-Chapter 1-

Hi I'm Lydia, I live in Las Vages, well...I'm going to live in Vages. My family and I have lived in Florida for a while but I wanted new scenery and I have mentioned it quite a lot really, and now my parents are finally doing something about it. Well I mean it's not that I don't like it here..I just...well it's completely boring and ya I'll miss my friends but we can Skype and text no biggy right? But ya we're leaving tomorrow morning and yes I get to go on a plane whoohooo! Anyway, people always say, "Why go to Vages, you're not 18 it'll be boring." But I just ignore the killjoys and make some noise, oh sorry, here I go all My Chemical Romance again hehe.

This morning I woke up at 4am, got ready, and my parents and I headed for the airport. As I said goodbye to one of my bffs Angela she didn't act like she even wanted to look at my face, like I was a disgrace or something. When I hugged her she almost crushed me and whispered in my ear, "I give you a week before you come crying back to me and all your other friends, and when you do...I'll be waiting." I didn't understand why she was so mad,

"I won't be running back anytime soon, you can count on that; if you're mad at me for moving then it makes this goodbye a whole lot easier for the both of us." And those was my last words to her as she turned to go back up her drive way.

When we boarded our flight I saw that there were only two people that could sit in the seats side-by-side so I told my parents they could site together, and I would sit with someone else. When I looked up and down the isle I saw two empty seats, but then I saw more people boarding I ran for the seats. After a couple minutes a girl that looked about my age sat beside me, "Hi I'm Hailie, I'm on vacation to Nevada and my parents and I just can't wait...ect. ect. ect." After an excruciating number of hours, of the girl going on and on we finally landed, and we made it in pretty good time considering Nevada is three hours behind Florida.

After I had brought all of my boxes into the house, I decided to take a walk and unpack when I got back. "Hey, Mom, Dad, I'm going for a walk and will unpack when I get back." When I got about 20 minutes away from my new house I heard running footsteps coming towards me, but I didn't turn around. As I heard them getting closer I turned around, but it was too late to even see who or what it was that had crashed into me and was now on top of me. When I opened my eyes, I saw two brown eyes staring back into them. "Way to go, Ryan!" A voice said only a couple feet away, that's when I realized the boy was still on top of me, "Dude, get off of her!" another out of breath voice said followed by two other people running up to see what was going on. "Um...sorry." The boy,Ryan apparently was his name, said as he got off of me. When I got up the first thing I noticed that there were no girls in the group. "Uh, It's fine," I said as I stood up and brushed of my jeans and T-shirt. "I'm Lydia I just moved in about 20 minutes away from here. And you guys are?" Then the blue eyed boy said, "I'm Spencer, and this is Brent,Jon,Brendon, and the clumsy Ryan." After that was said I held my hand out for them to shake and walked down the row. When I got to Brendon instead of shaking my hand he bent down and lightly kissed it, I blushed a bit. "Well I'd better get back and unpack." I said trying to walk past them. "We could help you, it'd go a lot faster with six people don't you think? Then we can go have some fun!" Jon said with excitement in his voice, then they all smiled and waited for my answer. "Well...I..." I didn't want to be rude but then again I wasn't sure how I felt about letting five boys that I just met go through my stuff, "I guess it would go a bit faster with more than one person...but you can only unpack the bags that I say you can unpack!" I couldn't help it, I mean most of my best friends back home were boys...they made me feel like I had My Boyz with me.

When we reached my house we all just ran upstairs to my room without even telling my parents I was back...let alone that I had brought five boys with me. "Hey guys I'm gonna go to the bathroom really quick," I said as I left my room but then I stuck my head in the doorway again and finished my sentence with, "and don't touch ANYTHING!" When I got out of the bathroom all the boys came running down the hall towards me. When I looked down the I saw my dad and I knew he was mad and confused. "Lydia do you know these boys!?" He asked standing in front of the guys and I. "Ya I ran into them on the way back from my walk,we exchanged some words, and then we came back and they were helping me unpack. You didn't scare them too bad did you? I want to have friends here,Dad, not people that are afraid to even pass our house!" I said trying to make him feel guilty. "Oh I'm sorry please forgive me boys, you know how dads get when they find some random boys looking through their daughters stuff. Anyway,Lydia, we're going to have to run some errands your mom and I so don't stay out too late ok." He said as he headed toward the stairs. "Ok got it! And don't worry Mom told me my curfew a couple weeks ago! Love you bye!" I yelled as the front door to my house shut. "Sorry about that guys, he's pretty protective." I said apologizing for what had happened. "It's fine but we really should start putting your stuff in it's place so we can have time to hang out." Brendon said as he helped me up off the floor.