Yesterday I died, tomorrow's bleeding
Fall into your sunlight
The future's open wide beyond believing
To know why hope dies
Losing what was found, a world so hollow
Suspended in a compromise
The silence of this sound is soon to follow
Somehow sundown

'But I will never allow you to have Ichigo!' His eyes were cold and hard. They bore into the sapphire blue orbs of his master reproachfully. A long silver sword was drawn at his throat. Ichigo gasped for breath at these words. Her heart pounded uncontrollably.

'Kisshu...' Ichigo managed to rasp out.

All tension was grasping each of them.

'So, do you plan to oppose me?' Deep blue darkly questioned.

'That's right.' Kisshu paused rising the sword higher to strike. 'DIE!' He shrieked.

Ichigo, this one is for you my Koneko chan.

It was like everything was in fast forward. Ichigo saw kisshu hand dart down at a breakneck pace. The sound of metal slicing flesh echoed. Silence.

'Heh, guess I lost.' He exhaled a small chuckle.

For several nerve wrecking moments not a soul moved. Blood trickled to the ground. Deep blue rose his long metallic sword up in the air with Kisshu skewered into it completely. The metal passing straight through his scrawny body

'KISSHU!' Screamed ichigo. She felt an icy cold chill run through her.

Deep blue carelessly flicked Kisshu off of his sword without another word. Dark red blood streaked along the glinting blade. Kisshu's limp body hurtled against the cracked floor and rolled into Ichigo's lap.

'Kisshu.' Tears welled up in her eyes.

She lifted his heavy head off of the floor. His liquid gold eyes lazily opened. All the life was dangerously draining from them.

'I guess I was lucky to have this time with you. Ichigo.' His voice was strained. His breathing was ragged. Silvery tears slipped from her saddened eyes. They dribbled down her face and fell onto kisshu. Her cries were choked up from her throat. She now had truly lost all she had.

'Are you crying ichigo?' His face full of concern and worry for ichigo. Slowly, he felt his body numbing. He was struggling to stay and last longer in Ichigo's soft grasp. He had never had enough of seeing her beautiful face. But now, he couldn't bear watching her crying. He wanted nothing more than to see her radiant smile

And to steal one last kiss.

Her mind was buzzing with the memories she had with the alien boy. Her vision clouded over.

'It's been a while Koneko chan!'

'Ichigo is mine!'

'Alright . . . Then I'll go alone.'

She couldn't breathe. Her airways were closing up. Lungs swelling.

'Ichigo, I'll teach you something good.'

With the last of his strength, Kisshu forced himself from her shaking hands. He slowly heaved his face towards hers. His consciousness draining away. Blood gargled in his throat choking him. last...kiss...Koneko chan.

She was frozen. His face was inches away. His cold lips nearly touching. Then, nothing. His head fell hitting the floor and making a dense thumping sound. Blood spilled out of his mouth. His last wish gone. Kisshu was dead.

'KISSHU' Ichigo's scream was blood curdling and haunting. It even ran shivers down deep blue's back. It echoed and bounced off every crumbling wall. More and more tears exploded from her eyes. She picked up his dead form and hugged him as close as possible making blood spill on her ragged dress. She couldn't care less though. She wanted to be with kisshu. The last person who truly loved her. With capped hands she lifted his lolling head up and placed her strawberry red lips on his stony cold ones. Ichigo fulfilled Kisshu's last wish.

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