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Chapter 10: The Death of Valtor

The winx and specialists all turned around to see Valtor! The specialists quickly went in front of the girls. "WHAT DO YOU WANT VALTOR?!" Riven shouted. Valtor chuckled.

"I want you boys to leave and leave the girls behind...or...you can stay and never go back home. Your choice boys. Your choice." Valtor answered. The specialists looked at each other. They could go back home and never see the girls again...HELL they can even forget this all happened, or they can chose to stay and protect the winx they love. They sighed and made their decision.

"We're staying whether you like it or not!" Brandon answered for his friends. Valtor got furious! No one has ever confronted him, and now that the specialists have...he didn't like it at all. He was about to shoot fire at them, but the rabbit, who appeared out of nowhere, hopped onto his face.

"AGH!" Valtor hissed. Bloom looked at the rabbit carefully. She gasped all of a sudden.

"KIKO!?" she said in shock. Kiko just waved. He then continued scratching Valtor's pale face.

"YOU STUPID RABBIT! GET OFF ME!" Valtor ordered. This just made Kiko continue scratching his face. Valtor grabbed Kiko by his waist and threw him against the wall.

"UH!" they heard the rabbit say as he hit the cold wall.

"KIKO!" Bloom shouted. Valtor chuckled. He then concentrated on the winx and specialists.

He grinned evilly. "Now...I suggest you re-think this. Do you or do you not want to stay?" he asked. The specialists sighed in annoyance.

"WE'RE. STAYING. Get that inside your head old man!" Nabu shouted. They could see fire in Valtor's eyes. He made strong waters go directly at Flora!

"FLORA!" Helia shouted as he pulled Flora into his arms. They both duked just in time before the strong cold water hit them. Flora looked up at Helia and smiled at him. He almost blushed, but the minute he did...he quickly turned around to hide it.

Flora looked at Valtor while her eyes turned into a piercing emerald green. The rest of the winx gasped. They've never seen Flora get angry before. Flora said a spell and big vines came out of the ground...gripping Valtor tightly.

"UGH!" he hissed. Flora made the vines grip him tighter. Eventually, he couldn't breath any longer...causing him to die.

Flora finally let him go. "He's...gone...HOORAY!" she cheered as she tried to catch her breath. Helia patted her back and gave her a small kiss on the forehead. She smiled cheekily.

Sky looked over at Bloom. "Hey...um...I was wondering if...well - now that this is over...can we go home? With you girls too?" he asked. Bloom giggled and hugged Sky.

"Of course you're going home, but I'm not sure if we might go with you boys..." she answered. She suddenly remembered about Kiko. "KIKO!" she shouted.

She ran to where the rabbit was. She gently lifted him up. "Kiko? Are you okay?" she asked as tears formed in her eyes. Kiko hopped up and gave her a thumbs up. Se chuckled and placed him on her shoulder.

"I guess we can go with you guys..." Tecna started. The specialists eyes gleamed with hope.

"Does this mean you girls are coming with us?" Brandon asked. Stella lightly smacked his arm.

"OF COURSE SILLY!" she exclaimed. The girls smiled and hugged their specialists. The specialists were going home...but as mature 17 year olds..

10 Years Later...

The winx and specialists were now 27 and 26 married adults. They all had their children at the age 21.

"CIRA! Come down and eat your salmon!" Angela yelled. Cira was one of Stella and Brandon's twins. She had her father's hair, but her mothers eyes.

"NO! I think it's horrible!" she argued. Samson - her twin brother - came down running sticking out his tongue, and wiggling his fingers at Angela. Angela then ran up and chased after the Eraklyon and Solaria twins.

"Hahaha...they're just like us when we were kids." Riven stated as he took a sip of his coffee. A boy sneaked up behind him and shook Riven by his shoulders.

"BAHHHH!" the boy said. Riven quickly spit out his coffee. He turned around to see his son and daughter; Ryder and Melody.

"RYDER! MELODY!" Riven yelled. The twins ran away and looked for a new hiding spot. A girl with purplish brown hair and cerulean blue eyes stepped out of the living room closet.

"Is Angela gone?" she asked. Aisha chuckled and nodded.

"Yes Marina. She's chasing after Cira and Samson." Aisha stated. Marina gasped and looked up the stairs.

"DON'T WORRY CIRA! WE'LL HELP YOU GET AWAY FROM HER!" Ariana yelled. Ariana had blonde hair with fiery red streaks. She was Bloom and Sky's only child. The adults chuckled and sighed.

"Good times." Helia said. A boy with honey brown hair and pale skin was being dragged down by Angela.

"AHHHH! I LOVE YOU MOMMY!" he yelled to Flora.

"I love you too honey..." Flora said. The specialists chuckled as they remembered what happened 10 years ago. The night they met the winx.


"BRANDON DAMIAN ERAKLYON! DO NOT TURN INTO RIVEN MISTER!" Angela yelled. They heard footsteps coming up the stairs so they hid in the nearest room. The closet.

"Oh my god..there's a hand where it shouldn't be." Sky whispered/informed.

"Holy shit!." Riven whispered/shouted. They hid in the smallest closet in the house, so it was a little hard to fit in.

"Ahhh fuck..." Nabu said jumping up and down. The guys looked at him from the corner of their eyes.

"Why are you jumping?" Brandon asked nervously. Nabu bit his lip before answering.

"I need to go.." He said as he closed his eyes shut.

"Can't you hold it?" Riven asked.

"No! I've been holding it ever since 3'o clock!" Nabu answered.

"You've been holding it for 6 HOURS?!" Timmy whispered/shouted. Nabu nodded slowly.

"You - you - UGH! We better not have any accidents Nabu, or else." Riven said through gritted teeth. The door then swung open revealing an angry Angela. She grabbed Helia's ankles and pulled him out.

"AHHHHHHHH! TELL MY MOTHER I LOVE HER!" Helia yelled as Angela put him over her shoulders and carried him down stairs. The specialists pretended to have tears in their eyes.

"We'll miss you buddy." Sky said "man the woman is strong." he added. Riven then looked at Nabu.

:End of Flashback

"Like it was just yesterday..." Nabu informed. A boy and girl with magenta and ginger hair came out of their room.

The girl looked around to see any sign of Angela. "Nope! She's gone Tyler...for now." she informed.

"Pst!" they heard someone whisper. They looked to their side to see Samson and Cira.

"SAM!? CIRA!? What are you doing?" Tyler asked. Samson grabbed the two by their arms and yanked them to where he and his sister were.

"It's the safest place to hide form Angela...and her salmon.." he said.

"Hey Electra..." Cira started. Electra looked at her brunette friend.

"Yea?" she asked.

"Hi.." the brunette finished. Electra rolled her eyes while trying her best not to snicker. Ryder and Melody ran into them all of a sudden.

"OWWWW!" they all screamed. They covered their mouth and looked down. They could see Angela's shadow. 'RUN!' Electra mouthed to them. They nodded and ran to the smallest closet in the house.

"Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom." Ariana said repeatedly.

"WHAT!?" Bloom asked.

"Hi." Ariana said. The adults sighed and chuckled a little. Their kids were just like them when they were teenagers. They couldn't wait until their kids could go on the adventure they went on. But for now...they just want to spend a lot of family and Angela time..

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