Chapter 1 – Running for my Life


My parents had abused me for the last time! I had to get out of this house soon. I loved Charlie and Renee but when they were drunk they were my worst nightmare. So, I decided to call my uncles in Italy and see if they could rescue me. Today was my 18th birthday and I was expecting a call from them later this evening around 3 or 4pm.

I tried to sneak out of my house with my bag in hand but my father walked out of the bathroom. He chuckled and asked me "Where the hell do you think you are going?" I struggled to answer him back and just turned my back to him. He then pushed me down the steps and I felt my ankle crack and I could smell the blood from my head as I tried to pick myself up off the floor. My mother came out of the room and said "Charlie, come back to bed I need you in me" and she looked at me struggling to get back up and said "she isn't important right now". As soon as I heard the door close I got up and started to run as fast as I could with an injured ankle. I kept running and running until I got deep in the woods where I ran into this man who was gorgeous from what I could see. He tried to calm me down but I kept saying I have to get away please let me go. He called for another man named Carlisle and said "she is bleeding".

He came swiftly and said "Edward, let's get her back to the house". I feel asleep in the arms of the strong gentleman and when I woke up I was laid out on a hospital bed in a spacious room. I heard the voice of a woman saying "what should I get her to eat Carlisle?" he replied "I don't know yet." Edward came in the room and asked Carlisle how I was doing. Carlisle said "she lost a lot of blood but she is going to be just fine, stay here with her while I talk to Esme and Alice." Alice says she is the one for me – she is my mate" said Edward. He came and stood over me now realizing that I was awake. I looked into his caramel topaz eyes and fell in love with him. He asked me "How do you feel?" I said "I feel fine, but what time is it?" he replied "5:30." I heard my phone ring and I asked him to pass it to me. Just as I suspected it was my uncles I answered my phone and said hello. My uncle Marcus screamed "Happy Birthday" and I heard my Uncle Aro say "Give me the phone her parents want to know where she is and I would like to know as well. Isabella darling, where are you? I answered "I'm with a family that lives outside my town the Cullen's." Uncle Aro said in a curious voice "Why are you there, did they kidnap you?" I said "No, they are taking care of me I got hurt and well… here is Carlisle he will tell you everything." Carlisle said "Hey Aro it has been a while since we spoke I miss you old friend. Well Edward my son and I found her in the woods with a sprained ankle and a bloody head, so I brought her to my home office and I treated her." Carlisle stated "What, when did this happen, and who did this to her?!" All three of my uncles exclaimed at once. I became scared and Carlisle could see that so he asked my uncles to come to Forks and they could all discuss this rationally. My uncles agreed and said they would be on the next flight out of Volterra.

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