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First Step Into the Future Part II


That was the sound of Bella's parents hitting the floor as their heads hit the floor.

"You bastards thought I was weak? I was but I'm not anymore."

She began kicking her father as the flashbacks of her being raped played through her mind. This time it didn't make her cry but it fueled her anger.

Edward stood in a corner silently as she handled her parents.

The beating went on and on and she had only begun.


"I wonder how everything is going in there?" Jake asked

"About the same as how it's gonna be out here?" Emmett replied coldly.

Jasper, Carlisle, Aro, Marcus, Caius, Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie turned to face the pack.

"You see we had to get you all here first before we could destroy you." Jasper said.

Fear struck Jake's eyes and before he take his wolf form he was being held down by Aro and Jasper.

"Please don't?!" Jake pleaded

"You hurt Bella." Alice said

"She was asking for it." Jake said

"You are sick twisted fuck and you don't deserve to live." Caius growled

Emmett picked up a metal bat and stuck it in fire. He then proceeded to beat the shit out of Jake.

When the pack began to retaliate they began to fight.

There were screams and the one advantage they had was that the pack was still in human form.

Rosalie came behind and Jake and cracked his neck off of his body.

After the pack was dealt with they packed their bodies up and burned them with acid and fire.

Back in the the warehouse

Bella was in a rage.

"Edward give me the knife!" She screamed

"Bella, I don't think you should.." He responded

"Edward give it to ME !" She screamed

They engaged in a stare down and Edward finally broke the silence

"Bella you can't undo this." He said

'Edward. I need to do this.' She replied

"Baby let me and my family take care of this and you can go home with Esme and Alice."

"Okay Edward. I'm just ready for them to be out of my life.'

"They will be just let me take care of it."

Bella walked out of the warehouse and took a deep breathe. Rosalie ran to her and told her that Alice was going to take her home.

"Are they dead?" Bella asked referring to the wolves.

"Yes, they are gone." Rosalie responded.

"Good, I want go home." Bella answered

And with that Alice took Bella home.

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