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Seth POV

I didn't stay in the house long enough for Emily to try to keep me there. I knew I was most likely over-reacting, but when you turn into a mythical creature, have the world as you know it turned upside-down, fight vampires to protect humans, imprint on a witch, find out that said witch's parents were murdered, the guy who murdered them was after her, and then she disappears without explanation, you have a good excuse to over-react.

I phased, following her scent through the yard, but it stopped at the end of the driveway. Great, she got a ride. But who would she know already after only being here for a day... Olivia!

I was trying to follow Olivia's scent when I heard a scream coming from the beach. A scream that, even though I had never heard it before, I would know anywhere. Hermione.

I raced through the trees following the sound that was still ringing in my ears. I skidded to a stop just before the end of the three line when I heard sweet laughter mixed with squeals.

Again, it was Hermione.

I peered through the trees what were hiding me from view and saw Hermione running down the beach towards me and away from Olivia and a girl I didn't recognize.

She was fine.

Like I said, I have a good excuse to over-react.

I started to back away so as not to be caught, when Hermione spotted me.

She stopped running so abruptly, that she tripped and fell into the sand.

I snorted, and Hermione's head shot up to glare at me. This didn't have the effect she desired, however, because it was covered in sand. I cracked up even more, leaning against a tree for support as I laughed. Unexpected hysterics mingled with relief at her being okay, cause me to become lightheaded rather quickly. I slipped off the side of the tree and fell to the ground, still laughing uncontrollably. My laughter abruptly stopped when I felt a cold impact on the side of my face. She threw sand at me. I looked up at her, and saw that she had stood up, and was now clutching her sides with laughter. The beautiful sound warmed my heart, but I didn't dwell on it for long. I needed revenge. I sank low to the ground, and growled deep in my throat. Hermione glanced up at me curiously, no fear on her face. Her eyes widened when she realized what I planned to do. I crept forward from the cover of the trees, ready to pounce, then-

"Hermione! What are you doing, girl? Get your lazy butt over here! We're going swimming!"

Hermione quickly glanced back toward the beach, and her friends. She nervously backed away, trying to draw the attention away from what she had been doing.

"In December?!" She laughed. "I'm already freezing, we can't go swimming!" She turned and ran back to the others girls, looking over her shoulder only once. I suddenly noticed how cold it was, and wondered at her wearing that- oh my gosh. She's wearing a bikini. I can't believe I didn't notice before. My eyes followed her as she ran across the beach, and jumped onto Olivia's back, laughing. Olivia nearly fell over, but righted herself at the last second. I stayed in the trees, lying down and watching over the girls. They did go into the water, but only for a few seconds before they all ran back and got dressed and covered in towels. They laughed and shivered, and eventually decided it was time to leave. Olivia offered to drive Hermione back, but she looked to the trees, were I was, and said that she could walk. Olivia and the other girl waved goodbye, and walked up the beach to the car park. Hermione watched them go with a half grin on her face, then once they were out of sight, she turned to me. I suddenly got the idea, and went to phase back before joining her on the beach.

Olivia POV

I was kinda surprised when Hermione said she would walk, and more than a little concerned since I knew she wasn't very familiar with the area. I respected her wishes, however, and walked with Raven to the car.

"She's cool." Raven suddenly stated.

I grinned and nodded. "Yeah, I think so too. I noticed that you didn't seem too shy around her... What was that about? Usually it takes you a while to be that comfortable with someone."

Raven shrugged. "Oh, I don't know. She was just really easy to talk to, I guess."

I smiled and danced around in front of Raven.

"So she's your new best fri-" I cut off suddenly. From my position facing the beach, I had a perfect view of Hermione through a gap in the trees. She wasn't alone. I was concerned until I recognized the beyond gorgeous body of one of the La Push gang members. From this far away, I couldn't tell which one it was, but I would bet my lunch money that it was one Seth Clearwater.

Hermione POV

I couldn't keep the stupid grin off my face as Seth walked through the trees and out onto the beach. He was so cute. He almost had a baby face, but on him it looked good. He, like the other pack members, hardly ever wore a shirt, so it came as no surprise to me that he wasn't wearing one now.

"Hey there, stranger." I called out to him. His face broke out into a big grin that nearly blinded me. He was so cute.

"Hey." He laughed.

"Are you following me?" I questioned coyly.

His cheeks lit up in embarrassment, and he ducked his head. I tilted my head to the side and furrowed my eyebrows.

"Wait, you where? I was kidding. That's a little weird, Seth."

If I though his face couldn't get any redder, I was severely mistaken. His face was so red, he looked like a tomato. A yummy, muscle-y tomato. I want to bite into that tomato and- Seth's voice brought me out of my crazy stupor.

"Hey, I was worried. Emily didn't know where you went, and that voldytort guy-"


"-is after you, and you could have gotten hurt or a vampire could have found you or you could have fallen off the cliffs or-"


He stopped with a shocked look on his face.

"Calm down. I'm fine, I can take care of myself."

For some reason, he seemed to look saddened by my announcement. He whispered "But you don't have to".

I blinked a few times in quick succession, shocked by what I heard. Seth looked up at me from under his long, black lashes, suddenly embarrassed.

"Uh, you have your brothers, I mean. They would take care of you. And the pack. We arent going to let Voldysmort-"


"-get to you." He continued to look up at me sheepishly.

I furrowed my eyebrows, a little lost on who to respond. What are you supposed to say when someone basically tells you that they will protect you? I finally decided to treat it like no big deal.

I grinned widely, and Seth regarded me suspiciously. Ha! As he should.

"Awwww little Sethy-poo is cute when he's embarrassed".

As expected, his cheeks turned bright red and he ducked his head to avoid looking at me. I laughed, but it abruptly cut off when the wind blew chilled air across the beach. I shivered violently, and Seth stepped forward and wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug. I relaxed almost instantly, he was so warm.

"Mmm who are you so warm in this weather?" I asked, burying my cold nose in his neck. He jumped a little as I wrapped my fingers around his waist to keep warm. I'm serious! It's just because i'm cold!

He laughed a little as he pulled me in tighter. "So I can keep you warm."