She gazed into his eyes, felt his desperation and love, and knew his decision before he whispered it with determination. He wasn't going to let her go. No, he was just as stubborn as she was, if not more. He wasn't going to release her hand and let her tumble into the depths. He was much too loyal for that.

She knew she should have wrenched her hand from his, forbade him from falling with her, gave him a chance at life. There was but a sliver of a chance of surviving this fall, and much less of surviving Tartarus. But she was too weak, too cowardly, to face this on her own. So she let him.

She let him risk his life for her.

He gripped her hand for reassurance, his eyes telling all he needed to tell. The ghost of a smile graced his face, and he let his fingers slip from the rocky ledge. She felt Arachne cackling below her, felt the throb of her ankle as the weight of the giant spider yanked her down. But none of that mattered, because he was next to her, his presence warm, like life itself. It didn't matter that Tartarus was below her, didn't matter that she was leaving light behind. All that mattered was that she wasn't alone, that he wasn't going to leave her alone, all alone...

The darkness crept up on her, climbing up her legs, wrapping around her fingers. But that didn't matter either because he was here, because he would never give up, never leave her. His presence was calming, soothing like the sea. He was constant like the tinted blue that washed upon a golden shore.

She found that she didn't need her facts, she didn't need her books and science and reason to know. To know that all she needed was him, that she needed him to be there, to comfort her and tell her all will be okay. All she needed was him.

The darkness engulfed her, pressed in and cut off the last sliver of light. He squeezed her hand, his warmth reassuring as they fell. She swear his green eyes glowed, that they anchored her to sanity. She found he was like a light in the forsaken pit, bright and shining, and she was addicted. She couldn't - wouldn't - let go. Couldn't stay away. He was everything - her life, her love, her oxygen, her heart - he was the most precious thing in the world and she needed him like the air in her lungs.

The haunting shrieks from below were smothered by his presence. The creatures there were nothing to her, if she had him by her side. She could face anything with him.

The cries grew closer, red lights washing upon the walls from below. Shadows danced beneath her feet, too far away to be seen, but close enough to be heard.

Just as they neared the sounds below, she felt him suck in a shuddering breath, his hand trembling violently. Or was it her hand? She didn't know, and didn't really care either. Because she could face anything with him at her side.

She whispered her heart tremulously into the creeping darkness. "I love you."

He replied back, his voice shaking with certainty. "You too, Wise Girl."

A soft smile drew her lips up, just slightly. She steeled herself for what was below.

With Percy at her side, they had once been undefeated.

He may have once been invulnerable.

But together, they were invincible.

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