Hey people..NEW STORY! I got the idea from this story I read which is called 'The Nutcrackers and The Winx" made by NicaDaRebel, but I was disappointed to see that it was discontinued. So I decided I should make a story similar to that. In this story Nabu IS alive. Hope you like it.

Chapter 1: Meet The Specialists and Their Nanny

It was December 16. Six 17 year old boys were running around trying to hide from their nanny. Yup thats right. They still had a nanny. "GET BACK HERE AND EAT YOUR SALMON!" she ordered. At the sound of salmon they gagged. The boys names were..

Sky, has blonde helmet hair in a long fringe, ocean blue eyes, and fair skin. He was wearing an ocean thick blue sweater, a darker blue shirt, pale blue jeans, and white sneakers.

Brandon, has brunette hair in a long fringe, dark/light brown eyes, and fair skin. He was wearing a forest green leather jacket with a grey thick hood, a lighter green shirt, pale blue jeans, and grey sneakers.

Riven, has magenta hair in spikes, violet eyes, and fair skin. He was wearing a magenta leather jacket, black shirt, black jeans, and magenta sneakers.

Helia, has long midnight blue hair in fringes, cyan blue eyes, and pale skin. He was wearing an orange sweater, a gold shirt, white jeans, and white shoes.

Timmy, has ginger hair in a short fringe, amber eyes covered by red glasses, and fair skin. A gold sweater, white shirt, pale blue jeans, and brown shoes.

And Nabu, has purplish brown hair in two short braids, violet eyes, and light chocolate like skin. He was wearing a dark purple leather jacket, a brownish yellow shirt, dark blue jeans, and purple vans.

"NO! WE DON'T WANT TO EAT THAT SHIT!" Riven yelled as they all hid behind the christmas tree. The nanny's name was Angela.

"RIVEN NELSON ERAKLYON! DON'T YOU EVER CURSE!" Angela yelled. The door bell than rang causing all the boys sigh in relief. Angela went to open the door and in came Aunt Luna and Uncle Radius (In my story they're still married.).

"Hello Angela. Where are the boys?" Luna asked. Angela rubbed her eyes and sighed.

"I can't-" she started but got interrupted by the specialists.

"HERE WE ARE!" they yelled as they came out of hiding. Luna and Radius smiled as they pretended to act like little angles.

"We got something for you..." Radius informed.

"Really? What is it?" Sky asked. Luna handed them a bag. The boys looked in side and saw six dolls that are wearing winter clothes.. The boys looked from the bag to the two adults and then back to the bag.

"Um..are you sure these are for us? Or is it for Diaspro and her sisters?" Nabu asked. The two adults chuckled and shook their heads.

"No. These are for you. Meet the winx." Luna said as she took out the six boxes that had the winx in them. The girls name were...

Bloom, has fiery red hair that reaches her waist, cyan blue eyes, and fair skin. (Story or Profile pic. shows what their outfits look like.)

Stella, has golden hair that reaches her waist in low pig tails, brown eyes, and fair skin.

Musa, has navy blue hair that teaches half her back in two high buns, navy blue eyes, and pale skin.

Flora, has honey like hair with bleach blond bangs that goes past her waist, emerald green eyes, and tan skin.

Tecna, has lavender hair that reaches her chin, teal blue eyes, and pale skin.

Aisha, reddish brown hair that reaches past her waist, cerulean blue eyes, and light chocolate like skin.

"So who goes with who?" Brandon asked. Luna gave the boys their dolls (girlfriends).

"Now boys these dolls are very expensive, so I suggest don't ruin them. I'm talking to you Riven and Nabu." Radius said. The boys nodded and headed upstairs. "Do you think they'll take care of them?" Luna asked her husband.

"Not at all." Radius admitted.

"This sucks." Riven said as he threw Musa on his bed. The other boys nodded.

"What did we ever do to them?" Helia asked. The rest just shrugged.

"I think they don't love us anymore..." Timmy stated. "Anyway - what were we doing before Uncle Radius and Aunt Luna came?"

"I don't-" Nabu started but got interrupted by Angela's yelling.

"OH I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU BOYS YET, SO GET DOWN HERE AND EAT YOUR SALMON!" She yelled. The boys ran off looking for a new hiding spot.


"BRANDON DAMIAN ERAKLYON! DO NOT TURN INTO RIVEN MISTER!" Angela yelled. They heard footsteps coming up the stairs so they hid in the nearest room. The closet.

"Oh my god..there's a hand where it shouldn't be." Sky whispered/informed.

"Holy shit!." Riven whispered/shouted. They hid in the smallest closet in the house, so it was a little hard to fit in.

"Ahhh fuck..." Nabu said jumping up and down. The guys looked at him from the corner of their eyes.

"Why are you jumping?" Brandon asked nervously. Nabu bit his lip before answering.

"I need to go.." He said as he closed his eyes shut.

"Can't you hold it?" Riven asked.

"No! I've been holding it ever since 3'o clock!" Nabu answered.

"You've been holding it for 6 HOURS?!" Timmy whispered/shouted. Nabu nodded slowly.

"You - you - UGH! We better not have any accidents Nabu, or else." Riven said through gritted teeth. The door then swung open revealing an angry Angela. She grabbed Helia's ankles and pulled him out.

"AHHHHHHHH! TELL MY MOTHER I LOVE HER!" Helia yelled as Angela put him over her shoulders and carried him down stairs. The specialists pretended to have tears in their eyes.

"We'll miss you buddy." Sky said "man the woman is strong." he added. Riven then looked at Nabu.

"Well?" Riven started. Nabu raised an eyebrow and looked at him. "Well what?" Nabu asked. Riven smacked him on the head and said "AREN'T YOU GONNA GO TO THE BATHROOM?! YOU IDIOT!". Nabu then ran into the nearest bathroom.

5 Seconds Later

"Okay I'm done" Nabu informed. The specialists groaned and started running into their parents room. Their parents left for a meeting a couple hours ago and wouldn't come back for at least 3-4 weeks. They heard Helia scream which got them scared. They decided they should hide under their parents bed until Angela goes to sleep. This was gonna be a long time...

1 Hour Later

Angela had just fallen asleep which gave the 17 year old boys the chance to go back to their room.

"Ugh...I'm so tired." Timmy said as he jumped on his bed. They saw Helia sitting on his bed hugging his knees and still in his clothes.

"Do you guys remember when I said what have we done to our parents?" Helia asked. The rest just nodded. "I think they hate us."

"I know right. I mean - they would've known we hate fish." Sky said. They sighed and sat on their beds.

"Oh no they don't.." they heard a girl's voice say...

Okay I'm done with chapter one hope you liked it. I'll try and update as soon as I can. Bye.

-WC 4eva