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Berk. In the winter you can get frostbite on you spline, appendix and other numerous body parts. In the summer, you could drown in your own sweat. I know nice place to live, even nicer with no more dragon raids and your best friend being a Night Fury helps too.

Me and Toothless both single handed killed the Red Death, a dragon that controlled all the other dragons in to taking are livestock.

I, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the III, was the most un-Viking Viking in existents. Everyone in the village made sure I knew that. Even my father, Stoick the Vast, the chief of the village.

Sometime I wondered if I should have every been born. What kind of people makes a kid wonder that!?

But that's in the past, after my father disowned me, took my dragon and almost killed the entire village. I killing a dragon the size of a mountain and losing my left leg, I final felt like I was need. People accepted my existents, my father was proud of me and I had friends and the girl of my dreams.

Great life, right?

Though, it's not all a honey coated story. I now have Alvin the Treacherous and the ENTIRE Island of the Outcasts after me to train them to ride dragons.

But there are something's people don't know about me, like I may not have a lot of muscle, but I'm fast and have great reflexes. I act clumsy to hide my skill; sword fighting. I fight with twin swords that I made for myself out of Night Fury scales. Also about 40 throwing knives that I hide up my sleeves that no one but Toothless and Thor himself know about. I won't even tell my father.

My mother, Vallhallamara, was the one to teach me these things, well not all of it. You see she died when I was seven so she only taught me the basics before she was murdered in cold blood by Alvin to get at my dad.

My mother had gone to tell my dad what she was teaching me that night.

When I saw her on the burning ship that would take her to Valhalla, I said I would never let people know what I could do, because I thought it would kill others.

But I still trained, when my father wasn't looking, I practiced aim. He thought I was out hunting trolls, well, I was but practicing at the same time.

When Gobber was away I made my weapons, when I was home alone I pulled out my practice blades.

And when I met Toothless, I improved, I was faster, and I was smarter.

I also train while on toothless, we have our own moves I never taught the others. I call one Blue Sword Dance, where Toothless's blue fire raps around use as we spin, I have my blades out stretched like his wings and we slice through anything.

Now that I'm important, people come looking for me when I disappear, so I have little time to practice. But when the village sleeps at night Toothless and I are in our grove training with each other.

I doubt that I will ever tell anyone, but what I didn't know was that I don't have a chose in the near future.

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