Hi guys, so this is my first FanFiction…like ever! I've had this idea in my head for a few years now and I think it's now ready to be…revealed to the world of Fandoms. I will try to do regular updates as I know how annoying it is to wait and I can tell you it will be a long one and there may be one or a few 'sequels'. So now I've rambled on for long enough…Enjoy this rollercoaster of emotion, adventure and drama that will make your feels explode. Have fun!

Chapter 1: Introduction




Struggling to breathe. Push to go an extra mile.




Hearing the voice of the acting commanding officer scream at another trainee, "GET UP! THIS IS WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR NOW GET ON WITH IT!"




Officer crosses over fallen trainee, "What do you think you're doing?" No given time to answer.






Harry Fallon shook her head, slightly dizzy, as her eyes adjusted to her surroundings. She looked around trying to recall where she was. Soon her eyes began to focus and she looked around, she was in a plain room. Her bedroom. The walls were decorated with nothing but a light blue paint, light enough in fact to be a disgusting shade of grey. The only way her uncle let her have it, not that she wanted it any different. She didn't see the point in having posters decorating your walls when months later they would be torn down and replaced by the new 'hottest boy band', she didn't see the point of having lots of luxurious things when it just made you a bigger target to be robbed and last of all she didn't see the point of having happy colours surround you when in reality…..she had nothing to be happy about. The fact is that Harry thought all these things because it was all she had known since being forced to live with her uncle at the tender age of seven, when her mind was probably most vulnerable, he told her that she was nothing, and she would never amount to anything. He told her that she didn't deserve the good things life had to offer and if she wanted anything she had to buy it herself. He told her this everyday and it stuck in her head. Life wasn't to be lived. It was to be fought. And that is what she did for ten years, she fought.

"What the hell was that!?" She thought to herself.

"HARRIET!" her uncle shouted once more and Harry knew he was getting more agitated by the second.

"My name is Harry," she muttered under her breath as she made her way, slowly, out of her room and over to her uncle.

"What did you say?" her uncle questioned when she had reached him.

Harry could hear the pissed off tone in his voice, the slight slur and smell of alcohol on his breath and she knew he had been drinking and what lay ahead.

"Nothing uncle. I didn't say anything." Harry knew he would blow up if she told him so she kept quiet and hoped he would let it pass.

"No, I heard you. You muttered something. Now tell me!"

By this point he had started to raise his voice and was losing his temper quicker than usual, obviously due to the alcohol, Harry was contemplating just telling him but knowing what he would do if she did she stopped herself.

"Honestly. I didn't say anything," Harry replied in her usual monotone when talking to her uncle unless she could squeeze some sarcasm or wit into their 'conversations' without him exploding in her face.

What he did next Harry was completely unprepared for. He bunched his hand into a fist and punched her full force in the chest just below her ribs. She fell to the floor sliding along the wall, clutching her chest tightly, severely winded. Usually when he did this she would see it coming because somehow when anyone tried to attack her or hurt her it would seem to her like they were going in slow motion and she could counter and attack faster than they could blink, of course she couldn't do this to her uncle but she would tense and when he hit her it would hardly hurt and she would act it out, she could take around ten punches before it began to hurt obviously every punch bruised it was just when he went for her face that was the trouble. She was powerless and would never fight back even if she knew she was capable and her face would sting like hell and one time he had given her a black eye and she couldn't see for a week so he didn't let her go out so no one would see.

Harry gasped for air and tried to focus as her sight went blurry and her uncle kicked her in her stomach then her back. As she was lying on floor in pain he dragged her up by the back of her shirt.

"Stay stood up. Do you understand me?" He spat in her face.

Still gasping for air, Harry leaned against the wall just wanting to fall to the floor again. She tried to speak but failed so she nodded instead.

"Now tell me Harriet. What did you say?"

Yet again Harry tried to speak but she still couldn't breathe. Her uncle grabbed the front of her shirt and brought her face closer to his.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" He was almost screaming now.

"…m…my….n...nn..ame…i..i..i…is..ha…ha..ha..Harry" She stuttered out between gasps, he dropped her and she then started to cough violently and began to gasp for air again.

"Did you now? Well it seems, my dear Harriet, that you seem to be forgetting who you are. Well we can't have that now can we? Maybe I should help you?"

He drew back his hand and slapped her across the face. Her head jerked to the side and she heard her neck click in a less than appealing way. He then pulled his arm back again and instead of slapping her he punched her in the side of the head making her sight go blurry again and her gasps for air became more desperate.

"Now let's see," He picked her up again and shouted in her face.


"Harriet" Harry gasped out.

"How old are you, Harriet?"

"Sixteen," She said her breaths finally slowing.

"Sixteen what?" he questioned.

"Sixteen, uncle" she growled out the last part.

"Good. And how old am I, Harriet?"

"Forty-five, uncle"

"So who has the authority in this household?"

"You, uncle"

"Yes me. So what I say goes and I may call you what I choose to call you and that is final," Her uncle took a deep breath and clapped his hands together.

"Now, where were we? Oh yes I was calling you. Now do you have everything ready for tomorrow? Everything packed and in the car?"

Harry was still on the floor and was glowering at her uncle but he didn't acknowledge it.

"Not all my stuff is packed. I need to finish off and the car isn't arriving until tomorrow," Harry replied in her normal monotone just quieter.

"Good girl," he patted her head and walked down the stairs, he put on his coat and went out the front door.

"Bastard!"Harry spat after him when he had closed the door. Harry didn't need to ask where he was going he was obviously going down to the pub to spend his brothers, her fathers, money, which really was hers.

"He's only in a good mood because he thinks he's keeping the car when I get to school, idiot, not!" Harry scoffed.

Harry checked the clock it was half three, that meant she had around eight hours before she would see her uncle again. First she went down the stairs, out the backdoor and into the garage. She flipped the light switch on and made her way over to the back, she pulled the cover off her favourite mode of transport. Underneath was a Suzuki Gladius 630, hand painted by herself. It was black all over and had green in the ridges and dents in the shape of the body and some small stripes. It was the one thing she loved and the one thing her uncle had let her have, not that he paid for it, that would be too nice. She checked the fuel, the tire pressure and everything else then slipped the cover back on and walked out flipping the light switch off as she left. She then went into her bedroom she stuck her phone and laptop in charge ready for the morning, she packed all her clothes that she would take, she put her uniform in as well she wasn't wearing that underneath her motorbike gear! Harry's eyes wandered towards the corner of her room where her guitars sat, one acoustic and one electric; the acoustic was a standard Fender with a cutaway, it was black in colour with slight hints of blue, the electric was a Ibanez JEM777VBK, it was black all over including the fret board except from at the bottom where the bottom tuning pegs and the pickups were green, and a green leaf and vine pattern up the fret board. She put all her bags in the corner of her room and sat on her bed.

Twenty minutes later Harry was bored out of her mind, she looked around for something to do. She suddenly had an idea, her uncle had always told her NEVER to go into the attic….. So that's exactly what she was going to do, she at least six hours before her uncle would get back. She looked down the stairs to double check her uncle wasn't back and his coat wasn't there so she was in the clear. Harry pulled the ladder down and cringed as it creaked then clattered loudly; she climbed the ladder and coughed as the dust surrounded her. She climbed up slowly and reached for the light switch, she pulled for the light bulb to flicker then die. Harry sighed in annoyance and went back down the ladder and into her room to find her torch; she found it and climbed the ladder again. Once she was in the attic Harry flicked her torch on and a strong beam glowed up the sloping room, she warily made her way across to the other side of the attic, the floorboards creaking dangerously below her. Once she had made it to the other side she shone her torch down to see what her uncle was hiding up there. A small mound of what looked like boxes covered over by a rug were tucked neatly in the corner; Harry crept slowly over to them and pulled back the cover, her eyes widened at what she saw. Underneath were around half a dozen sliver, metal briefcases and a small wooden chest. First she grabbed the wooden chest is what covered in a thin layer of dust and something was inscribed on top, she slowly rubbed away the dust to reveal a name: Fallon. She frowned, thinking she had seen the chest somewhere. She quickly grabbed one of the briefcases, not hesitating to roughly remove the dust, her eyes widened yet again but this time not in surprise but in horror and shock. The name that was clearly engraved on top, the name that caused Harry to clutch her head in pain and swear she had seen all these things before was: Fallon,H.

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