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The Guardian Of A Second

Chapter3: Er Mer Gird

"GODFATHER!" both Max and May shouted in surprise.

"Yep!" Naruto said with a smile.

"Wait if you are our godfather, how come we never met you before?" Max asked giving a good point.

"OH we met before you just don't remember," Naruto said ruffling Max's hair.

"Well how come I haven't seen you before, I'm older than Max?" May asked with a confused face.

"Well, May I was your babysitter until you were five, because I had some business to take care of and whenever I visit your parents would say you were at a sleepover," Naruto said getting to May's level.

"I still don't remember," May said getting frustrated.

"Me neither," Max said as he too got frustrated.

"Hey Norman do you still have it?" Naruto asked Norman, standing back up.

"Let me go get it," said Norman as he ran out of the gym and came back with a small box, which was given to Naruto.

"May remember this little guy?" Naruto said taking out a fox plushy, making May's eyes widened.

"Foxy-kun, I missed you so much!" May squealed, hugging the fox plushy to death. "I remember you now Naruto-otooji!" May said as she began to hug Naruto.

Then Naruto took out a toad like wallet and got to max's level. "Gama-chan, I wondered where you gone to!" Max cried out.

"That's actually used to my wallet when I was May's age and was given to me by my godfather, now it's your," Naruto said with a eye smile. "Thank you otooji!" Max said as he tackled hugged Naruto.

"Hahahahahaha!" Naruto laughed.

"Now you guys remember me, I see you're finally starting your journey, and already found yourself a boyfriend," Naruto said with a smile.

"HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND/SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" both May and Ash yell at Naruto.

"Anyways, I got you a gift May, for your journey," Naruto said pulling out a yellow egg with swirls at the bottom out of his back. "This is for you."

"Thank you but what kind of Pokémon is it?" May asked.

"Well I guess you have to find out yourself," Naruto said making May once again frustrated.

"Oi, oi, Ash right, what are you still doing here?" Naruto asked the raven hair.

"What you mean, I came to battle the gym leader?!" Ash questioned.

"Well, how are you going to do that without any Pokémon?" Naruto said laughing.

"I have a Pokémon, my partner and best friend Pikachu!" Ash countered.

"Yeah but only one, I don't think you can win against Norman's three Pokémon?" Naruto asked.

"Wait how do you know I have only one Pokémon?" Ash asked the blonde.

"I have my ways," Naruto said.

'Anyways, I bet I could win with Pikachu only!" Ash said changing subject.

"Okay, here's the deal if you lose you can't use Pikachu the next time you fight Norman, and if you win I'll give you a Pokémon egg," Naruto said smirking.

"Deal, I know I can win!" Ash said with pride.

"Just so you know I always win at bets, doesn't matter what: property money, battles, Pokémon, lives, even my own life, I always win," Naruto said with a smirk.

"W-what!?" Ash fumbled.

"I'll tell ya when you win against Norman," Naruto said with an eye smile.

"I don't care if always win your bets, I know I can win!" Ash said with confidence.

(After the Battle)

"I can't believe I lost!" Ash shouted as everyone thought he finally lost it.

"Told you, I'd win, now go get some Pokémon, gaki, and I'm sure May would love to join you, Max will join after you come back okay," Naruto said putting a hand on Max's shoulder.

"Otooji why can't I go now?" Max asked his uncle figure.

"Yeah why can't he come with us?" May asked.

"I have something planned for little Max," Naruto eye smiled, making Norman's eye's widen.

"So you're having Max do that?"Norman said with worry and shock as Naruto nodded yes.

"Daddy what is he having Max do?" May asked who too was worried.

"H-he's having Max do something, that he had me do when we were little," Norman said in a shocked tone.

"Naruto do you think he's ready, he's too young," Norman said not sure.

"Norman, I'm not letting him experience what you did, I'm not having a repeat of that day, not again!" Naruto said slightly angry.

"Well you go on now May-chan I'll see you in a few days," Naruto says as he waves goodbye as May and Ash left.

"Come on Max, get on my back," Naruto said as Max got on his shoulders. "Norman are you coming?"

"As long as we get to race," Norman asked as he smirked.

"Max hold on tight,' Naruto said as he felt a tight grip on his shoulder. "Ready, set, GO!" Naruto chanted as Naruto and Norman burst out the back entrance of the gym.

(An Open Field Faraway)

In an open field a few miles outside of Petalburg City. (It looks like Team 7's training ground)

"So Naruto-otooji, dad what are we doing?" Max asked as to why they were out here.

"This place… is the where I became your dad teacher and trained him," Naruto said calmly as he leaned against a nearby tree.

"Trained him, for what?" Max said confused.

"I trained your dad to become strong…strong enough to defend himself," Naruto's said as his face turned serious.

A few minutes past in silence until it broke. "Norman go set up camp, Max come with me," Naruto said as Norman went into the forest, while Max followed Naruto into the middle of the field.

"Give me fifty push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks," Naruto demanded as Max's eyes widen.

"W-what I can't do that, I'm only eight years old?!" Max cried out.

"I was six and I could do one hundred each while wearing a total of fifty pounds on my body, now do it before I make you do pull-ups as well," Naruto said with more seriousness as Max got into push-up position and went at it.

After a half hour of warm ups, Max finally finished, falling on his back soaked in sweat.

"Max I want you to jog around this field ten times," Naruto said.

"W-hat, one time around this field is easily a mile, you're having me run ten miles?!" Max shouted.

"Start jogging now Max or I'll increase the laps," Naruto said threatening which made Max running.

"He reminds me of you when we were little, right Norm," Naruto asked the man that was above him in the trees.

"Yeah, you were bit of a sadist and a complete training freak," Norman sweatdropped.

(A few hours later)

Max finally finished his laps and collapsed as he was tired from all the training and soon enough he passed out. Naruto got out a sleeping bag and tucked him in and had him close to the fire that Norman made.

"Norman you're slacking of," Naruto said with a look.

"Being a gym leader and having a family does that to you, but you don't know that do you," Norman said smirking.

"I'm waiting for the right time to propose to her," Naruto said smiling looking into the starry sky, thinking of his girlfriend.

"I'm still surprised, I got married before you did," Norman said as he too looked into the starry sky.

"I like to take it slow," Naruto said calmly.

A few minutes of silence passed until it was broken. "Hey, Norman," Naruto said getting the gym leaders attention. "Will you be my best man at my wedding?" Naruto asked still looking up.

"Hell yeah man, you were my best man at my wedding, I want to return the favor," Norman said with a smile as Naruto smiled back.

(Next Day)

Naruto woke up Max by dumping a bucket of water on his head. "What the heck otooji, are you trying to drown me!?" Max shouted at Naruto soaking wet.

"It's time for more training, now get ready, you will be doing your warm ups," Naruto said emotionless, waking away, while Max paled at the sound of warm-ups.

(A few hours later)

Max finally finished his warm-ups and this time he had to wear weights. "You are a freaking sadist,' Max complained.

"Yep, I still got it," Naruto said with pride smiling at Max's suffering.

"Don't worry son I had to suffer the same exact thing when I did it," Norman whispered to Max.

"How long will I have to do this?" Max whined.

"Until May and Ash come back," Naruto answered the child.

"Dang it!"

"Now for your tortu- I mean your training," Naruto said smiling, as Max gulped in fear.

(Last Day of Training)

Max now looked the same as he did before, thanks to the seals Naruto gave him while he was asleep, Max also grew an inch or two taller. (I almost thought of giving Max a Shikamaru hairdo)

Max also got used to the training: climbing trees, (with his hands) running a couple of miles, (fifty miles a day) all while wearing weights, (which is fifteen pounds a limb, including chest) now today is the last day of his training.

"Max there will be no training today," Naruto said as he walked up to the raven hair. Max was shocked that his uncle figure was not having him train today since it's his last.

"Why is there no training today?" Max asked the blond in shock.

"Because your sister and her friend Ash are coming today, now come lets go at full speed, let your weights go I got new ones," Naruto said as he eye smiled as he disappeared in an after image.

"Hey no fair!" Max yelled as he tried to catch up with Naruto who was probably at the house already.

(At the house)

Both Naruto and Norman were talking about Max's training, seeing as Norman left the two alone after two days.

"So you're giving him that too, Naruto I think you are babying him a bit, don't you think?" Norman said sweatdropping.

"Who knows what will happen, I heard Team Magma and Aqua are acting up again and I also heard Team Rocket came to town, we need to be careful," Naruto said with a serious tone.

"Well I guess your right, wait what is Team Rocket doing here?!" Norman questioned surprisingly.

"Probably, trying to make an establishment here," Naruto said with more seriousness.

"Come on Norm, they just entered," Naruto said smiling wondering what Pokémon Ash got.



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