A new beginning for us.

It's been two years since I left portland because I fell in love with one of my students I know that I shouldn't have let a relationship ever start but the more I learned about her the more I fell in love so after the camping trip I told her I wanted to be with her we were together for five months after what I heard at her court hearing I couldn't look at my self I started hating my self I was twenty-three years old having a serious realtionship with a sixteen year old, after the christmas break I finally told a fellow teacher about the relationship he told me to tell her parents.

After I told them about us they got real mad her dad said he would call the police but instead he told me to leave portland and don't come back until she was eighteen,so I left without a word to her I quit my job and moved back to minnesota it was hard not to talk to her everyday or be able to help her with her work there was somdays i wanted to risk everything just to see her again but I knew I couldn't do that to her I would tell my self she moved on I went on dates with other girls but never had a serious relationship with anyone ,finally after ten months she turned seventeen i sent her a bunch of stuff my u of m sweatshirt and a letter I had one more year left until I could see her again i started counting down the days after her birthday.

1 year later

Lux's birthday was in three days i was going to spend the weekend in portland, on wednesday I got in my truck and took off the whole trip i kept thinking what is she moved on and never wanted to see me again after i left her I told her that I wouldn't leave her and I did just that what if hated me I almost turned around and went back home but somthing was pulling be back to portland to the girl who had my heart.

It was friday morning when I got to Portland I turned the radio to morning madness it was cate and ryan I wonder if they where still together I went to my old apartment and asked my old roomate if I could crash on his sofa for the weekend, I decided to just drive around I went by the open bar this is where I ment lux that feels like a different lifetime by the time I looked at the clock it was 2:43 school lets out at 3:00 ,I was standing outside of my truck with I saw lux's blonde hair under her knit caps "eric" she walked up to me "what are you doing here?" I can to see the birthday girl happy birthday eeyore "thank you minnesota" what are you doing now? "nothing about to walk home" can I drive you home "is your truck going to run out of gas like the last time?" no i got it fixed after I left she gave me directions to her house "cate and baze got back together" thats good I know you always wanted your family to be together "would you like to see the house?" yes I would.

We walked into the house their was an office to the right and to the left of us was the living room,kitchen and dining room we went upstairs cate and bazes room where to the right the restroom was in front of me and to the left was lux's room and someone else's as I got closer I saw a sign "eric's room" lux who is eric?other then me "we need to talk" about what?