Haruhi was pulled along by Kaoru back out to the dark bedroom. They were still dripping with sweat, cum, and water. She thought about the things she'd just done. She'd gone from virgin to sex crazed. It wasn't that she wanted it; it was that she needed it. Kaoru opened the bedroom door and sunlight came spilling into the darkness, illuminating a very wet Haruhi with swollen lips, dripping hair, and scarlet cheeks. Hikaru, who'd just appeared in the doorway, looked the same as when he left Haruhi on the bed. He was wearing nothing but his wrinkled boxers and his unruly hair was messier than usual, sex hair. At the sight of a very wet Haruhi standing fully nude next to an equally wet and naked Kaoru who looked a little bit on the tired side, Hikaru let out a shaky breath as he felt the familiar pulsing in his crotch and the feeling of his length beginning to perk up. He bit his bottom lip in an attempt to keep a full blown erection to spring up.

Kaoru took a step forward so that he was standing in the doorframe. He sighed and ran a hand through his orange hair, slicking it away from his handsome face. "She's still burning up. I'm a little tired but I'm willing to go again and by the looks of it, you're more than willing." He eyed Hikaru's bulge.

Hikaru grinned at his brother before turning to Haruhi. "Well, Haruhi, who will it be?" Hikaru jabbed a thumb at Kaoru. "Him?" He turned the thumb around and pointed at himself. He stood a little taller. "Or me?"

Haruhi looked from one twin to the other. Physically, they were exactly the same. Same wild, flaming hair, same toned bodies, same flawless skin, same honey eyes. But emotionally, they were completely different and it showed through what they did during the intimate acts of lovemaking. She looked at Hikaru who was smirking at her. Hikaru is wild, outgoing. He was daring and rough. She then turned to look at Kaoru who was smiling softly at her. Kaoru, on the other hand, was quiet and soft spoken. He was sweet and gentle. Haruhi felt she couldn't decide between the two. So…why should she?

"Well…can't I have you both?" Haruhi asked them. The twins turned to look at each other and grinned, their eyes twinkling, clearly, she'd made the right choice. Hikaru and Kaoru had always wanted each other; though they knew it would be completely and utterly wrong. The members of the Host club and their clients assumed the twins were putting on a well executed act, and in the beginning, they were right, but as they kept the act up, neither Hikaru nor Kaoru could deny their want for each other. To be with your sibling, now that was wrong, but to be with your twin, the person who you'd spent 9 months in a dark enclosed chamber with, now that, that's just plain disgusting. But hey, if that's what the lady wants, that's what the lady gets, and judging by the expression on Haruhi's face, it's definitely what she wanted.

Hikaru and Kaoru gave each other one last smile before they each took Haruhi by the hand and began leading her through the large mansion. Where would they do it? One of the dining rooms? One of the hallways? One of the living rooms? One of the walk in closets? A game room? At one of the pools? The possibilities were endless. They led Haruhi up a large swirling staircase and they were about to enter one of the empty rooms in the highest part of their house but they stopped only a few yard from the door.

"Do you feel that underneath your feet Haruhi?" Hikaru asked her. Haruhi scrunched her toes to find the softest and most comfortable material she'd ever laid her foot on.

"It's a rug imported from Italy." Kaoru said to her.

"It's made from a combination of silk, satin, cotton, and all sorts of soft things." Hikaru said to her and before Haruhi could respond, in one fluid motion, the twins took action. Kaoru moved behind her and grabbed her other arm and pulled her hands back before leaning over and suckling on her earlobe. Before Haruhi could respond to Kaoru's action, Hikaru, who'd just buried his face in between her soft breasts, began to lick the sweat and water from her chest. Haruhi felt herself spilling liquids again. He began to suck on patches of skin all over her skin, biting gently every so often. Kaoru, not one to be shown up, trailed soft kisses down from her earlobe until he arrived at her neck where he latched onto with his lips and began to suck hard. Haruhi let out a soft moan and slowly, the trio sank to the ground, Haruhi sitting up with her legs spread, Hikaru sitting in between her legs, his erection forming a tent in his boxers, and Kaoru was behind her, his grip on her arms released, allowing her to freely thread her fingers through his hair.

Kaoru hoisted her up and sat her onto his lap, his wet erection sliding easily into her pussy. She moaned and let her head roll back and fall onto Kaoru's shoulder. Kaoru held onto Haruhi's hips and guided her up and down on his erection. She mewled and began to breathe heavily at the feel of his hard length brushing against her inner walls. Hikaru crawled forward and caught Haruhi's lips in his own, pulling her into a sweet kiss. She sucked on his bottom lip hungrily and she felt him smile against her own mouth. He let his tongue dart out of his mouth and stuck it into her mouth. He swirled around in her mouth and he felt her throat rumble as she moaned. He pulled away quickly and her face fell in disappointment but it lit up again as Kaoru brought her down onto his length very hard. She closed her eyes and let her orgasm pass through her body. Every part of her pulsed rhythmically. She pushed Kaoru's hands off her hips and she began to grind on his erection. It was now he who moaned, his hungry growl came from deep in the back of his throat.

Hikaru eyed them hungrily and advance towards Kaoru. Hikaru, in one fatal swoop stole Kaoru's lips and tongue; he claimed them for his own; he could do as he pleased. Kaoru's eyes widened at the feeling of his twin's soft lips on his own. He tasted the sweet taste of Hikaru's saliva enter his mouth. Their tongues began moving in sync, dancing to a song only the two of them could hear. Their tongues wrapped around each other and they paused the movement of their lips to suck on each other's tongues. Kaoru raised his arms and clutched the silky soft wisps of Hikaru's orange hair and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. Hikaru felt his erection grow even louder, begging to be touched. Still kissing Kaoru, he slid his boxers off and tossed them to the side, letting his erection spring free. Kaoru let one hand slide down from Hikaru's head very slowly. His hand slowly inched towards Hikaru's hard length before he finally made his way to Hikaru's length.

Kaoru let one finger trail from the base of Hikaru's length all the way to the head of Hikaru's erection. Hikaru's hips bucked, edging Kaoru to keep going. Kaoru let his whole palm wrap around Hikaru's edge and stroked the slit with his thumb before pumping his fist up and down his brother's length. Hikaru growled, his voice low and animalistic. His honey eyes gleamed with lust. Hikaru pulled away from Kaoru who stood up as well, nudging Haruhi at the same time, telling her to get up. Haruhi rose, panting, sweat beading on her forehead. She looked up at Hikaru, panting. He smirked at her before gently pushing her onto her hands and knees and positioned her so that she stuck her perfectly round ass into the air. Hikaru went down and rubbed the soaking wet slit before pulling back and going into Haruhi's pussy. She screamed immediately at Hikaru who went rough and hard from the beginning, wasting no time to be soft or gentle.

Kaoru walked around to Haruhi's wide eyes and jaw which was slack, hanging open. He grasped his own length in his hand and prodded at Haruhi's closed lips softly. She eagerly opened her mouth and closed her mouth around as much of Kaoru's length that she could fit her mouth around. She let her tongue swirl around on the tip and she began to hum with pleasure as Hikaru went into her, faster and faster, hitting her g-spot every few seconds. Kaoru groaned and let his head fall back at Haruhi who sent little vibrations through his entire length. She began to let it slid in and out of her mouth and as Hikaru went faster and faster, so did she, her saliva coated the entirety of his length. Haruhi felt herself cum hard. She tightened around Hikaru and he started to move a little slower to savor the feel of her hot, tight walls surrounding his length. She moaned against Kaoru's length which was almost all the way in her mouth. He let out a loud moan as he blew his load in Haruhi's mouth; she swallowed the warm, salty liquid which was trickling down her throat. Kaoru slowly pulled his softening erection out of her mouth.

Hikaru looked over at Kaoru and let out a throaty laugh. "Finished already, eh Kaoru?"

"Shut up. I just had a session with her a little while ago. I'm tired." Kaoru insisted and crossed his arms.

"Whatever." Hikaru rolled his eyes and looked down at the backside of the fair maiden on all fours before him. He let his hands run from her hips, right onto her soft ass. He grasped one fleshy cheek with each hand and gave a squeeze as he began to roll his hips while inside of her. He kneaded the cheeks, earning him yet another moan. Kaoru, feeling left out, sat on his knees in front of Haruhi and let his tongue slip into her mouth. They kissed each other with passion. Their lips moved against each other perfectly and Kaoru moaned into her mouth. He tilted her head up towards him with his hand and bent down further, getting as close to her as possible, getting his tongue far down into her mouth. Hikaru pulled her completely off of him before slamming back in hard, as he slammed in, they came together. Hikaru flung his head back. "Fuck…" Hikaru trailed off with a groan. Haruhi screamed in pleasure and she felt a little of the burning subside. Just one more orgasm, that's all she needed. Just a few more seconds of complete ecstasy was all she needed and it'd be over. Hikaru pulled himself out of her and Haruhi rolled over and collapsed onto her back. She looked up into the identical eyes of the Hitachiin twins.

"Please…just once more, that's all I need." She pleaded with them. Hikaru looked over at Kaoru and they grinned at each other.

"You know what the perfect thing to have after an orgasm is Kaoru?"

"No, Hikaru, what is it?"

"A snack." They directed their gaze to Haruhi's glistening juncture and they grinned the same mischievous, Cheshire cat like smile. Kaoru turned to face Hikaru.

"God, Hikaru, you're a fucking genius. It's so sexy."

In response, Hikaru pulled Kaoru close to him. He pressed Kaoru to him, his hand on the small of Kaoru's back whilst his other hand was at the back of Kaoru's neck. Kaoru wrapped his arms around Hikaru's neck and after a while, they broke apart, gasping for air. Then, they both dove for their post-sex snack.

Hikaru prodded Haruhi's small nub with his tongue before letting his lips wrap around it, sucking on it. Kaoru slipped his tongue inside of her and began to explore her depths. She began breathing more heavily and let one hand thread its fingers through the hair on the heads of each of the twins. Then, after a few minutes of this, Haruhi felt a familiar ball form inside of her stomach. This ball burned for a few seconds before it exploded inside of her and she let her cum leak out of her. She was screaming louder than before as Kaoru and Hikaru began lapping up on her sweet juices. The burning in her stomach disappeared and as if on cue, the twins pulled away from the juncture between her sweating thighs and they lay on either side of Haruhi. The three of them were breathing heavily.


"Yeah, Kaoru?"

"Next time…don't use so much aphrodisiac."

"Message received Hikaru."

Haruhi interrupted. "Um…next time…you guys won't be needing any aphrodisiac."

Both twins turned onto the their sides to grin at her and she smiled up at the ceiling. This was the beginning of a beautiful, wonderful thing.

OH Hi…it's me…How long have I been gone? Six months? Oh…well…uh…I'm really really sorry and please don't kill me. *hides behind Hikaru*