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It's no longer Naruto x May it's going to be Naruto X and a mystery girl shown in the future.



Ash Ketchum and his best friend Pikachu continue their quest as they sail to the Hoenn Region, but right now there is only one thing on Ash's mind.

"Just try to rest Pikachu, as soon as we dock I'm going to take you right over to the Pokemon Center," Ash says worried, as static discharge comes out of Pikachu's cheeks.

(At the dock)

"Um… sir can you tell me where the nearest Pokemon Center is?" Ash asks the guard.

"I'm afraid this town has no Pokemon Center," the guard says. Both the guard and Ash look at Pikachu in worry.

(Few minutes later)

Ash tries to call Prof. Burch but his attendant answered saying that he was in the field and he will try to get in touch with him.

Soon Ash sees a speeding jeep coming toward him. The jeep stops in front of him.

"Are you Ash Ketchum?" the older man asks.

"Yes, are you Professor Burch?" Ash says hopeful.

"Yes, let me see…good I'll take you to my laboratory," said in a hurry.

(Outside the lab)

The jeep comes to a screeching halt right in front of the door.

"I got everything set inside!" said the attendant as the Professor and Ash run in with Pikachu.

They strapped Pikachu to a device that would take out all the extra electricity. It was too much for the machine, there was too much electricity and the machine malfunctioned and blew up. It seemed as if Pikachu was confused and it jumped out the broken window and ran.

"PIKACHU!" Ash yelled as his best friend ran off. Ash ran after his Pokémon along with Prof. Burch, who took the three starters Pokémon to help search.

But the attendant Joshua called out, "Sir, those Pokémon are for May to choose from!"

"Tell her to wait here and that I'll come back!" the Prof. called out as he ran into the forest.

(In the forest)

"Pikachu where are you?" Ash worryingly called out to his Pokémon.

Ash started to hear a sound coming from the bush nearby, hoping it was his best friend. Pikachu soon found his way out of the bush and landed on his stomach. Pikachu was in confusion thinking Ash was an enemy and let out a major discharge. Electricity went flying in every direction. Prof. Burch ran to the direction of the electricity, with a girl who was supposedly named May from before.

Ash goes to grab Pikachu but runs away in another direction. Unfortunately Pikachu starts to run off a cliff. Ash goes to grab Pikachu but is too far away. Ash goes to the edge of the cliff to see Pikachu, but disappears in a blur.

"What the...," Ash said in confusion, as Pikachu mysteriously appeared on his head.

"How the…?" Ash said in more confusion, but shook it off and went to grab Pikachu.

Pikachu was still a little confused, so when Ash grabbed him he bit Ash's arm, as the confusion slowly worn off.

"Chaa," Pikachu said in a way that meant that he was sorry.

"Its okay buddy, I'm fine, but how did you get up here?"Ash asks in confusion. Pikachu just shakes his head no because he doesn't even know. One second he was falling the next he's biting Ash's arm when he grabbed him.

(Time skip to the lab because I'm a jerk)

Ash, May and come in through the door to see Joshua talking to a blond teen

The blond teen turns to see the Prof. and Ash and May.

(Read Prof. Burch's dialogue in an Italian accent) "Ah, Naruto it is glad to see you my boy it is been so long, how have you been?" Prof. Burch asked the blond teen who was now known as Naruto.

"Yes it has been awhile, been well, how about you?" Naruto asked the Professor.

"It's been a bit exciting and explosive," Prof. Burch chuckled nervously.

"You fell in a Pokémon nest didn't you?"Naruto said in a disappointed way.

"I couldn't help myself," Prof. Burch said as he sulked in a corner hugging his knees. (What a crybaby)

"Prof. Burch you know this guy?" Ash asked unknowingly.

"Ash this is Naruto a friend of mine, Naruto this is Ash a trainer I recently met," said Burch as he introduced the both of them.

"Ash Ketchum, I'm from PALLET TOWN in the KANTO REGION and this is my partner Pikachu," Ash said as he greeted himself.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, I'm from THE ISLAND OF DEMONS, in THE DEMONIC ISLANDS REGION," Naruto greeted back.

"Oh, before I forget Naruto, did you get the special poke balls you promised," Prof. Burch questioned the blond.

Ash was confused about what the special poke ball was.

Naruto's eyes widened at the declaration and then remembered what the Prof. was talking about, "Ah yes I have the special poke ball for you, but do you have my things for the exchange?"

"Yes I do they are just in the back, I will go get them," Prof. Burch said with a smile as he left.

"So, Naruto what is this special poke ball?" Ash asked with curiosity.

"It's a poke ball that has the properties of some other poke balls, such as when you capture a Pokémon or return your Pokémon back into its poke ball, it will heal completely, getting rid of: poison, static, confusion, sleep and other statuses. When having a Pokémon in this poke ball it will live in luxury, there is a: spa, a comfortable bed, and a water reservoir to drink, and a playground, from where this is getting I have made the inside of this poke ball a paradise and will adapt to the type of Pokémon that is stored within. You can also store up to two Pokémon in this poke ball not capture, you can capture a Pokémon in the poke ball, but to store another you need to connect the button of its poke ball to the button of the special poke ball and there, your Pokémon has a friend to play with and obviously breaking the six Pokémon at a time rule," Naruto said as he finished explaining how the new poke ball worked.

Ash's eyes widened and jaws dropped and May's eyes widened. Suddenly both were up to Naruto with sparkles in their eyes begging him if they can have some.

"Sorry guys so far these are only for high ranking people like professors, gym leaders and the government," said Naruto being sorry for them. Ash and May's heads fell down in disappointment.

Ash's head quickly came upward asking, "If only high ranking people can have the special poke ball why do have one?" as he and Naruto looked at the new poke ball at Naruto's belt.

A few seconds later Naruto finally broke the silence, "Well I am the creator of the unofficial named poke ball so I get the privilege of using it."(It seems there is another reason)

"Lucky," Ash said as both he and May's heads dropped in even more disappointment.

Prof. Burch and Joshua and another assistant came in with eight big boxes and put them on a table.

"Here you go Naruto, here are some documents, poke balls and other stuff you wanted," Prof. Burch as he was heavily breathing and carefully not revealing anything to the two.

"Thanks professor," said Naruto as he snapped his fingers and three figures came running in and picking up boxes and left. (If you don't know what they were then you're a slacker and an idiot(Watch the first episode of Naruto))

"So what were in those boxes?" Ash asked with more curiosity.

"Sorry kid, I can't say," Naruto nervously chuckled.


"Well see you guys later," Naruto said as the doors closed behind as he left.

Ash and May went to the door to say bye to their friend but there was no one to be seen in any direction.

(Time skip)

(Ash and May decided to go to the Petalburg gym together)(I do these kinds of things because I am a jerk)(If I messed up something send me a death threat)

Ash and May arrived into Petalburg City. May had to do something and left. (How suspicious)

(At the gym)

Ash and Pikachu finally arrived at the gym to find no one. They began to look around and found the battle field. (I have no idea what they call it)


"Hey can you keep it down, I'm trying to watch the Silver Conference," said a voice as a boy came out from the hallway.

"Hey, I'm looking for the Petalburg gym leader," Ash said eager to battle.

"Well you are looking at the one and only," the little boy said.

(The rest is canon until May's parents come in)("I'm sorry for the skip my boss is a little lazy," says the author's assistant.)

"Max what are you doing?" May asked as she looked in through the window with her mother.

"I was watching the Silver Conference, until this guy came in shouting for a gym battle!" Max complained.

"Oh and Max did you know where your father went?" their mother asked Max.

"Dad said something about meeting an old friend," Max said unsure.

Just as he said the halls exploded with laughter of two men.

"Hahahahahaahaha, just like old times heh Norman ahahahahahaha!" one man spoke out.

"Just like old times my friend, just like old times," said the man named Norman.

Just as the two walked in Ash and May were surprised to see Naruto.

"Naruto, w-what are you doing here, didn't you had to take care of something?" Ash said in surprise.

"Ah yes, I've already taken care of it, and I came to see an old student and friend of mine," Naruto said as he smiled.

"YOU ARE ONLY A YEAR OLDER THAN ME BAKA!" Norman yelled as he pounded at Naruto's head leaving a lump.


"Oh, I'm grateful baka-sennin," Norman said as he turned away and crossed his arms.

"Don't I get any respect?" Naruto asked as he sulked in the corner, while the people behind him sweatdropped.

"Well, it's been awhile hasn't it Naruto, how have you been?" May's mother spoke out.

"Its been great Mina, traveling to places unknown, making deals and getting good stuff to make a new base in Sinnoh, how you've been?" Naruto asked the woman.

"Been well, hasn't it been nine years now, and I see you haven't met Max yet, am I right?" Mina asked the blond jinchurriki.

"Mom do you know this person?" Max asked his mother.

Mina came down to Max's height and said, "Max, this man is Naruto Uzumaki, he is your godfather."


This is very surprising even for me.

Oh and Naruto was put back into a body of a eight year old boy. Naruto still has his powers up to the end of the fourth shinobi war. I will tell other things at a later date. I am making a new story soon. Also can you help me make intros, just send me some ideas.

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