So guys I decided to make a sequel to Ballet Bruises, this will probably be short, maybe only 25,000 words.

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Dancing on Broken Glass

Maka's POV

I wiped the sweat from my forehead after breaking my ending pose. American Ballet Theatre was currently working on the Nutcraker that was to go on tour soon. I got the part of the Spanish Hot Chocolate dancer and I had to do a lot of high Battements on pointe and hit the fan in my other hand. I loved the role because how sassy and energetic it was.

"Good Maka, watch your wrist though, they were a little floppy today."

"Yes Ma'am." I pant as I take a sip from my water bottle.

"Costume fitting for you is at 5 then you need to go see what your hair and make-up will look like for the show." Madame reminded me and I nodded before grabbing my bag and heading to the dressing rooms.

I changed from my blue leotard and white table top tutu to a black leo and some rip-stop shorts and black leg warmers. Over me leo I wore my ABT summer intensive sweater from 2011.

"Oi Maka is your fitting at 5?" My friend Alexandria asked as she walked into the dressing room.

"Yep." I answered as I grabbed my phone.

"Same, see you then." She grabbed her bag from her locker and walked back out.

I check my phone and my heart skipped a beat when I saw Soul's name under my notifications. HE TEXTED ME! I almost started jumping for joy, he hasn't talked or texted to me in over month.

'Got the tickets, can't wait to see you :)' ~Soul

I quickly replied, 'Same, I miss you so much and have been working my butt off to give you guys a good show.'

'I'm sure you'll be fierce :P' ~Soul

'I know ;) I gotta go to eat something before a private then I have a costume fitting, ttyl.'

Soul responded a minute later, 'Kk little ballerina.' ~Soul.

I smiled at the text before locking my phone and slipping it back into my bag.

So ya guys this is a snip bit of the sequel to Ballet Bruises. I will probably upload the full chapter/story soon when I get a chance. From today until Tuesday night I will be in Washington spending time with my mom's family :/ Sorry guys for such slow updates.

The sequel will be posted as a separate story!

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