I thought we could visit our greatest hits,

And enjoy them once again.

As you well know, this is where I first asked you out,

The best decision I ever made,

And I am lucky you said yes, without a doubt.

Now off you go, to where we had that first date,

I will be waiting for you at the end with dinner,

Don't be late."

James flipped it over and laughed.

"By the way, this is the only note that rhymes. It got old real quick, babe.

Love, K"

That sounded more like Kendall. James grabbed his bag from his locker and headed out to his car. The worries from before momentarily forgotten.

Final note: Thank you kissmejasontodd for the idea for their anniversary. I thought it was amazing. Thank you! I love you!