The chocolate eyes of Haruhi Fujioka widened at the sight of the Hitachiin mansion; she'd never seen anything so grand in her life. There was a marble fountain that sat in the middle of a garden that looked like it'd come from a fairytale. The mansion was more than twice the size of her entire apartment building. She stood in the gateway breathless staring up at the castle-like home in such a daze that she didn't even notice two orange haired twins sneaking up on either side of her.

"Haruhi!" The Hitachiin twins cried out in sync as they linked one of their elbows with either of hers. Haruhi jumped slightly at the sudden appearance of the twins. Once she caught her breath, she hung her head down in exhaustion, her silky brown wisps forming curtains around her porcelain face.

"Don't do that to me." She grumbled. The twins both bent down low so that they were looking up at Haruhi.

"Heh, sorry about that Haruhi." They apologized in sync; their brown eyes which usually sparkled with mischief were glossed over with sincerity. Haruhi immediately felt a pang of guilt and lifted her head up and smiled up at the one on her right before turning to the one at her left.

"No, it's okay." She said softly and the twins grinned happily.

"Well let's get going then Haruhi!" The one on her right, Hikaru, exclaimed and began to pull her along.

"Yes, yes, we have a lot to get done today you know." The one on her left, Kaoru, agreed and began to pull her along to the front of the house as well. Haruhi, as observant and intelligent as she was, didn't seem to notice the smile exchanged between Kaoru and Hikaru as they walked through the doors to the mansion. The inside was grander than the outside, chandeliers hung from the ceilings and statues and paintings were against the walls of the long corridors. It was beautifully decorated, of course Haruhi expected no less; the mother of the Hitachiin twins was after all, a world renowned designer. The twins pulled her down a long corridor and eventually she found herself in what appeared to be a dining room. There was a long wooden table that looked as if it'd been crafted by a great artist and it shined like one of the diamonds that hung off of the grandest chandelier Haruhi had ever seen in her life. He twins pulled a chair out and quickly pushed her down into a seat. She immediately sank into the cushion; it was the softest thing she'd ever sat on.

The twins released their hold on her and Hikaru sat in a seat next to her while Kaoru disappeared into another room. Haruhi looked around nervously, something didn't seem quite right. Hikaru must've noticed this because he asked her what was troubling that pretty little head of hers.

"Oh nothing, it's just…the house seems kind of empty…that's all." Haruhi shrugged.

Hikaru nodded knowingly. "That's because we gave all of the servants a day off and our parents are out at the moment," Hikaru wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "It's just me, you, and Kaoru in this big old mansion…anything could happen." He said suggestively. If this was anyone else, Haruhi would be slightly concerned, but coming from Hikaru Hitachiin, a prankster, she dismissed it as a joke.

"In your dreams Hikaru." She smiled and before Hikaru could reply, Kaoru appeared in the door way, a box in one hand and three plates and three forks in the other. Kaoru dropped the box off in front of Haruhi and set a plate for Haruhi, Hikaru, and himself. He leaned over and untied the box to reveal three slices of cake. There was one strawberry one and two chocolate slices.

"The strawberry one is for you Haruhi." Kaoru said softly. "I know how much you like strawberries." He smiled at her and served her the strawberry slice. Haruhi could feel the saliva in her mouth begin to build up; she'd been dreaming of this cake for months since the last time she'd had it when Honey-senpai brought it over to her house. Kaoru and Hikaru took there own slices.

"Itadakimasu!" They shouted and they each pumped a fist into the air. Haruhi was lost in heaven as she put the first bite into her mouth. The buttercream was light and seemed to melt in her mouth along with the spongy vanilla cake. The strawberries tasted as if they'd been picked just a few minutes ago. The twins were eating as well, but Haruhi didn't notice them watching her consume this treat. They watched with excited eyes that glittered with anticipation. They ate in silence and in a matter of minutes Haruhi was done with her cake. Haruhi finally noticed the boys staring at her and she smiled sweetly, the cake had left her in an amazing mood.

"Yes? What is it?" She asked innocently. The twins exchanged a slightly confused look but they nodded slightly at each other and Hikaru stood up abruptly.

"It's nothing Haruhi…we were just wondering if you'd like some tea…" Hikaru offered and Haruhi nodded graciously.

"I'd love some, thank you." Haruhi said politely. Hikaru smiled before turning to walk into the kitchen, leaving her out there with Kaoru.

"So why did you and Hikaru invite me over today Kaoru?" Haruhi asked. The corner of Kaoru's mouth twitched slightly and he chuckled to himself.

"It'll all be clear soon Haruhi, we've got some plans that we think you're going to enjoy." Kaoru said simply. Haruhi who, though still curious, dropped the subject and drummed her fingers patiently as they waited the return of Hikaru. There was a small burning in the pit of Haruhi's stomach, though she ignored it and continued to drum her fingers and make casual conversation with Kaoru. But, the burning grew stronger and Haruhi was overcome with an emotion she'd never felt before; she wasn't sure how to describe it. Thankfully, Hikaru came out with three cups of steaming tea and once he set one down in front of Haruhi, she quickly swallowed all of it in hopes of extinguishing the flame in her body; it seemed to work, but after a few minutes, the feeling came back and it was much worse than before. She rubbed her arms in an attempt to make herself feel better but the feeling spread all over her body and she felt beads of sweat begin to form on her forehead.

"Um…can I use your bathroom please?" Haruhi squeaked. The twins smiled at each other knowingly and nodded in sync.

"Why of course you can, we'll bring you to one." They said and each took one of Haruhi's hands before both pulling her up the winding marble staircase, as she ran she felt moisture begin to pool in her underwear. Was she peeing her pants? Oh god…never had she been more embarrassed. The twins pulled her into a dark bedroom and pushed her into a bathroom that was inside the room and quickly shut the door behind her, leaving Haruhi to run up to the mirror and stare at her flushed face. She reached down to the area in between her legs and made a quick swiping motion, testing how moist it was down there. She had pissed herself! Never in her life had she done such a thing.

She quickly unzipped and buttoned her black cargo shorts and let them fall around her ankles before she took her soaked underwear off as well and quickly sat onto the toilet seat. Warm liquid was dripping out of her slowly. She was confused, this wasn't urine. Haruhi reached down into the toilet and felt along the dripping juncture between her thighs. She traced her finger against the soft wet skin and as she made contact she let out a soft mewl. The burning increased tenfold. Haruhi quickly drew her hand away from her legs and brought it up to her face to investigate. Her thumb and pointer finger gleamed with a clear liquid that looked somewhat like spit. She spread her fingers apart and watched a thin, sticky bridge of liquid form in between her fingers.

She immediately knew what was going on, the question was why. She's a perfectly innocent girl and sex was never a priority in her life, why was this happening to her? Why here? Why now? Before Haruhi could further ponder her sexual desires, there was a quick rapping at the door. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped slightly, she hadn't locked the door and she watched in horror as the doorknob twisted slowly. "No! Don't come in here!" She shrieked desperately but it was too late. Hikaru Hitachiin was in the doorway and he was staring at a very feverish Haruhi squirming on the toilet with cum on her fingertips.

Hikaru's lips curled into his famous devilish smirk and he sauntered over to Haruhi who had her head between her trembling legs. "Well, what a lovely surprise this is…" He whispered and his hand wrapped around Haruhi's wrist and before she could protest, Hikaru had hoisted her up and she was now helplessly struggling in his arms.

"Stop it!" Haruhi cried, but it was no use, Hikaru walked Haruhi over to the bed and dropped her down into. As he did so, his finger "accidentally" traced that ever sensitive area on a woman and Haruhi quivered as more hot liquid spilled from her. "Hikaru…what's happened to me?" She whimpered and rubbed her thighs against each other. Even in the darkness she could see Hikaru's smug expression.

He got into the bed and leaned over Haruhi, trapping her. He bent his head down next to her ear and whispered, "You want me Haruhi, that's what's happened." He flicked her ear with his tongue and drew away, though he was still bent over her, staring her down. "You're burning for me Haruhi, literally burning." He laughed and placed a cool hand to her flustered cheek. "You feel it don't you? That twisting in your stomach? You need to put an end to it, to satisfy yourself, and I, am the only one who can do that." Before she could respond, Hikaru swooped down and crushed his lips against hers. Haruhi didn't want to cooperate as Hikaru's tongue jammed its way into her mouth, but she loved the feeling of it and she wanted more. Haruhi's tongue came into play as well and they battled each other, fighting for dominance. Hikaru won without much trouble and Haruhi was at the mercy of him. His tongue swirled in her mouth, bending every which way.

Haruhi had never kissed anyone before but she knew Hikaru was skilled, she bet he could tie a cherry stem in his mouth. Haruhi's hand shot up and her fingers pulled at Hikaru's wild orange locks. Hikaru drew away after a while and there was a thin line of saliva connecting their bottom lips as they parted. Haruhi made a noise of frustration and Hikaru laughed at her impatience. Haruhi was squirming, rubbing her thighs together even harder and faster in hope of satisfying her burning. Hikaru took a slender finger and traced Haruhi's slightly parted lips, effectively wiping away the saliva around her mouth. From her mouth, he slid his finger down her chin and her throat until he reached her chest where he traced the outline of her seemingly flat chest, but he was pleasantly surprised at the feel of two soft mounds. Haruhi felt a knot form in her stomach and it became tighter and tighter. Hikaru pulled his finger to the middle of one of the mounds were a small, hard peak stood upright. Hikaru rubbed the top of the peak experimentally and Haruhi let out a breathy moan.

"What's this I see Haruhi?" Hikaru asked as he brought his full hand into play, kneading her left breast over the fabric of her shirt. He occasionally rubbed down hard onto the hard peak, coaxing moans from Haruhi's lips. "Haruhi Fujioka…you don't…" Hikaru quickly pulled the fabric of Haruhi's t-shirt up, exposing her entire torso. "Wear a bra?" Hikaru brought his other hand onto Haruhi's other breast and began to give it the same treatment.

"I-I don't…ahhh…" Haruhi paused and let her moan subside. "I don't need a bra." Hikaru stopped suddenly much to Haruhi's dismay.

"Don't need a bra?" Hikaru repeated mischievously. Haruhi shook her head no, and tried to push her chest up in an attempt to get Hikaru to touch her again but he ignored her. "But what if someone were to do…this?" Hikaru bent his head to Haruhi's chest and traced the shape of Haruhi's perfectly round breast with his tongue, causing goosebumps to arise on Haruhi's skin and more liquid to flow from her. Hikaru sucked on the tender flesh of her breast, completely ignoring the one part that she so desperately needed him to touch, but then, finally, after minutes of relentless tracing and licking, he went to the center and let his lips encircle Haruhi's nipple. He sucked on it and prodded the center of it with his tongue. He felt Haruhi's chest rise up and down rapidly, as her breathing turned into panting. He raised his other hand to her other breast and squeezed and kneaded until he felt Haruhi's back begin to arch; that's when he backed off of her completely. Haruhi was still panting, the insides of her thighs were completely soaked by now.

"Why did you stop Hikaru?" She complained. Hikaru laughed and pulled her into an upright position so that they were sitting face to face. He pulled at Haruhi's shirt and she obediently raised her arms so that he could slip it over her head before tossing it carelessly across the room. Haruhi was now sweaty, sticky, naked and vulnerable, just the way Hikaru liked them.

Hikaru pulled his own shirt off, revealing toned and lean muscles. Hikaru then unzipped his jeans and whipped them off, leaving him in only his boxers with his semi hard length poking out. The burning in Haruhi was still there, spreading across her body like wildfire, the area underneath her was absolutely drenched in her liquid.

"You were receiving all that pleasure from me Haruhi…but isn't it better to give than to receive?" He grinned and crawled closer to Haruhi. She eyed him shyly, her eyes finally falling onto the bulge sticking out through his black boxers. Haruhi hooked two trembling thumbs inside the waistband of Hikaru's boxers and in one swift movement, pulled them down to his knees, allowing Hikaru's impressive length to spring up freely. "Well?" Hikaru said breathily. "Go ahead." The sight of Haruhi herself caused Hikaru to grow a bit harder, so, when her hand came into contact with him, he grew even harder.

Haruhi, who had never done anything of this sort before, traced an experimental finger down the hard length. She looked up shyly at Hikaru who was smiling down at her dazedly, hazel eyes swimming with lust. She took a deep breath and encircled her hand around the base; her hand could barely even fit around the entire thing. She moved her hand up slowly, surprised to see that it glided up and down smoothly. She repeated a swift pumping motion for a few minutes, moving extremely slowly to tease him just as he had teased her. "Haruhi…" Hikaru whispered out desperately and Haruhi felt like she was in control, a smile spread onto her lips. Haruhi began to move her hand, going faster and faster for a few minutes until Hikaru pushed her away, moaning and panting. A soft trickle of liquid had begun to drip from the top of him onto Haruhi's hand and he knew that if she didn't stop right now, he'd cum right then and there.

"I…I don't want to blow it…not yet…" Hikaru whispered out breathily and Haruhi looked up at him confusedly but she allowed him to kiss her and push back against the wall. Haruhi, who was so lost in the kiss that she didn't see Hikaru blindly reach over to the bedside table and pull out a pair of silver handcuffs. Hikaru looped it around one of the poles in the bed's headboard and before Haruhi could even notice what he was doing, she was chained to the bed, unable to move her arms.

"H-Hikaru what've you done?" she asked him and he smiled softly and shook his head. He bent down in front of her legs and spread them apart slowly, at the feel of his hand so close to that juncture in between her thighs, more liquid spilled from her center. Hikaru smirked at the sight of it.

"Why Haruhi…Is that a waterfall in between your thighs or are you just happy to see me?" He chuckled at his own joke and pressed a finger to the soft nub at the top of her center, it was her clitoris and the feeling of it sent Haruhi spiraling downward into her first ever orgasm. She moaned loudly and her back arched as even more hot liquid spilled out from her. She was panting heavily, still burning for Hikaru's touch.

"Whoa…" Hikaru said at how fast Haruhi had an orgasm. He pressed a finger to Haruhi's soaking center and slipped it inside of her easily, Haruhi let out a groan as Hikaru pumped his finger in and out of her slowly. He did this for a few more minutes before inserting a second finger into her sticky core. He sped up the pace and desperately searched for that spot that would send a woman skyrocketing into a whirlwind of pleasure. He finally inserted a third orgasm and began to shove his fingers into her so fast that his arm actually began to hurt. What seemed like gallons of her hot cum began to spill out and she tightened around him.

"H-Hikaru…please…" She groaned and he felt around a little more before he found the spot that made her eyes shoot open and mad e breathy moan escape her mouth.

"Please what my dear Haruhi?" He asked her and he began to slowly rub that lovely little spot in her walls. Haruhi let out a louder moan this time.

"Go faster…more…I need more Hikaru." She pleaded and he grinned at her.

"But of course I will… anything for you Haruhi." He smiled and pumped his fingers faster and faster before suddenly pulling out and raising his pointer finger to her clitoris and beginning to rub it in circles. 8,000 nerve endings in a woman's clitoris and Hikaru Hitachiin was stimulating every single one of them. He didn't even let Haruhi recover from her orgasm. Hikaru was in front of Haruhi, his length pointed straight, aimed for her hot, sticky entrance. "Ready?" He asked her. She nodded. "It's going to hurt…a lot." He warned.

"I'd burn in a fire if it meant you'd touch me Hikaru…" Haruhi said breathily. Hikaru nodded and quickly and swiftly entered, ripping through a barrier, leaving his length enveloped by her tight, dripping walls. Hikaru almost came right then and there but Haruhi, on the other hand, let out a scream of pain and tears began to stream from her eyes. Hikaru, who was still inside of her, bent down so that his face was only an inch away from hers. He kissed her and licked away the tears soothingly. They were in that position for a few minutes as Hikaru comforted Haruhi all the while, resisting the urge to plunge in and out of her. After a few minutes Haruhi nodded and smiled weakly, assuring Hikaru that he was alright. Hikaru nodded and slowly slipped out of Haruhi who let out a moan. He rammed into her, getting as much as he could into her tight entrance, with every thrust, more cum spilled out, coating his length completely, allowing it to glide easily in and out of her tight core. She felt her heart beat begin to quicken and she was sent into another powerful orgasm. A wave of ecstasy rolled over her and she arched her back up, allowing Hikaru to go into her from another angle. Every time Haruhi's walls clamed down around Hikaru, he had to fight to keep back his approaching orgasm; he wanted this to last as long as possible. Eventually, she began to meet Hikaru's fast thrusts with her own. Haruhi let out an earsplitting scream as she was plunged into another ocean of pure pleasure. The sound of Haruhi screaming, sweet little Haruhi screaming for him, made him go faster and he forgot to be gentle. He rammed in and out of her at an unbelievable pace. He grinded against her, rubbing her g-spot and earning him even more moans of pleasure.

"Oh my fucking god…" he moaned as he felt himself become close. Haruhi was pulling her arms up frantically; she needed to rake her fingernails against something, to run her fingers through Hikaru's hair, to hold him close. Hikaru took a deep breath and pulled out of Haruhi so that only his head rested in her depths, he plunged into her so powerfully that it sent her into an instant orgasm and as her walls squeezed around him he felt his length begin to swell up. Eventually after one more powerful thrust, Hikaru released a shot of hot sperm into Haruhi's depths, filling her up completely. He let out a loud moan of his own that went on for as long as his orgasm did. Hikaru slowly pulled out of Haruhi and collapsed onto a space next o her. He closed his eyes as his orgasm washed over him.

Haruhi's burning seemed to stop but then it came back, and if possible it seemed even worse than before. Her chest rose up and down faster again and she began to rub her thighs against each other as even more cum spilled out of her. Hikaru opened one eye and looked over at the vixen handcuffed to the wall next to him. "You still want to…?" Hikaru asked, his tone filled with surprise. Haruhi nodded eagerly and he smirked slightly before stretching and pulling his boxers on and stuck his head out the door as he spoke to someone outside.

Kaoru looked over Hikaru's shoulder and caught sight of a very sticky, very sweaty, very eager little Haruhi Fujioka handcuffed to the bed, ready for him.

Hikaru walked out of the room. "Let's see if you can do it." He whispered to Kaoru who simply smirked at him and walked into the dark bedroom and stood next to Haruhi who looked up at him innocently. The sight of her there made his erection grow and he reached for the zipper of his jeans eagerly.

Hey, it's me…well…you can call me Killjoy but anyways, that's not important at the moment, what's important is that this is going to be a three- shot and if you liked it hopefully, you'll tune in next time to see the next installment.