What Was Lost

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Summary: Several Nations start to vanish starting with Austria. America calls in his old friend the Doctor to help search. Hungary is curious about The Doctor and Austria's past. Both of them have a secret they're keeping. And who is behind the missing nations and why where they taken? What fate awaits the world?

Chapter 1: Runaway

Austria stretched out in his bed. He a nightmare about a shot being fired, blood being spilled and a war that left a scar on the world. He woke up sweating and shaking from the memories. The room was dark and deep within his house in Vienna. He had a long day of politics and diplomats and by the time he had reached his home he just collapsed onto his bed.

As he got up he scoffed, "Great war."

He wasn't going to rest that night and he got up to make himself some tea. As he walked through the darkened hallway he stopped and looked at a very old painting of him with a mustache added by a young nation. He paused and rotated it 45 degrees to the left and the wall pushed open. He stepped in and turned on the light to reveal a secret room. He quickly closed the wall behind him and the panting return to it's proper position. He didn't think himself very secretive but he felt he needed to keep this room a secret, one he didn't share with anyone but one person. After the second World War when the house was rebuilt he carefully added this room. He made sure no one would notice the space there wasn't even a window to the room and he maintained it himself. It had just a few souvenirs and relics he had collected over the years. In the middle of the room stood a small table with two chairs and a chess board sitting on the table. It had been years since he last moved a piece on the board but inspiration struck him and he moved the knight to block the bishop from getting his queen. He had long since memorized where all the pieces sat. He didn't know when the next piece would move but he'd hope it would happen soon. He turned off the light and was about to open the wall when he heard something. He turned around to look at the source the sound but before he could something struck him and the world went dark.

The next day Hungary came to visit him but didn't find him. She waited for him but he never showed up. She thought he might have left and gotten lost but when she called his cell phone she found it by his bed. She started to worry and called others to help look for him. At first everyone just thought he had gotten himself lost and he would show up again but after a week he still hadn't shown up. There wasn't any trace or any evidence of anything just that he was gone.

The other nations started to grow worry, Austria bosses were certainly upset. Hungary had gotten Italy and Germany to help search for Austria but still no luck and time started to pass. No one had any idea of what was happening. Still as he was gone for a month they grew complaisant and forgot and hoped that nothing else would happen.

They were very wrong.

A month exactly after he had vanished other nations vanished and all of them at the same time from all around the world. Besides Austria those who had vanished included South Italy, Twain, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein, Canada, Belarus, Denmark, Norway and Turkey.

A team that included Germany, America, England, Russia, China and France had been set up to try and find Austria but now their meeting room was filled with the other nation trying to get information about their friends and family.

"Quiet!" Germany bellowed. "I have said it a dozen times and it is not changing at the moment. We have no information at the time. I will personally make sure to let each and everyone of you know when we find out something. Right now please go back to your homes and allow us to get to work."

Most of the nations relented and left the office but Hungary, Switzerland and Italy remained. Even though Switzerland's expression remained neutral a sense of urgency and frustration worry wafted from him. Hungary just glared at them with anger in her eyes. Italy just looked like he was about to cry.

"I told you!" Hungary yelled at them. "When Austria disappeared I told you we should all look for him and now whatever took him has taken the others!"

Even though she looked at them with anger her but her clenched fist were shaking revealed how worried she was and there was tears in her eyes showing she was upset.

"Austria! Big Brother Romano!" Italy started to run around the room. "Liechtenstein! They're all gone! We have to find them! We could be next!"

"Is there any progress what so ever." Switzerland questioned the others. "What are you doing to find Liechtenstein?"

"I swear to you that we are doing everything we can to find them." Germany told them. "We are looking into everything from rival nations, alternate cat ear universe doppelgangers and and whatever else could be behind this."

China started to explain the situation, "All the nations except Austria seemed to have vanished at the same time all over the world."

"Yes," Russia continued. "A moment when none of them were with anyone. Whoever did this is well connected and well organized with a far reach."

"We still haven't found out how they were taken." France told them. "We checked their homes and were we last saw them there is no signs of struggle or break in."

"Yes, that is very strange." Russia commented. "My sister is a fighter she would not go down easy."

"We've tried everything we could think of to find them." England told them. "I've used my magic to try and locate them but I've not found any sign of them."

Italy yelped, "Does that mean there dead?!"

"No! If they were I'd be able to find their remains or even sense that they transcended to the either side. I simply find nothing."

That worried them to no ends.

"Enough of you mambo jumbo." America interrupted. "I had my friend Tony use his awesome alien tech to find them and he found...well, nothing either. Which confused me."

"And why did you feel the need to share that?" Switzerland asked irritated.

"Well, I'm just trying to let you guys know we're are trying everything."

"Well it's not enough." Switzerland said finally sounding angry. "There has to be something you have not tried."

"Well," England started sound unsure about his words. "I could send out a search out for a Code Blue."

"Code Blue." Italy questioned. "It sounds pretty."

"It's a military protocol set up by UNIT. Whenever there is some sort of disaster or crisis protocols are set out to find one specific man. I'm not even sure what so special about him but some of my former bosses have spoken very highly of him. I'm not even sure if it's the same man or its a tittle that is carried since they've been talking about him for centuries."

"Who is he?" Hungary asked.

"I'm not sure. A mad man. A miracle man. A scholar. A physician. Queen Victoria knighted him and had him banished in the same day. I'm not sure what he did to Queen Elizabeth the first but she wanted his head. Apparently has tea with my current Queen often. Had some trouble with Henry the Eight about a marriage. Churchill spoke very highly of him especially during the Blitz. There is even a story he was great friends with King Arthur. Then there was that woman, my former boss, Harriet Jones she only spoke of him once but said he was the most amazing man she had ever known."

"Who is this man?" Germany asked, "What is he called?"

"They simply called him the Doctor." England said with a hint of reverence.

The air grew still as they let this information set in.

"Oh, you mean the Doctor." America blurted it.

"What?! England startled asked. "You know of him?"

"Yeah, you don't? Considering how often he's at your place during Christmas I thought you knew him. Dude, he's practically one of my founding fathers. He helped write the Declaration of Independence, he pushed tea off at the Boston Tea Party and even was present for the Battle at York Town. He even helped out with this thing in the 1960's I don't remember what it was though. I'll just call him up." America already took out his cell phone.

"You have him on speed dial?!" England shouted.

"I'm on the phone." America he scolded England. "Oh hey Doc. I need your help. Some of the other nations have started to vanish. Were all a bit worried. Not me though, the hero is never scared. Nope, no sign of a struggle or anything. Even Tony couldn't find anything. Something is up and we need you here like now." America nodded his head. "Sure, I'll stay on the line so you can trace it."

America took a step back and held his cell phone upwards.

"What are you doing?" France decided to question him but stopped when a breeze started to whirl around the room.

"What is happening?" Russia tugged his scarf around his neck.

"All the windows are closed where is the wind coming from." China questioned.

The room was filled with with an odd sound. Hungary had to keep her skirt down to stop it from lifting up.

Vworp, vworp, vworp.

Suddenly a large blue phone materialized before them. It only took a moment before the doors swung open. None of them were sure what to expect but they didn't expect what they saw. A young man with flopish hair walked out. He was tall, pale and gangly and he had a wide smile on his long face. He had a dark tweed coat, a gray vest and a bow tie.

"Doctor!" American yelled as he ran to him and gave him a great big hug.

"Hello Alfred." The Doctor mustered up as he patted America on the back.

The other nations were all a bit confused for many reason. The Doctor had called America by his human name. Usually that name was just used for day to day things, sometimes by their bosses and by other nations that they might be close to. Otherwise they were known by their nations name.

"Look at you." America said. "Rocking the bow tie and the vest look."

The Doctor fixed his bow tie. "Well, it's about time someone understood how cool bow ties are." Spinning on his heels he asked, "So what exactly is going on?"

While the others were still stunned at a blue box just showing up America explained everything to him, "So these nations have all gone missing. The people nations like me not the land. It's not like chunks of the Earth just vanished."

The Doctor was looking over the file with all the information. He was looking at one of the pictures of the nations and whispered, "Roderich."

That caught Hungary's attention. He jumped up from the chair he had been sitting on and turned to the American. "Roderich is gone? Austria? Whatever ever you call him. He's gone?" He held out the picture.

"Uh, yeah." America said confused. "You know him?"

"I do. He used to travel with me. For a few years"

"No way." America said stunned. "That can't be. That would mean he'd have to leave."

The other didn't understand but America did. The Doctor had offered to take him traveling but America turned him down. Simply because it was a taboo for nations to abandon their job as the representative it literally meant giving up on their very nature. It was fine to leave their country for work or even vacation but they couldn't just leave.

"Austria is too much about to rules to do that."

"What are you talking about?!" England finally had it.

"I'm an alien from a planet called Gallifrey." The Doctor had explained. "That box is my ships and it allows me to travel anywhere in time and space and Austria once traveled with me."


The young nation was just more than a child and things were not going his way. His best friend Switzerland had stopped being his friend. Hungary had continued to beat him up so much that it didn't even seem like a fair fight. Teutonic Knight seemed eager to bother him. And because of Bohemia and Hungary he was getting new bosses. His bosses had new ideas and were planning on changing things. He was supposed to act differently give up and act all fancy and take up instruments. He didn't like the idea of giving up his life in the outdoors.

He had on his cloak and a bag full of supplies and he intended to run away like any child would. He was tired of it all and wanted to renounce his nationhood. He wasn't sure where he was going he just knew he had to get away. He was traveling through one of the forests of the country trying to get as far away as he could while they were switching his bosses. He wouldn't say it out loud but he was a little afraid there were stories that trolls had been spotted in that very forest.

That's when he heard a voice call out, "Styre! Stop this! I stopped your plans and your ship and soldiers are gone. You won't last much longer. Let me help you and I can take you back to Sontar."

"Never. I would return a failure. I would rather die knowing that I managed to kill the infamous Doctor."

Austria had made his way towards the voices he found a man with long hair on the ground as a bald troll creature stood over him with a gun. Austria reacted quickly and pulled out his sword without thinking. He struck at the back of the attacker and usually the attack would do nothing to the tough Sontaran but it so happened that the sword hit his probic vent. The Sontaran collapsed to the ground already weakened by his escape of his exploding ship and well he wasn't getting up. Austria was just stunned he actually won a fight.

"Are you alright?" He turned to the man on the ground who was hurt.

That was the Doctor in his eight incarnation. Dressed in a long dark coat and along with his cravat gave him and Edwardian era look. He explained to the nation that the Sontaran had crashed on the planet had tried to set out on a plan to conquer the world but he had stopped him.

Austria didn't understand everything he was telling him but felt comfortable enough to tell him he was a nation and his own troubles. He even told him his human name.

"You've decided to run away from everything?"

"You're not going to try to convince me to go back, are you?"

"Oh no, I'm in no position I'm suppose to be the president of my world but I ran away myself. But maybe I can help you."

"What do you mean?" Austria wary of this strange man asked.

"You can travel with me. I'm not traveling with anyone and I could use a new companion and who better than someone trying to run away too."

Austria didn't have much in the ways of plans of where to go or even where to go. This mans proposal did intrigue him.

"Here it is! My Tardis!" the Doctor announced as they reached a large blue box standing in the middle of the field. At this point he started to doubt the man's words. "Take a look inside." He pushed the door open.

With the doors open Austria took a look inside his jaw dropped as he stared in wonder. The Doctor couldn't help but smile.


"No, I don't believe it." Hungary told him. "I know Austria better than most and I can't just see him giving up his duties."

"Well, he did." The Doctor told her. "Just for a little bit. I brought him home and he went back to work ready to face the world."

"Can we step back for a moment." England said. "The man thinks he's an alien time traveler. He's a loon! We can't trust a word he says."

"Oh, I don't have time for this I'll just show you." The Doctor stormed off into Tardis.

"I haven't gone in there for a while." America followed before sticking his head out, "Everyone get in here." He smiled like a boy on Christmas.

The others traded looks in confusion even just how two men could fit inside the box and they entered the box the question were replaced by new ones.

When the last one was inside the Doctor closed the door. The Tardis console was painted in blue light, above the center column stood panels with Gallifrey writing none of them had ever seen.

"Oh, it's bigger on the inside." Italy finally said smiling.

"H-how?" Germany stutter.

"Save your questions to the end of the trip and please hold onto something." The Doctor pulled a lever and the whole Tardis began to shake forcing the nation to grab hold of anything in a vain attempt to stand up. America and Italy seemed two be the only nations unaffected thinking of it as a roller coaster or in Italy's case a peaceful ride down the country side.

"What are you doing?!" China questioned as the Tardis landed with a thud.

"Okay, invisibility is on and perception filter on high." The Doctor ignored the questioned and passed by the nations opening the door.

Hesitant they peered out. They found themselves in the middle of the Roman Colosseum with two chariots racing.

"Grandpa Rome." Italy spotted that one chariot being ridden by his grandfather.

The Roman Empire raced along in the chariot as if he had no concern in the world living truly in the moment his air blowing in the breeze. His smile seemed so much like Italy's.

"Austria?!" Hungary shouted.

The other chariot was ridden on the the Earlier Doctor and the teenaged Austria. Most wouldn't have recognized him he was young and this was before he had his glasses. He had a wide excited smile plastered on his face and he and the other Doctor raced against the empire with a crowd cheering them. Hungary was stunned it had been a long time since he had seen Austria smile like that so freely without care.

"This is impossible." England muttered.

"Nope that is me and Roderich racing Italy's grandfather. And if I remember correctly next we crash into-"

The Tardis might have been invisible but the younger Doctor noticed something for a split second before they crashed. A loud crash ripped through the air as both chariots collided with each other.

"Yes, that." The Doctor closed the doors before anyone decided to step out and ran back to the controls.

"So this is really a time machine?" France questioned as the Tardis started to move again.

"Yes," The Doctor smiled showing off as he parked the Tardis with his usual flare.

The landing caused them all to fall to the ground. Switzerland eager to get off open the doors to find they were back in the conference room.

"Okay, everyone off. I'll find Roderich and the others."

"And I'll help." America got up and gave the Doctor a salute.

"I'll let you come if you don't salute me."

"Yes, sir."

As England stumbled out of the Tardis with the others he couldn't help but wonder why America showed him so much respect when he rarely did for anyone else.

"I'm coming too." Hungary slammed the door closed behind her.

"What?" The Doctor questioned.

"I want to find Austria. I have been looking for him for a whole month and I'm not just going sit back and let you find him alone."

There was an air of desperation about her. She had always been the one to protect Austria and now she felt like she had failed. She wouldn't stand for it and was the first one to search for him and when nothing came up. She tracked down Prussia and France thinking they had done something to him, she beat them with a frying pan until they talked and when that didn't work Spain and Germany had to calm her down. The Doctor understood her need to find someone he himself had felt that too.

"Fine you can come along but you have to do one thing." The Doctor started working the dials on the console screen.


"Your name."

"It's Hungary."

"No, you're human name." The Doctor explained.

"The Doc likes calling the nations by their human names." America explained. "I'm Alfred to him and Austria is Roderich."

"Fine, it's Elizabeta."

The Doctor paused,"Why does that name sound so familiar? There is something important about that name." Then the screen binged, "Okay, there he is."

The screen flashed an image of the teenaged Austria.

"That's Austria!" Hungary said as the picture changed into one that looked just like she had last seen him. The stoic Austria with his glasses.

"The Tardis can track anyone who has ever ridding in it. I'll just have the old girl lock onto him and we'll find him in a minute."

The Tardis started to shake about as the panels above them started to spin like a top. The center time rotor started to rise and fall.

Hungary sighed with relief soon they'd fine Austria and everything would be fine. The others would likely be with him and they could put the whole mess behind them.

"Leave to you Doc" America started. "show up and sort the whole thing in five minutes."

Next the Tardis shook violently and tilted to the side. They grabbed onto the console trying just to hold on as the room began to spin. Suddenly a surge of energy erupted from the console knocking all three of them backward. America and Hungary were knocked out the instance they hit the floor.

The Doctor grunted from the floor,"That's not suppose to happen."

Then the Doctor slipped into unconsciousness.

Authors notes: Okay, this story takes place after the Christmas special with the snowmen. I have the Doctor wearing the new outfit thats coming up. If anyone of you figure out what's going on or whose behind it let me know I want to see how obvious I am. Anyway leave me a review if you like and tell me what you think.