What Was Lost

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Summary: Several Nations start to vanish starting with Austria. America calls in his old friend the Doctor to help search. Hungary is curious about The Doctor and Austria's past. Both of them have a secret they're keeping. And who is behind the missing nations? Why and where have they been taken? What fate awaits the world?

Chapter 9: Memory


"I drew you!" A young and small Italy held out a portrait he made of Austria. He held out proudly towards the older nation. It was the first time he made since Holy Rome left and though he didn't say it Austria was happy about it.


Liechtenstein sat by the piano playing a piece. Her small and gentle fingers ran across the keys filling the room with music. Her long blonde braids swayed along with her as she continued to play.

Austria knew that she wasn't as eager about music as he was but none the less she had come a long away. For a small moment he spotted a small smile on the young nations face. He hoped that she would never need to know war or battle, she was far too innocent to be apart of such things and he never wanted his little princess to lose that smile.


Austria had been reading a book on the couch with a few breaks to for cakes and sips of his tea. The day had been peaceful with the only one around was Kugelmugel. He took off his eyes from his book to find Kugelmugel sleeping on the couch besides him, his head resting on his lap. Austria gave the sleeping boy a gentle and rare smile and moved his head off his lap gently. Austria left and returned with a pillow and blanket for the boy. Austria smiled at the small boy resting peacefully.


It was such a long time ago but he sat on a log with Switzerland. They were both such young children. When suddenly Switzerland started to wipe the mess on Austria's face. Austria inwardly chuckled, he liked having such a friend.


Holy Rome sat by a desk reading a book. He'd been studying for what seemed to be hours. Austria gently place a cake before him.

"What is that?" The young child asked him.

"It's something for you to eat." Austria told him. "It's good, trust me I made it myself."

Shock covered the young boy's face, "You didn't have to make it for me."

"No, maybe not but I enjoy baking and decided to make it for you. You looked hungry and deserved a treat for all your hard work."

"Thank you." Holy Rome spoke softly taking the small piece of cake.

"Think nothing of it. It is my duty to take care of you, my little brother."


The wall had finally come down. After years it almost seemed like a dream.

"Awesome me is back!" The white haired man ran into the blonde man's arms. "Give your big brother a hug."

"I've missed you brother." Germany said. Finally they had been reunited, Austria could actually go for a little longer without having to see Prussia but he was happy to see Germany smile. Germany had been depressed after the Berlin wall had been raised so it was good to finally see him smile.

"You can admit that you missed me." Prussia poked Austria, even clearly tired and frailer Prussia couldn't help but pick on him.

"Perhaps a little." Austria admitted. "But now I remember how you really are so now I don't see why I missed you at all."

Prussia huffed but Germany actually laughed, it been so long since any of them saw him happy that Austria would put up with Prussia for a little while.

"Austria?" Said a weary angelic voice.

Austria turned around to see her.


"Oh, you want to pay attention to this." The Doctor smiled. "I do love seeing this."

The man in the blue pinstripe suit told him. Austria had run into him on his way to a meeting at England's home, he assumed they were trying to get him to pick a side on this Cold War, Austria didn't expect him to find the Doctor in a crowd, not only the Doctor but he spotted many versions of the Doctor standing in the crowd with his companions some he knew others he didn't. He spotted the bow tie wearing man with a girl with brown hair leading her towards the building.

On top of a roof top a small band started to play a song. They started to play, "Don't Let Me Down." The group was known as the Beatles and this would be their final live concert. It wasn't his type of music but Austria smiled, he understood why so many of the Doctor's arrived. Those young men played with a passion simply for the music, that was something truly wonderful. Even in the coldest of Wars music could still warm his heart.


He was looking into her bright green eyes. She was wearing a long and beautiful dress and flowers in her hair. As much as Austria tried he could never remember anything else from that scene but how perfect she looked.

Her soft and unusually nervous voice simply said, "I do."

His heart raced as he held her hand to put on a cold ringer on her finger. With that he leaned in to kiss her soft lips.


Austria stood up from the piano, he had done what needed to be done and now the building they were in started to dissolve and collapse around them. He held up his head and prepared for what would come. He closed his eyes and thought about those memories, those held so very near to him. If he had to die he was happy knowing that they were safe, even Prussia. He focused on those final memories. He took the breath he was certain to be his last.


"...no." Hungary said in horror.

She had never seen anything like that a huge hole formed in the ground and the building had been torn apart and most of it was little more than dust. A huge satellite dish was half dissolved half shattered.

"...he can't be dead." Hungary said her voice hollow. "He... can't be."

Her eyes filled with tears. The other nations were in shock, Switzerland took off his hat for once as a sign of respect. He knew that was the right place, they were in his land and he knew ever inch so he knew they hadn't moved that far.

"NO!" America yelled out. "No! The Doctor is the hero of this story and so is Austria! The hero doesn't die in the end. He gets the girl and everyone goes home happy!" America ran off to the debri of the building. "And I'm playing the sidekick this once so it's my job to make sure they come out of it."

Hungary wiped her tears away, "Is he really alive?" Hope started to rise in her voice.

"He can't be." England told them. "The building fell apart and dissolved with them in it."

"Talk to your bosses." America spat out. "He's not dead. This is not how that man goes down and Elizabeta I know he'd save Roderich too." America never called her by her human name before but this felt like it was right to do too. Maybe sometimes they forget they were people and not just nations.

Hungary ran into the hole and started to move the wreckage.

"Let's go." Italy raced in.

"Yes, they are certain to be okay." Liechtenstein added before running in. "Calm along brother."

Switzerland sighed. "Fine, I'll call UNIT and get them to help."

"Come along." Prussia nudged Germany. "I can't let sissy Austria die saving me. Old Fritz would turn over in his grave if I ever let that happen."

The nations flooded out of the Tardis to help try to dig the two men out. UNIT arrived by helicopter a few minutes later to pick the scientist and to find out they were part of Think Tank, an organization that built the robots in the first place to try and take over the world, they were apprehended so that UNIT could find out more about them. A security officer was being looked at by one of the medics, the Sontaran device had damaged her heart.

Switzerland helped her get on the plane, she was unconscious but she started to mumble something, "Run, you clever boy and remember..."

"What?" Switzerland questioned.

The medic panicked, "We've lost her. Her heart stopped." The medic explained the noise the machine had made.

The medic tried to restart her heart but to no avail. She was wearing a uniform and had been sent from Geneva to watch over the CERN installation when it all started. Switzerland looked at her name tag that read, "Private Oswald."

The helicopter took her away, UNIT would take care of their own.

"I hear something!" America yelled. "I hear something."

America and Germany along with Russia pulled off a large piece of steel.

"I hear too." Hungary said getting her hopes up. "Is that talking?"

They all got very quiet as they listened.

"She's impossible. She died twice."

"Well, that is a puzzle. And that's not how you play old maid."


Austria was slapped by the Doctor, "Forget about dying with dignity, I'd rather not die."

"The building is dissolving." Austria spat out. "What are we to do?"

"I don't know but we have a good three minutes to figure something out."

The Doctor grabbed Austria's hand and run, going the opposite direction Adam had run off too. "So what do we have? Advance technology. Sontaran tech!"


"No. that won't help."

"You did have to smash the teleport didn't you?"

"Don't worry about that now!" The Doctor panicked. "Oh, the armory as in the army. The robots!" The Doctor dragged him along as he scanned for them with the screw driver. They quickly went to a large steel door. "It's a dead lock!" He shouted. "Why is it deadlocked?!"

The Austria leaned against the door and it swung open. "What?"

The Doctor looked at the lock, "Someone broke it." They both rushed inside closing the door behind them. Closing the door Austria noticed a small red UNIT beret on the floor but ignored it.

The Robots were all around them, "Come on wake up boys!" The Doctor waved around the screwdriver controlling them get around them and protect them. If he hadn't smashed the control he wouldn't be able too. "We need electricity. If we can make the grow faster than they dissolve than we might have a chance."

One of the industrial cable on the floor looked like it could produce a lot of electricity. Austria yanked it off the ground and ripped it apart sending sparks flying and he tossed it at the robots. The robots formed a circle around them and the cable hit them, electricity flowed through them and they started to grow. Austria closed his eyes as the ceiling started to fall apart and they heard the sound of steel bending and creaking.


The nation pulled off a large piece of steel to reveal The Doctor and Austria huddled together playing old maid. The robots had grown very large but in the end most of them had been dissolved to nothing but the front cover.

"Well, that worked." The Doctor said happily before leaping out of their hole. Hungary sort of shoved him out of the way and quickly yanked Austria out of the hole.

Then she smacked him, "Don't ever do that again!"

"I'm sorry."

"I'll fight for you. I'll go to war for you but just promise me you won't die before me. I couldn't take that. I couldn't take a world without you."

"Then I'll make sure I don't die." The Austrian gave her a small smile.

"Austria!" Italy ran up to the nation and hugged him. "I'm so glad you're okay."

"Oh, yes we are all relieved to see you're alright." Liechtenstein smiling happily.

Switzerland stood next to her giving his usual stoic expression refusing to say anything to that fact. "It's good that you're not dead."

"That is probably the nicest thing you've said to me in centuries." Austria sighed at the fact.

"Sorry to break up this touching moment." The Doctor broke up that touching moment. "You're a mess and I imagine want to get cleaned up. If you want a ride home we'd better go. UNIT is here and they might try to make me do the paper work I owe. And it's a few decades worth."

"Yes, let go home." Hungary answered grabbing Austria's hand and moving him towards the blue box.

The Doctor was quick to follow and soon enough the familiar sound of the ancient engines filled the air as the Tardis vanished.

"Wait they're leaving without us!" England shouted.

"Huh? I guess we should have asked for a ride." America pointed out.

"How do you plan on us getting home?!" France started in. "Most of the nations in the world are here!"

The Nations started to argue as to how'd they get home forgetting that only feet away there was UNIT that would be happy to help them get home. Sometimes the nations just need to argue with each other.


The Tardis was in the middle of the sitting of the room. Hungary helped settle Austria on the couch.

"There we are. Everything is settled." The Doctor looked around. "There is a gapping hole on the side of your home but beside that it's fine."

"Off already, Doctor?" Austria asked him. "Off to find that twice dead girl? Well, I wish you luck."

"Oh, a whole Universe to look for. I'll be seeing you two." He smiled as he stepped in the Tardis. Roderich and Elizabeta take care. Oh, and Elizabeta take care of him. He gets himself into trouble."

"I've noticed." She smiled wearily at the ancient time lord.

He closed the doors and went to the controls. The Tardis vanished once more into the time vortex.

"Do you want anything?" Hungary said about to get up.

"No, can you just stay here with me for a moment and ... talk?"

"Yes, I can." Hungary smiled at Austria overjoyed that they were together.

"There are things I've not told you. I think considering that you are the person dearest to me I don't think I have any right to not tell you. You mean so much to me and I love you so much" Hungary blushed at those words.

"I know, you don't show it off but I've know. I haven't stopped loving you either, we had are trouble I will admit to that but my heart has been your for a long time. I gave it to you of my own will. No matter what choice our bosses make that will remain. That has been true since the time of Holy Rome and it will be true for years to come."

"About Holy Rome..." Austria's voice trailed off.


The Doctor tossed aside the clothes that he had gotten in Victoria England and now was back in his tweed coat. He planned on searching for a certain girl but as she ran around the console he spoke to himself, "Elizabeta! I know why that name sounded familiar!" He punched in the coordinates for a place he had been to a long time ago. The Tardis landed with a thud and the Doctor ran out the door. He found himself on a massive and creaky old ship. Still the old ship had a large park in the middle of it and what could be mistaken as a city around it. The Doctor was on a slope looking down.

A boy's voice rang out. "Annellese." The boy had light brown hair in a ponytail and a small flower tucked in it. He had bright green eyes and wore clothes that looked more like antiques than futuristic clothing.

A girl followed him, her eyes were bright purple with dark brown hair and she wore a long posh dress that seemed out of place and a single curl in her stood out of hair. "Coming Daniel." She huffed.

They both only looked about ten years old. It was the 33rd century, during the 29th Century the Earth was threatened by Solar Flares. To escape that the people of the world made ships and the nations flew into the stars. Those nation ships had their own personifications too and those two children, twins at that, were the representations of the people of that ship. The ship was built and home to the people of two nations that always for one reason or another ended up helping each other during crisis. The ship was known as the Austro-Hungary Starship.

Daniel yelled out, "Papa! Mama! Keep up!"

Soon enough Austria and Hungary followed along hand in hand. The Doctor smiled happy for the couple but decided not to interfere for once. The last time he saw them in this era he helped them through a plasma storm but this time he'd didn't see any reason to disrupt a happy family outing.


Austria sat by a river his hands shaking, for once he didn't think the piano would calm his nerves. He'd been silent for so long, he could smell it in the air the smell of death.

"Oh, hello." A red haired young woman sat by him. "Are you alright?"

"I'm not sure I'll ever be alright." Austria told her.

"My husband and the Doctor they'll be able to help." She told him trying to reassure him. Still he stared at the river before him.

"Amy..." The Doctor's weary. His coat was off and his sleeves rolled off. He sat down by Austria and simply told her, "Go back to the Tardis and you and Rory go to your room. Please don't come out of it until I get you."

"Doctor?" She spoke but was stopped.

"Please Pond."

Amy didn't have the will to argue with him at the moment as he seemed so defeated.

"Is he...?" Austria asked the moment Amy was gone.

"Holy Rome is dead or mostly dead." The timelord tried to explain. "I might be able to do something with the help of the Tardis."

"Do it."

"Let me explain Roderich." His tone was definite. "You're living concept, ideas, creatures of the abstract and the Holy Roman Empire has fallen and he would fall too but if I take him to the right place and time and give him a good dose of artron energy from Tardis core I might be able to restart things for him."

"You can save him? Then please do it."

"If I do this Roderich there will be consequences. He's already close to death but if I do this he might be gone forever. His memories will be suppressed, deep into his mind. He might never remember he was Holy Rome he'd become the Confederation of Rhine and then become something else like any country as it changes but he will not be Holy Rome anymore. You might never be able to tell him, you'd never be able to tell him if he find out it might be too much for him. If I do this you'd have to keep this secret from him for possibly forever. You'd have to see him and never let him know."

"He's my little brother and if he's alive I will cope."

"Alright, I'll do it. I'll make sure that bloke with the white hair... Prussian... what's his name... Gilbert. I'll make sure Gilbert finds him. He's Germanic and he'll feel a connection to him and despite everything he'll take care of him."

"Oh, him raising a child much less Holy Rome terrifies me. But he'll live."

"You won't be able to see him for a while." The Doctor got up not looking back. " Let the memories settle and let him forget. I can't promise anything but maybe the right stimuli and the right emotion might let him remember something of his past but don't try to find it. It might be too dangerous."

That was Austria's secret, one he kept for centuries and it hurt him every time he saw Italy cry for his first love, it hurt him every time he saw Hungary weep for the child she helped raise that was lost, it hurt him to look at Germany and know his real name. Still Austria dealt with it knowing that his little brother was alive.

Austria might be stoic to the point that he seems emotionless but he did care about his family. In the end he would never admit but his family would always bring him more joy than even his music.

Authors Notes: Okay, that's it my grand finally for this story. I hoped all my readers here liked it. So yeah because of Austria and the Doctor Holy Rome ended up as Germany. I like the idea of Austria being big on family and him and Hungary being a mom and dad. So tell me what you guys think and what you like in a review if you please. It was fun to write and i hoped you enjoyed it.