"Oh my god,Rose just shut up already! I told you before,that's impossible.I mean honestly,why would anyone try that?" "I don't know,maybe they want to see if what Robert said was true.I'm telling you,though Dimitiri;someone is trying to kill me,I swear it!" "No,just it Rose,nobody could even get that close to if they could get close to you,why in the world would they want you dead?" "God! Dimitiri,when did you get so dense? Sometimes I have the feeling I'm talking to and Amateur,or a human-who isn't an alchemist!Duh,why would someone-anyone,possibly strigroi want the main Gaurdian of Queen Vasilisa Sabina Rhea Dragomir,dead?Obviously because they're after Liss!"


Duh,why am I being so stupid now days?I can't believe I didn't realize that.I don't know whats wrong with me.I've had this weird feeling in my stomach all day but I have no idea what that's about.I guess it doesn't matter much.I looked at the watch on my wrist and looked at me through her lashes,"What's wrong?"I shook my head."We seem to be and Christian were planing their stay in Russia today at 's two fifty-seven now,we have three minuets to get there and if your late Lissa will kill literally,too."I laughed at this but Rose didn't seem to think it was very funny."Remind me again?Why are they going to Russia?"I didn't answer her,instead I started running towards the meeting room."Comrade,wait ?Injury?I'm not suposed to run so hard for so long."I turned to look at her."Since when does Rosemarie Mazur-Hathaway listen to what anyone-especially a doctor-tells her?I questioned,then laughed and started running again.


Yeah,I know you probably noticed that Dimka said, 'Mazur-Hathaway,' weird I 's hardly my fault though,I had a bad run in with a few particularly hard on Vampire and half-vampire hating alchemist and they were out for one Rosemarie Hathaway,not a Rosemarie -my imfamous crazy old man also known as Zemy in Russia,insisted on changing my name to get them off my seemed to have ;not wanting to lag behind Dimka anymore,I ran; full sprinting.I caught up easily,honestly I think Dimitiri has been going to easy on me and all because of a stupid injury I wouldn't have if it wasn't for Tasha freaking Ozera!We soon made it to the Royal meeting room with a minuet to spare,but that didn't stop the earfull I would later hear from Liss while packing.