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Four year old Harry James Potter, brother to Charlus William Potter—the boy-who-lived—sat in his room, his eyes closed. His parents, James and Lily Potter were downstairs, talking to Albus Dumbledore. He frowned. He had Seen this coming in one of the strands he had always been able to see. Either James would get rid of him, or he would stay and be abused. Either way, it was a bleak future.

You see, even for a wizard, Harry was simply strange. He had always known things other people thought he shouldn't. But no matter how many times he told them that he had Seen the things, they didn't understand—didn't believe him. They couldn't understand the twisting of Time and her counterparts: Space and Dimension. They didn't See it. They couldn't fathom the strands he saw—how every time someone decided something, a new Parallel World came into existence. How there were Alternate Universes just as there were Parallel Worlds and Dimensions; how they twined so inseparably that they created the Space-Time Continuum.

Harry sighed heavily. He was getting tired of this charade. He didn't know which choice they would make—wait! There. They had just made their choice, creating a new strand. He heard them coming upstairs and opened his bright, emerald-green eyes. He smiled just as they entered the room. Everything would begin from here. Everything.

And so, Harry James Potter was left at St. Mary's orphanage in London, with nothing more than the clothes on his back, his teddy bear, and his Sight.


Harry James Potter watched out of the window. Something would happen today. He knew. It had been a year since he was left on the orphanage's doorstep, carrying his teddy bear, Kuma-kun. A year since he had seen his parents in person. He had long since refused to look at others very often, since it often bombarded him with painful images of their possible futures. Last night, Lady Time had shown him a strand; colored crimson with blood, a creepy laugh ringing through the strand, and a gleaming, strangely shaped knife. Lady Time had obviously wanted him to see it. But why? Sighing, he grabbed Kuma-kun and closed his emerald eyes. He left the orphanage silently, waving to the caretaker, Mrs. Robinson, on his way out.

He knew his way of moving around without actually seeing was creepy, but he didn't care. After around thirty minutes of walking around blindly, he knew he was in the heart of London, busy and bustling with people and energy. He heard a laugh echoing from a place to his left, and his heart jumped. It was the same, strange laugh Lady Time had showed him.

So, with a slight smile, he went to his left, into an alley covered with the metallic smell of blood. He tilted his head to the left and spoke quietly to the person he could hear in front of him.

"You know, if you're going to kill someone then try not to spill so much blood. I could smell it from the street you know,"


Belphegor had come to London for a simple assassination—kill the guy get out, the usual. However, he toyed with his prey, spilling more and more of the precious crimson liquid called blood. He had just finished off his prey when a soft voice came from his right. "You know, if you're going to kill someone then try not to spill so much blood. I could smell it from the street you know,"

"Ushishishi, who is it that dares challenge the prince?" he said, raising one of his knives as he turned. He was greeted by the sight of a black-haired child with bangs almost as long as his own, holding a gray teddy bear, with his head tilted to the side while child's eyes were closed serenely. "So, you're a prince? Well,"—at this he tilted his head forward and bowed slightly—"nice to meet you, Your Highness,"

Belphegor smiled even wider than usual, bordering on insane. "Ushishishi, you interest the prince, Kitty," he had called the child Kitty for a reason—he seemed soft and gentle, but like a kitten, he had sharp claws and fangs; just not a reason to use them yet. "So," the boy began. "Why are you here?" and so, Belphegor laughed, and began to explain why.

The two hit it off, so by the time it was sunset and Harry (as Belphegor had learned the Kitty's name was) had to return to the orphanage, Harry knew that Belphegor's favorite color was red (no surprise there), his favorite food was sushi, and that he really was the prince of a far off kingdom. Belphegor, in turn, learned that Harry's favorite color was gray, his favorite food (so far) was oatmeal, and that he had once made one of the people who bullied him become trapped in visions his worst fear (Belphegor was quite interested in this, he would definitely mention it to Mammon).

And so, when they reached the orphanage, with Belphegor still spattered in a bit of blood, Belphegor announced that Harry—his Kitty—would be coming with him. Belphegor smirked dangerously at the caretaker as she scrambled to pull out the papers. By the end of the day, Harry James Potter was now officially the charge of Belphegor; which, by Belphegor's logic, technically made him a prince as well…though Belphegor continued to call Harry 'Kitty' and Harry continued to call Belphegor 'Your Highness'.

Harry listened to Belphegor as he explained the group he worked for and lived with, as they went to Belphegor's hotel. When he finished, Harry simply opened his eyes and looked directly at him, bangs covering most of his eyes. "So you work with a loud Boss, a noisy girly haired shark called Squalo, a pervert called Lussuria, a stalker called Levi. A. Than, who stalks your Boss, and a super-smart baby who makes people see illusions like I do."

"Ushishishi, yes Kitty," Harry nodded slightly. "Cool,"

And so, Harry Potter became the charge of Belphegor 'Prince the Ripper'. Hm…I wonder how Squalo will react now that there are two of them?

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