"Abby!" Becker called out, running up to her as Matt Walked away. He looked suspiciously from her to Matt and back again.

"Is everything OK?" He asked placing a hand on her shoulder

Abby forced a mask over her emotions and looked up at him. "Yeah, everything's fine"


She reached up and squeezed his hand on her shoulder "Yeah. Come on we've got work to do"


Jess and Becker watched as Abby and Connor headed in different directions when they returned from the anomaly.

"Do you think everything's alright with them?" Jess asked with concern.

Becker sighed pulling his earpiece out "Something's not right, but it's none of our business"

"We can't just watch and do nothing" Jess exclaimed

Becker turned to her seriously "Jessica, we can't get involved. But I suspect Matt is more involved than we know"

"You don't think...!" Jess exclaimed in shock at what Becker could be implying.

"I don't know" Becker replied "But we stay out of it. OK?"

Jess gave a look of resignation "OK"

Becker smiled at her and started to walk away as Jess turned back to the computers.


He walked back over "What is it?" He scanned the monitors for a possible problem.

"Matt and Abby have both gone off comms and..." She enlarged a screen showing Matt and Abby going into an unused office. "Sound and cameras to that room have just been cut" She said


Becker took a deep breath, folding one arm across his chest and rubbing his face with the other hand.

Jess looked at him "What should we do?"

"Nothing. I told you, we stay out of it"

He took another deep breath and walked away.


"Morning Jess" Becker said brightly approaching the ADD.

"Is it ?" Jess replied dejectedly not looking round.

"Jess?" Becker put a hand on her shoulder.

She turned to face him nervously. "I know you said we shouldn't get involved...and you're right of course...but...last night..."

"What's happened?" He asked softly noticing her distress.

"Abby was upset when she came home last night, she had been crying and Connor didn't come in again. She wouldn't talk about it so I had a little look on the monitors and found this" She finished

with a sigh as she looked around to check no one was watching and brought up several screens showing camera views of Abby and Matt having private conversations.

Becker hated watching his friends fall apart. "I'll make a few enquiries"

Jess nodded as Becker patted her shoulder. Then she gave him a small grin. "What happened to not getting involved?"

"Enquiries is not involved Jessica. Is Abby in the menagerie?"

Jess shook her head "She's with Matt" She replied hesitantly.

Becker's face became fixed "And Connor?"

"In his lab"

Becker gave a quick nod before heading off.


Connor looked up as he heard the knock at the door. He smiled and went to open it.

"Hey Becker. Don't usually have you knocking at my door"

"Just checking some security stuff. Noticed the system seemed to be on the blink in here"

"Ah...yeah. I think Philip may have had it turned off"

"Why wasn't I informed? Does Lester know?"

"Dunno mate. You'll have to take it up with Philip" Connor stifled a yawn

"Have you worked all night again?" Becker asked

"Yeah, wanted to get something finished" Connor yawned again.

"Don't suppose Abby's too happy about that"

Connor's face fell "Dunno. But she know's it's important."

"Important enough to loose her over?" Becker questioned raising an eyebrow.

"What d'ya mean?" Connor looked panicked

"She may understand, but it doesn't make her feel wanted"

The door hissed open before either could continue the conversation.


"Morning Connor. I thought this lab was out of bounds to ARC staff." She said pointedly looking a Becker.

"It was...I mean it is" Connor stammered.

"I am Captain Becker and Head of Security for the whole ARC, including this lab." Becker stood tall, hands behind him.

"As which I am sure you are aware that this lab comes under Prospero jurisdiction and should we have a specific security issues, we will bring it to your attention" April replied forcefully.

"As you wish Ma'am" Becker gave Connor a nod and left.


Abby left the office with Matt visibly shaken by what she had just been asked to do. Becker caught up with them along the corridor.

"Abby, can I speak to you about the new menagerie security" Becker asked avoiding Abby's apparent fragile state for the moment.

Abby glanced at Matt and he nodded.

"Sure" She replied.

They left Matt and continued along the corridor.

"You OK?" Becker asked

"Yeah, why shouldn't I be?" Abby tried her fierce look but couldn't quite pull it off in her current state. Something that did not go unnoticed by Becker.

"You seem upset" He pointed out.

Abby sighed "I'll be fine"

"Spoke to Connor just now,..." Becker began

Abby looked up him sharply. "Did he say anything about what he's doing?"

"No. But I'm sure he doesn't want to upset you like this." Becker guided her into the menagerie office.

"I wish I could be so sure." Abby looked away sadly.

"Abby, you can tell me it's none of my business, but is something wrong with you and Connor?"

A tear slipped down her cheek "Everything's wrong"

Becker pulled her towards him and kissed the top of her head.

"Philip?" Becker asked

"And April and Prospero and Matt"

"Matt! What has Matt done?" Becker held her back at arms length " Has he been bothering you?"

"Not exactly. I can't say anything"

Becker looked up and drew a deep breath "Look, Connor loves you, Abby and if you think he needs reminding of that fact, I'm sure my EMD might help. Matt too if you want him to back off"

Abby giggled. "Your answer to everything, Becker. Shoot it"

Becker smiled as she hugged him again. "If it helps"

"If I think it'll help to shoot Connor, I'll borrow your EMD and do it myself." She said still leaning her head on his shoulder.


"But shooting Matt won't help" She sighed

"If you need anything, Abby. I'm here" He kissed the top of her head again as the door flew open.

"Abby! Becker! What the hell's going on" Connor exclaimed seeing the two of them together

"Connor!" Abby turned to face him "Con. We need to talk" She said quietly.

"Talk! Yeah. I think Action Man's already said enough"


"No! All that about loosing her was you warning me that you'd already moved in on her."


"Don't Abby. I thought we trusted each other. I came to see you cause I thought you'd been missing me, but I can see I've wasted my time." Connor was clearly upset.

"This is not what you think" Abby responded.

"Doesn't matter what I think" Connor turned and left.

Becker gave Abby a quick hug "I promise not to shoot him" and he took off after Connor.