Arthur walked down the aisle of the store, passed the bread, buns, and bagels. He was looking for a certain aisle, and couldn't seem to find it. It made him feel like an idiot, really. Just because he was new to this particular store, doesn't mean he should be wondering around like a lost child.

Arthur cursed under his breath. Why was finding some peaches have to be so hard!? That's all he wanted! He had immediately regretted ever coming to this new Mega Mart. The only reason he had was because it guaranteed 'lower' prices, and Arthur was beginning to believe that was pure bull too.

Alfred walked around the store, into the fruit section. Alfred never ate fruit, and was only getting a peach for his friend Kiku. He said he needed it for some peach pie. Alfred had never tasted peach pie before, and agreed to get a peach for him as long as he could have some. Alfred wondered through the fruit section, until he got to the peaches.

"Get a good one, make sure it's ripe," he remembered Kiku say, "Make sure it's soft, has no bruises and smells good."

Alfred sighed as his eyes scanned through the multiple peaches. This is so boring, he thought, as he continued to look boredly through the peaches. Then, he saw it. The perfect peach. It was big, and was the best looking peach out of all the peaches. Alfred reached for the peach, huts to bump into another hand.

Arthur looked up, seeing a man with dirty blond hair, blue eyes with glasses and a cowlick pointing straight up. Arthur thought the cowlick looked silly. There was no way in hell Arthur was going to let him have this peach. Not after all the wondering around the store for a half an hour to find it.

"Um, I got it first.." Arthur said shyly, looking at the man, not loosening his grip on the peach.

"Uh, sorry dude.. I totally saw it first," Alfred said, pulling the peach out of Arthur grip and putting it into a small plastic bag.

Arthur just blinked as the man took the peach. "But," he said, "I need it, for something."

"Ya, so do I."

"What could you possibly need a peach for!?" Arthur snapped at the man, hands on his hips.

"Well, what do you need a peach for?" Alfred asked, smirking.

"A pie, if you must know." Arthur said in a annoyed tone.

"Peach pie?" Alfred asked curiously, still holding the bag with the peach in it in his hand.

Arthur blinked. How did he know? Was he some kind of stalker? "Umm, yes, how did you know?"

"That's what I need it for too." Alfred proclaimed, a silly grin on his face.

Arthur thought for a moment, he knew a great place where they sold all sorts of pies. Perhaps he could show him this place, in trade for the peach.

"You like pie, right?" Arthur asked the American.

"Yea dude, I love pie. Who doesn't?"

"I know a great place where they sell all kinds of pie, even peach. If you give me the peach, I'll show you where it is."

Before the Brit knew it, he had for some reason agreed to go to the pie place with the man, who's name turned to be Alfred. They sat there, eating pie together and chatting.

Who would've known, that three years later, Alfred would be proposing to that man. (Who said yes, very happily if you wondered.)