Noahlikesbookswrote: So tell me again why we have to do this?

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Noahlikesbooks wrote: Seriously why did we have to make up accounts for a blog?

Tyler_Brown replied to Noahlikesbooks: Chris said we should 'keep in contact.' As long as I can find Lindsay, I like this.

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Lindsya:) wrote: Hey you guys!

Alesexy replied to Lindsya: When you made your account, I think you wrote your name backwards.

Lindsya replied to Alesexy: Whoops

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Lindsay_makeup wrote: Changed my account name! My dad had to help me look for it, because I thought it was in the living room! Can you believe that?

Codycodes replied to Lindsay_makeup: ...Actually, I don't find that surprising.

Coderra_Sierra: I so agree with Codycodes! I miss you!

Codycodes wrote: ...?

Noahlikesbooks: Ok, I'll say it right now, I don't miss you obsessing over my best friend Coderra_Sierra.

*Coderra_Sierra has logged out*

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Gwenniegrl wrote: Just got my account hooked up! Is Duncan on yet?

Codycodes replied to Gwenniegrl: No...but I'm here!

*Gwenniegrl has logged off*

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Codycodes wrote: How does she reject me over the internet?

Coderra_Sierra replied to Codycodes: I'll always be here for you!

Codycodes wrote: ...Didn't you log off?

Coderra_Sierra replied to Codycodes: For a few seconds.

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Izzcrazy wrote: Guess what I did today?

Oweneatfood replied to Izzcrazy: Ate a horse?

Izzcrazy replied to Oweneatfood: How did you know?

Oweneatfood wrote: ...

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A/N: This is my most random story ever! I will post everybody's online name next chapter, so you know who's talking. (If you haven't figured it out yet) (TD doesn't belong to me)