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Ballet, Bruises.

Chapter 1

Maka's POV

I tip-toed down stairs like the little ballerina I am, trying not to wake up my abusive dad. I got to the door and grabbed my dance bag/ school bag and headed out to dance. More like ABOUT to head out for dance. I felt a harsh tug on my wrist and I saw my dad's fist meet my cheek.

"Get out of my sight." He spat and I hurried out.

~At School~

I always get to school early when there is hardly anyone there. This gives me a chance to go to the restroom and apply foundation. I look at my reflection in the mirror and I see an ugly, fat girl with a large bruise on her cheek. It has already turned purple! I hear the bathroom door open before I get a chance to put my make up on. I hear a gasp from the girl.

"My lord! What happened to you?" I turn around to see Tsubaki, a kind girl who is friends with everyone.

"Nothing I just tripped."

"On your face?" She asked.

"Ya I tripped down the stairs." I lied.

"Are you sure? What are all the cuts on your shoulder?" God does she have to worry so much?!

"I hit the railing." Something tells me no matter how much I try to convince her I am fine, she won't take it.

"If you won't tell me the truth, I know someone you will." She warns.

"Who?" I asked.


"If I told him he won't believe me. No one will, trust me." I stated while I finished putting my make up on and I grabbed my bag. Before I got a chance to leave Tsubaki asked one more question.

"Why do you have a dance bag for a back pack?"

"I dance." I said before I fled the area.

I was now in empty hallways in the DWMA. It would be a good 30 minutes before people started to show up. I set my bag down and out on some foot undies, I was going to practice my cheer audition. GASP! I know Maka Albarn trying out for cheer! I am just trying to get an excuse not be home and around my dad all the times.

I started "Star-ships" By Nikki Minaj (I do not own that!) (Also! I did that for my school's cheer audition, I didn't make it though!) I was working on the last 2, 8 counts that we had to make up and I decided upon doing a la seconde into a calypso into a knee drop then pose. I'll just have to do a lot of a la secondes to fill up most of the 2, 8 counts.

I also need to practice my tumbling. It can get you a lot of points for your audition. I was doing a round off front tuck down the hallway and I was just about to land it ran into the empty hallway and I ran into/landed right on them. I got up as quickly as I could and I brushed off my skirt. Thank god I wore dance shorts under my skirt. I looked up and saw Soul Eater Evans, school jock and Mr. Popularity starring at me. My face went 10 shades of red.

"I..Uh...gotta go!" I stuttered and I slid my boots back on and grabbed my bag before running down the hallway.

Ugh! I have first hour with Soul! It's gonna be so awkward, especially because he sits right next to me in class. But knowing him he will probably ditch with Black Star or show up late, which for him late is 40 minutes after class starts leaving him 5 minutes left in class.

But of course, just to my luck he comes to class just on time. I just sit there and try to read my book, which is nearly impossible because he fell asleep and is snoring. Okay I have a chance to Maka-chop him. Stein just left to 'fix the printer'. I quietly brought the book above his head and slammed it down, startling the boy as he fell out of his chair.

"Bitch what was that for?"

"You were sleeping and it's hard to read with you snoring right next to me." I spat. He grumbled something I couldn't hear, as he slid into his seat.

~After School *Cheer Tryouts*~

I walked into our school's gym, many boys and girls were watching from the bleachers. I tried to sneak into the girl's changing room without getting noticed but right as I was reaching the door, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"You aren't seriously going to try out for cheer right?" Soul snorted.

"I am thank you very much." I said coldly rushing into the girl's dressing room.

I changed into my black dance shorts with 3 white stripes on one side, and my plain white tee shirt. We all had to wear shorts with black on them and white shirts for try outs. That's why there is all the boys in the gym, so they can see girls in short shorts.

After putting my hair in a high ponytail, I head out to the gym. I swear the room went so quiet you could hear a pin drop, when I walked in. I tried my best to ignore it and I went to stretching. I had my left foot on the bleacher and one on the ground and I slid into over splits as my phone started to ring. It was my dad; I picked the phone up and answered.

"Bitch where are you!" He yelled.

"At cheer tryouts, you said I could try out."

"When did I say that? It's bad enough I let you do dance." He spat.

"I asked last weekend and you said it was okay."

"Well you get your fat ass over here!"

"No dad, I want to experience stuff normal teens do! Can't you let me be normal?"

"You won't even make it, they don't want a fat girl on the team!" He was right. I could feel tears coming to my eyes. I won't let him control my life, I was going to stand up to him, so I hung up. Quickly wiping my eyes, I stood up and went on practicing my tumbling. While doing a chin stand, I heard my number being called, so I stood up and walked over to the table where the judges were. The judges are Marie, and 2 other of the varsity cheer girls.

I got in the starting position and I heard 'boos' and other rude insults from the bleachers. When I heard the music all that left my mind and I performed the routine with my heart. I got to the part I hand to make up and when I have finished 1, 8 count and I was still doing my a la secondes when I started to hear cheering. Finishing my routine off I did my calypso/ knee drop and I posed with my left knee up with my left arm resting on it and I had a smile on my face. The ground burst into cheers and cat calls. I got up and did a sassy walk off of the mat.

Walking into the dressing room, I get tackled by Tsubaki.

"You did so well!" She squealed, kneeing me right on a bruise on my thigh.

"Ow!" I flinch and Tsubaki quickly gets off of me.

"Oh, I am sorry." She says. I could feel her eyeing my bruises but I ignored it as I went to throw some sweats on and head out of the DWMA. How I wish I didn't have to go home.

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