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Chapter 1 Rewrite Posted: 6/15/2020

Early August

Allen blinks and stares at Timcampy, turning the orders from Komui over in his head. "What about the mission, Komui?"

"We're sending Krory to take over and the finders will be able to hold down the fort till he gets there."

Allen glances at Link and the two CROW beside him. He lets out a soft breath and grits his teeth, "Understood. We'll leave right away. Have I been given permission to open a gate, or are we using the train?"

"Central has approved the use of opening a gate."

Allen nods, "I'll go set one up now then." Turning to Link, Allen says, "Let's go find an alley."

They move through the town, peeking into side roads and alleys in an effort to find a sufficiently isolated and empty one. "Walker."

Allen turns and sees Link standing by a dark alley. He walks over and peeks in, "It'll do."

He walks further into the alley and closes his eyes.

So the little infant fell into a deep sleep.
Among the grey ashes the flames exhibit life force...First one,then two ...
Making shapes of the profile of your lovely face
The vast land filled with thousands of dreams, dreams

Slowly, a shining light appears in front of him. Allen purses his lips as he feels the familiar pang of loneliness and sorrow that accompanies every opening of a gate. The group steps through the gate, easily leading the group to the door that leads to the new Black Order headquarters.


"Allen!" Komui smiles brightly, although Allen notes that it doesn't reach his eyes and he looks more stressed than usual.

Beside him Krory smiles at Allen as he passes by Allen to enter the Ark, followed by two Finders who ignore Allen. Krory pats Allen's shoulder and Allen tries to return the smile. Komui loses his smile once Krory disappears into the Ark and motions at Allen and Link. "Follow me, Allen. We'll go to my office to talk."

Allen nods and follows Komui through the halls of the Black Order, Link trails after him silently. Allen takes a glance behind him and notes that the two CROW had disappeared at some point. Komui pushes open the door to his office and tenses when a stack of papers fell over. "Never mind that!"

Allen picks slowly through the mess of Komui's office, trying to not step on any paperwork more than it already had been stepped on. "What's going on, Komui?" He asks as he sits on the rare bare spot on the couch, Link shadowing him to stand at the back of the couch.

"I have a mission for you."

"A mission?" Allen glances up and back at Link behind him, "Does Central know? I thought I was only being given missions from Central."

"They were the one who made the request that it be assigned to you."

Allen freezes, "What do you mean?"

Komui lets out a small sigh and folds his hands in front of him. "They received a request from Hogwarts, and we agreed that you'd be the best to take the mission on." He pauses, eyes flicking to Link, before continuing, "I suspect they want you away from headquarters for some reason, but I also think it would be good for you to get away from here for a bit. Central agreed that you will not be accompanied by Inspector Link or any CROW as long as you submit reports weekly."

Allen looks at Komui incredulously, "They really agreed for me to not be supervised?"

Komui nods, "They said that since there hasn't been any sign of the 14th till now it is acceptable for you to not be supervised. Though I suspect that your reports will likely be in person."

Allen stares at the floor, eyes narrowed, "Wait. You said Hogwarts?" He looks up, eyes wide. "The magical school?"

Komui nods, smiling softly, "Indeed. I heard that General Cross taught you some magic while you were his apprentice?"

Ignoring the pang of despair in his chest, Allen snorts, "For some definition of taught. I'm very bad at it, especially without a wand unlike Master Cross." Allen frowns, "But I lost my wand when I was trying to come here after Master threw me out. I think it got taken by that Inspector."

"I think we'll be able to get you a new wand. We won't need you to do too much magic, based on my understanding. The headmaster of Hogwarts asked for help from an exorcist as he's noticed a greater number of Akuma gathering around the school and with the school year starting he's worried some students might be attacked."

Allen nods, "So he wants us to get rid of Akuma and figure out what bringing them to the school?"

Komui inclines his head.

"Do you think it's Innocence?"

Komui shakes his head, "No. We routinely send Finders to the school every summer to look for Innocence and we haven't ever found anything. And we rarely find Innocence near any magic communities, so I doubt that that's the reason."

"How are the Akuma normally kept away from the school?"

"The headmaster said that the wards around the school have worked in preventing the stray Akuma they occasionally see from entering the castle until they can get an Exorcist to come."

Allen furrows his eyebrows in thought before shaking his head. "I have no idea then."

Komui lets out a soft laugh, "We were all quite stuck on this problem. Which is why we're sending you there to see if you can figure it out."

"What are the other details?"

Komui moves the papers on his desk, searching until he found a file. "Here's background on current news in the Wizarding world, they've been experiencing some sort of resurgence of dark magic. But that's not your concern." Komui's eyes hardens, "We only want you to take care of the Akuma. We can't afford any of our Exorcists getting caught up in their business when we have enough to worry about. Your cover will be as their new 'Muggle Studies' professor for the entire year."

Allen stares. "Year?! You think it'll take the entire year to figure out what's going on?"

"I hope it doesn't, but we will be planning on having you there for the whole year, academic year actually, just in case things don't progress as planned."

"And what's 'Muggle Studies'?"

"Ah. Muggles are what they call people who cannot use magic. And as you are probably who has the most experience with what they call 'muggles', we thought that this would be the best cover for you."

Komui hands over the file in his hands and watches silently as Allen flipped through the papers.

"Wait…" Allen stares at the words in front of him, "I'm supposed to teach kids?!"

Laughing softly Komui nods, "I don't think it will be as bad as you are thinking, Allen. The headmaster has offered to give you the lesson plans that previous professors used so you won't be starting blind." He pauses, "And from my understanding, the class is usually considered a joke so you will likely be better than anyone else that the headmaster could've hired as they normally have no experience with 'muggles'."

Allen lets out a sigh, massaging the bridge of his nose, before continuing to look over the background.


General Background

Hogwarts is a school of magic that was founded in the 9th century by four wizards and witches: Helga Hufflepuff, Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, and Rowena Ravenclaw. The school is separated into four houses based on the prominent traits of the students. The House of Hufflepuff takes those with loyalty and with hard-work; the House of Gryffindor takes those with courage and those with bravery; the House of Slytherin takes those with ambition and cunningness; and the House of Ravenclaw takes those with intellect. This segregation of students is believed to be the cause of many of the social problems plaguing the Wizarding world.

Throughout history, Hogwarts has been home to many famous and infamous witches and wizards. The most recent including the current headmaster of the school, Albus P. W. B. Dumbledore, the infamous serial killer, Lord Voldemort (formerly known as Tom Marvolo Riddle), and student, Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is rumored to be the bane of Lord Voldemort though a prophecy recited at his birth. Lord Voldemort first rose to power some time from 1960 to 1970. The First Wizarding War begun in 1970 and ended in 1981 when Lord Voldemort met his demise at the hands of child Harry Potter. Lord Voldemort's body was not recovered at that period of time and it was assumed that he was dead. However, in 1994, during the Triwizard Tournament, Lord Voldemort returned to his body by way of his loyal supporter, Peter Pettigrew.

Most information courtesy of Headmaster Dumbledore of Hogwarts, consulted once a mission to Hogwarts was determined to be necessary in order to counteract the increasing number of Akuma appearing around the school;

As recorded by Senior Finder Renal.


Staring blankly at the information in front of him, Allen looks back up at Komui and asks, "All I have to do is figure out what's causing Akuma to gather around the school and make sure none of the students get hurt, right?"

A nod.

"Okay. Will I be given more information about the school and this class?"

"Once you finish reading through the information already gathered by the Finders, let me know if you have any other questions and I will contact the headmaster. I believe that the school has a library as well so you should be able to find information there as well if you determine that there is something magical causing the Akuma to gather."

"Why is there a brief on this kid?" Allen holds up a couple sheets of paper that had 'Harry Potter' scrawled across the top in large letters.

Komui scoffs, "The headmaster seemed to believe that the increased number of Akuma might have something to do with him. Though Central and I agree that the Earl likely has better things to do than worry about one boy and an insular Wizarding community." Komui sighs, "However, we gathered information on him for the sake of calming the headmaster and that way you know what the social and political situation is over there."

"What do you mean?"

"A Dark Wizard has evidently risen again, according to the headmaster, and is targeting that boy so you might encounter difficulties regarding that."


Harry Potter

Harry Potter was born in 1980 to James and Lily nee Evans Potter. On Halloween of 1981, Lord Voldemort entered the Potter household and attempted to kill the Potters. Potter was named the 'Boy-who-lived' when he survived the attempt. That night he was sent to live with Lily Potter's sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. He lived in relative anonymity for 11 years until he was reintroduced into the wizarding world by an invitation to attend Hogwarts. In his first year, Potter was involved in a plot involving a magical device called the Philosopher's stone that could create immortality. The plot was foiled by Potter and two of his friends and the stone was destroyed. In his second year, Potter was led to a hidden chamber in Hogwarts called the Chamber of Secrets where he faced a basilisk. In his third year, Potter was faced with falsely accused, escaped criminal, Sirius Black, also Potter's godfather. In his fourth year, Potter was forced to enter the wizarding tournament, the Triwizard Tournament, and survived the event that led to Lord Voldemort's return.

Harry Potter is known to be a very impulsive individual who doesn't seem to understand when he should not interfere with others' affairs. He has the tendency to believe the worst in others when he doesn't know all of the information and will act on misleading information. He has two friends, named Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, that seem to occasionally reign in his impulsive tendencies but fail to stop them always.

I would caution the assigned Exorcist's actions when it comes to interacting with Harry Potter. It appears that he does not shy away from inquiring about things he should not be concerned with and may jeopardize the mission as well as the known existence of Akuma in the Wizarding world.

As recorded by Senior Finder Renal.


Allen frowns at the brief from the Finder. "I'll continue to look through these briefs then and let you know if there's anything else I'd like information on." He looks up, "I have a couple of weeks before I'll be required to go there, right?"

Komui nods, "The headmaster has requested a meeting ahead of time, but that's been scheduled for next week in London at one of the Wizarding establishments. I believe that would be a good time for you to get a wand, as well as anything else you think you might need."

Standing, Allen tucks the papers he'd pulled out back into the file and turns to glance at Link. "How does Central want me to report in during this mission?"

"I believe they are still determining the exact protocol for what they want you to do. But I suspect it will be daily reports via golem, one that will be assigned to you, not Timcanpy, and weekly in-person reports to Link or another CROW."

Allen looks back at Link.

"Inspector Leverrier hasn't informed me of anything yet."

Allen lets out a sigh at the usual lack of information from Link but nods, nonetheless. "Do you need anything else from me, Komui?"

"I believe you should have everything I know with you in that file. I'll contact you once I have more information from Central or Hogwarts. Let me know if there is any other information you'd like to know and I'll either ask the headmaster or contact the Finder in charge of compiling that brief for you."

Allen smiles as brightly as he can at Komui as he steps back through the mess of Komui's office towards the door. "Thank you." He says as he leaves the office, Link following closely behind as usual.

The duo walks through the halls of the Black Order silently. At one point in time, Allen would've been all too willing to try and keep up conversation with Link or saying hello to any of the Finders or Scientists they passed in the halls. But ever since they had announced that Allen hosted the 14th and the incident at the Hearst Orphanage most of the people he'd been friendly with had stopped talking to Allen. Or if they did talk to Allen got very nervous and Allen could tell that they didn't want anything to do with him.

The other exorcists didn't seem to mind (excepting Kanda and Chaoji, but Allen didn't expect anything different from them) and Johnny and Reever were always more than willing to talk to Allen, but Allen couldn't escape the fear that he'd just change suddenly and all of his friends, and his home, would be ruined.

At least with this mission he would be away from the Order for a while and would maybe be able to prevent the Noah-ization process for some more time. And everyone would be safe for at least a few more months.

Allen stares at the door to his room blankly. He had not even noticed them arriving.

Behind him, Link clears his throat, "Walker?"

Allen lets out the tense breath he didn't know he was holding, "I'm going to the library." He cannot stand to sit in that room in the dark right now. He turns from his room and continues down the halls of the Order until they reaches the library.

He settles at a table and Link sits across from him, pulling out his own stack of paperwork from somewhere Allen didn't want to think about. Allen sets the file given to him by Komui on the table and spreads out the briefs. He sets aside the ones he'd already read, and begins to read the next.


The Current State of Affairs of the Wizarding World and Hogwarts circa 1995

Most of the Wizarding World is in an apparent state of denial about the return of Lord Voldemort. After the events of the Triwizard Tournament the Wizarding Government (the Ministry of Magic) prevented information from leaving the grounds of Hogwarts. Those that have heard of his return have either heard through rumors or word-of-mouth from parents or children present that night.

When news of Lord Voldemort's return reaches more of the wizarding community, it is doubtless that there will be widespread panic.

This year (1995) in Hogwarts, it has been reported that a Ministry official will be reporting for the cursed (details not specified or confirmed) Defense against the Dark Arts position. It is speculated by the Headmaster that Dolores Umbridge, the Ministry official, will act to control Hogwarts and its teaching material. The Exorcists assigned to this mission is advised to be cautious when dealing with Umbridge.

As recorded by Finder Tarn under the Supervision of Senior Finder Renal


Allen rubs his temple with one hand. Another war. That was something that the Earl would definitely be interested in. But normally the Earl was involved in much larger wars and conflicts. Allen rummages through the briefs, trying to find the typical demographic file always provided. He frowns at the number, it was a much smaller number than the types of numbers they usually saw when the Earl was trying to create more Akuma or was targeting something specific.

Allen sets the brief aside in a separate pile for further consideration and moves on to another brief.


A Report on the Order of the Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix was present through the First Wizarding War and remains a secretive organization devoted to bringing down Lord Voldemort. Former members of the Order of the Phoenix are included in separately. Many of the original members were killed in the first war and the organization is slowly regaining members.

The Order of the Phoenix is currently headed by Albus Dumbledore and has several members that are also staff at Hogwarts. Other members also include parents of Hogwarts students, members of the Ministry and the Aurors.

A spy for the Order of the Phoenix is also rumored to be a part of the Hogwarts staff but this has been unconfirmed by the Order of the Phoenix.

Written by Senior Finder Renal – Information Courtesy of Headmaster Albus Dumbledore


Allen frowns at the brief he was reading. The fact that the Finder had included such a seemingly unnecessary brief indicated that they expected trouble. Allen wants to groan. He'd been hoping for a relatively smooth mission that simply required ferreting out what the Akuma were drawn too. But Allen knows that when Finders started including information that had little to no connection to the primary mission there was bound to be 'interruptions' that would make his life hard.

No wonder the file for the mission was so large. Allen thinks and presses both of his thumbs to his temples as he continued reading.


On Akuma in the Wizarding World

During the First Wizarding War Akuma were created constantly as wizards and witches lived in fear and many died. After the First Wizarding War ended, the creation of Akuma decreased drastically. However, recently an increase of Akuma have been accumulating around the edges of Hogwarts. The causes of the increase of Akuma has yet to be known. It is unsure if there are numerous amounts of deaths that are creating these Akuma or if they are being attracted to Hogwarts by another unknown magical force.

Mostly Level 1 and 2 Akuma have been spotted. A few Level 3 Akuma have been spotted (this is unconfirmed as it has been only been reported by magical creatures to the Headmaster. No Finders on reconnaissance found traces of Level 3 Akuma). None of the Akuma spotted have made contact with humans and have been keeping outside of a 150 meter radius from Hogwarts. An estimated count of the Akuma was unable to be attained. Approximately 8-10 Akuma were noted to be gathered at one time, though the Levels were unable to be ascertained. Additionally, it is unknown if the Akuma are staying in the Forest around Hogwarts or if they are leaving and returning. More reconnaissance from an Exorcist is required.

Headmaster Dumbledore has reportedly told representatives of the Order and Central that magic does not work on the Akuma. He also has reported that they have yet to attack any of the students, or be spotted, but that they grow closer to the school with each week.

As recorded by Senior Finder Renal


A mess. It seemed that Allen would have to do much of the reconnaissance himself in order to determine what exactly was going on. Usually the Finders were much better at gathering information than this. Allen frowns again and glances up at Link who seemed to be engrossed in his own paperwork.

Allen was sure that there was something else going on at the school beyond what was provided in the briefs. There were too many unknowns and variables that would have normally been eliminated by Finders long before an Exorcist was sent on the mission. Sighing, Allen hunkers down to finish reading the rest of the briefs. He turns over one of the ones he already read and begins to jot down questions and comments he had for Komui.


For Komui

Why does the Headmaster think this Potter kid is being targeted?

I need more information on this Umbridge lady?

How does this school work?

Do I need to worry about this Phoenix order?

Do we have other information on how magic affects Akuma?

How good do I need to be at magic?


Allen frowns at the brightness that he could feel even through his closed eyes. A presence next to him shifts and Allen freezes. Slowly, he opens his eyes and quickly turns, bringing his left arm forward slightly.

Lavi grins brightly at him from where he sits in the next chair, head on his hand as he leans onto the table, face too close to Allen's.


"Allen! What're you doing?"

Allen stares at Lavi suspiciously. "You didn't already look?"

Lavi gasps dramatically, "How dare I, Allen?" He snickers, "Especially when you fell asleep on top of all the papers."

Allen rolls his eyes and hands over the general mission brief after searching through the scattered pile of papers. "Where's Link?"

"He stepped out for a second and made me promise to not take my eyes off you." Lavi scans the brief quickly. He makes a soft questioning sound and hands the brief back before leaning back in his chair. "Odd of them to be so willing to send you away for so long after not wanting to let you out of their sight."

Allen takes the brief back and snorts. "I'm sure there's something I'm missing about why they want me gone."

Lavi's face is blank as he nods. A pause, and then he brightens. "You never told me you could do magic! I thought we were friends."

"Well its not like I had a wand to do it. I'm not like Master. He can do it without a wand but apparently I have 'little to no talent at it' so I have to use a wand in order to do it. And its not like I can actually do anything useful, just basic stuff."

Lavi nods. Allen can see him mentally filing that information away wherever a Bookman stored that kind of information. Smirking, Lavi leans his chair back and smiles at Allen, "You'll just have to show me some when you get your wand then."

Allen opens his mouth to refuse but is interrupted by the steps of Link echoing through the library. Allen closes his mouth and glares at Lavi.

"Walker, I have some paperwork I need you to sign for preparation for the mission."

Allen sighs and takes the papers that Link offers. There are the usual requisition forms for money, materials, and uniforms that accompanies all missions. There is paperwork that notes that Allen was accepting the mission for the amount of time specified. Blah blah blah. "They're issuing me a standard Golem?" He looks at Link.

"For adequate monitoring by Central. Timcanpy is not properly linked to Central's monitoring system."

Allen nods and signs that paper. Lastly there is a detailed schedule that notes when Allen is supposed to report in to Central, both via Golem and CROW. Allen silently reads over the schedule and refrains from groaning out loud when he notices there are daily check-ins via Golem at a certain time, with little leeway, and weekly check-ins with a CROW or Link at a village near the school.

When Komui had mentioned that that might be the case, Allen had hoped that he wouldn't have to do it. But it seems that Central was not going to be letting up, even when there wasn't an escort dogging his every move.

Allen signs the last page and hands them back to Link. He gathers the scattered mess of papers that made up his mission file and places them back in the folder. Stretching, he looks at Link and Lavi and asks, "Breakfast?"

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