Doctor Who Unbound

Eleventh Hour

By Mathieu Leader

The Doctor ran from the cold he thought to himself "I spent a whole lifetime on adventures flitting from place to place fighting foes great and small,"

The Doctor spoke nervously "Perhaps I should have called myself the Hitchhiker that would have been great!" then the Doctor stared at his overturned hand which began to glow orange then the Doctor collapsed on the roadside.

Around him spun the faces of his past companions Peri, Adric, Ace, Jo Grant, Ace, and Susan and Ian and Barbara as well as Susan and finally the Brigadier, as well as future companions he did not recognise they all became a grey blur.

As the Doctor lost consciousness he saw a faint blue light and heard the shrill shriek of sirens then the Doctor regained consciousness and grabbed a bronze Yale key in his pocket then pointed it at the end of alley now the TARDIS materialised the Doctor then sprinted inside.

The Doctor begun to convulse violently steam rose from everywhere in the TARDIS and he noticed his hands had become transparent and the TARDIS console cracked with a unearthly deep groan open revealing a multitude of thick orange tendrils which wrapped themselves around the Doctor forming a golden cocoon.

Then the cocoon flew midair hanging by a thin gold thread swaying gently.

Sometime later the cocoon fell with a thud the cocoon spilt. Then the Doctor fell from the cocoon still dressed in his brown overcoat with blue trousers with a red tie the clothing that belonged to his previous incarnation.

The Doctor stared at himself in the mirror instead of the thin angular face with brown spiky fringe was a chubby older lined face with wavy white wiry hair as well as a small white goatee. He also noticed that he had heavy lidded steely grey eyes and a long bridged nose. "I certainly look different but who I'm I," the Doctor spoke in a gruffer deeper voice

Then the Doctor went into the wardrobe in redressed himself in attire more befitting a man of his age. He now had a black bowler hat with a beige tailcoat with gold buttons and a green turtleneck as well as wearing circular rimless glasses and brown boots.

"Well its time to explore the TARDIS," the Doctor stared at the TARDIS it too had underwent a radical transformation instead of console room which had white coral like structures and a domed console. This had been replaced with a large wooden circular shaped room with a wooden panelled rectangular console with a blue glowing pyramid in the centre with miniature screens adorning the panel.

He staggered into a park and slumped himself against a tree. Then he lit a cigarette the Doctor eyes narrowed on a man with a mousy brown fringe with brown eyes on a bicycle. "Sir it's against the law to smoke in parks. Not to mention its bad for your health!" the man shouted

"Oh shut up lad. I'm a Doctor for goodness sake! and I have a binary respiratory system," the Doctor grumbled then the man rode into the park.

"Oh I suppose, you've come to tell me to recycle my cigarette. Well it's in the bin sonny." The Doctor moaned

"I've come to the park to relax I overheard your a Doctor what is your doctorate in?" the man asked curiously

"What's your interest in my doctorate?" the Doctor replied sternly

"Oh I'm a nurse at Leadworth General Hospital I've just come off my shift," the nurse spoke gleefully

"Well I study quantum physics, and to an extent biology, and theoretical physics, you might say I'm a renaissance man. Mr. Rory Williams what do you say to undertaking a residency under Dr. John Smith?" the Doctor spoke happily

Nurse Hurry up your education on universal understanding is about to begin..." the Doctor spoke manically with a big smile on his face

"Err what on earth are soldiers doing in the town ..." Rory stuttered pointed to road where soldiers wearing scarlet berets armed with guns then an elderly man with olive skin with a white beard with dark eyes walked with a cane walked up the path "My my Mr. Smith to what do I owe the pleasure?" the man asked curtly

"Brigadier what are UNIT doing in a suburb?!" the Doctor shouted

"Cracks Doctor they've been popping just about everywhere... They where relatively harmless, till an alien that assumes the forms of other people, have been spotted in the area. So we've been called in to remove the pest." The Brigadier spoke calmly

"Are you saying that this alien has teleported itself from this location via the crack?" the Doctor questioned the Brigadier briskly

"Hmm we believe that the cracks are pinpointed to one specific location which is the Cardiff Rift it has a higher degree of sentience than previously thought it appears to have reproduced in an asexual manner causing miniature rifts..."

Then the Brigadier gestured the Doctor to come into green van all the while Rory looked on in amazement.

Then Rory got onto his bicycle and sped down the road following the green van down the road as the van turned into the Army barracks.

Rory then got off his bike and his face paled as two armed guards in khaki came with loaded shotguns "What's your business here may I remind you boy trespassing is a criminal offence?" the guard questioned Rory sternly

"I'm Dr. Smiths intern wherever Dr. Smith goes I go!" Rory exclaimed panicking

The soldiers nodded in agreement and waved kindly to Rory then Rory walked across the tarmac driveway till he reached a large brick building and knocked the door.

Then the elderly man known only as the Brigadier answered the door "May I ask if I'm not too rude who are you and what are doing on the here on the barracks?" the Brigadier asked kindly

"Well I've undertaken a residency with Dr. Smith..." Rory stammered excitedly

"Ah so the Doctor at last has a companion it's about time he had some male company I thought he was going a bit sissy," the Brigadier laughed and let Rory inside the temporary HQ.

"So what kind of regiment are you aliens don't exist?!" Rory spoke tersely

"Oh my young man your employer is an alien Dr. Smith a well respected citizen in our universe," spoke the Brigadier with pride in his eyes shone with happiness

Rory shook his head in disbelief and the Brigadier chuckled then the Brigadier asked slyly "Did he ever say anything out of the ordinary?"

"Only, that he had binary respiratory system. But I thought he was drunk or high on weed, because of the odd shape of his cigarette and his stooping stature..." Rory blushed embarrassed

"He's in my office," the Brigadier smirked

Then Rory and the Brigadier entered a grey office with a wooden desk sitting with his legs up was the Doctor drinking a glass of gin.

"Ah excellent my companion has arrived I guess some exposition is in order." Then the Doctor rummaged in his pocket revealing some photographic headshots.

Then he placed the ten other photos of headshots on the table and had a thin silver screwdriver with a glowing orange light and a glowing golden Yale key.

"That man with the scarf and curls looks deranged. Then the man in the leather looks like a skinhead and the man in the overcoat looks like an undergraduate student," commented Rory with interest

"Yes all these chaps are all me. I'll never forget that time when my Ninth self sided with Arthur Scargill and my Third self sided with Tebbit they got into a tussle and I felt bruised and battered for days." The Doctor spoke woefully clasping his hands on his ears. Then he nodded his head in disapproval.

Then the Doctor pointed the key at the wall and in a glowing white light materialised a dark blue police box.

"What the hell is that thing!?" Rory exclaimed in disbelief

"TARDIS Time – Relative – Dimensions – In – Space or in laymen's terms a time machine that I purloined serendipity shone upon me that day!" the Doctor reminisced fondly

Then the Doctor and Rory and the Brigadier went inside and then the TARDIS dematerialised.

They arrived in the console room "Doctor you are a tad overweight perhaps a man of your age should be considering your health maybe undertaking a diet."Rory interjected with concern

"Oh I don't need a diet boy I have a Tissue Compression Eliminator in the cupboard guaranteed instant liposuction." The Doctor answered grumpily

Then the TARDIS stopped abruptly and then Brigadier crept upon the Doctor, and then swung his cane violently knocking the Doctor to the ground.

Then Doctor saw the Brigadier's arm melt into thick green ooze which stuck to the console then the ooze leapt off the console and contorted itself into a vaguely human shape then solidified into the earlier incarnation of the Doctor with a brown jacket with a blue shirt with a long brown fringe.

"Why did you change into an earlier version of me?" the Doctor asked perplexed

"Its quite simply really nobody knows that you died on Earth Doctor. Such a dingy backwater planet owned by hairless apes. After all the universe knows who I am, but as for you the universe would not have a clue."

But Rory knows who I am?" the Doctor pleaded frightened

"I see nobody else here seems your neural pathways are faulty dare I say dementia!" the creature who assumed the form of the Doctor grimly spoke pointing to the corner where Rory was and true to the creatures words there was indeed nobody there.

The Doctor began to sob uncontrollably "Senile of all the days I could go into senility why was it this regeneration..." the Doctor shuddered in between sobs

Then the Doctor composed himself "I have two questions to ask Rutan why you went to this all this trouble to have me on the ropes moreover where the Brigadier is?" asked the Doctor with mounting concern

"Oh the Brigadier is fine I managed to copy his image from an old television recording I picked up on my transmitter. You are quite familiar with the war we have with the Sontarans, however the High Warminster Aries leading the Sontaran fleet has given the opportunity for truce if somebody was able to replicate a Time Lords regenerative capability the war would be over." The creature spoke harshly

"HOW DO YOU KNOW THE SONTARANS WON'T BETRAY YOU!" the Doctor exclaimed in anger his face reddening with rage

"The war has gone far too long our resources are next to nothing we would not want to go the same way as your race did utterly extinct it is both our races Eleventh hour." The creature spoke sadly with a single purple tear in the corner of its eye

Hope you like my latest fictional piece please do comment on my AU Version of the 11th doctor and the situation?