I got off the bed and followed lux down stairs, she opened the door to the barn and walked in "baze and cate fixed it up when they figured that you might be back." I walked around there was a living room and kitchen and two bed room with two bathrooms, "they said you could move in and work at the bar if you want." I looked at lux and kissed her "if that means I can be with you and our son they yes I will take it, if you and Erik move in with me." She looked at me and smiled "yes Eric we will move in with you.


We spend all day moving lux and Erik things in to the barn, Lux was cleaning Erik's old room when she found his first outfit "Eric come and look at this?" I walked into his and Micheal's room and she was holding his outfit that he wore home" he was so tiny" she put it in my hand and I looked at it "hey lux, do you ever think about having another baby?" she looked at me and smiled "yea I think about it a lot, why?" I grabbed her waist and kissed her "I was just wondering." It was 5 in the afternoon I was fixing Erik's room and lux was fixing out room, when we were done I was making him a jelly sandwich "daddy can we watch Rugrats" we were sitting on his bed watching Rugrats when lux walked in "the room is set up and I made room for your things" she came and sat with us and Erik walked to lux and sat on her lap and fell asleep I was looking at him " that is the only way he can get to sleep" he has his head against her heart " he is the only one who knows what your heart sound like from the inside."

Eric: it was 6 a.m. Monday morning I felt lux get out of bed and walk in to the rest room " why are you up so early school doesn't start until eight" she walked back out " I have to get Erik's things together then get my stuff together drop him off at 7:30 and get myself to school" I was laying down thinking " what if I take him to day care before I leave that way we can rest for another hour" she looked at me for a while, are you sure?" I started laughing "yes lux I want to spend time with our son, now get back in bed" she walked toward me got back in bed I pulled her closer "I never want to lose you ever again."

Eric:I guess we must have fallen asleep again when I heard "MOMMY WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!" I felt lux jump off the bed wow this kid has a good set of lungs, lux got up and went to take a quick shower and I felt Erik starting at me "come on dad help me get ready" I followed him to his room he pointed at what he wanted to wear, finally everyone was ready I was waiting for lux to get dressed, once she was done it was 7:20 I had Erik in my truck I gave lux a kiss "I will see you in a couple of days" I gave her a hug. Once I dropped Erik off at Ryan's I drove out of Portland back to Minnesota to get my things.

Lux: I'm glad that Eric came back I really have missed him and him and Erik Jr. get along so good, I have had the best weekend in a long time, but Eric is going back to Minnesota, I was getting something out of my locker when Tasha walked to me "hey lux" I turned to look at my former best friend "what do you need Natasha?" it took her a while to reply she wasn't use to me saying her full name "lux I know we haven't talked since the day you found out about me and Jones and that I wasn't there for you when you got pregnant, but I need your help" I looked at her she looked scared and helpless " what do you need my help with? She looked around to makes sure no one could hear "I think I might be pregnant."

Lux: it was after school and I was waiting for Tasha, then we were going to the drug store to get some test for her and pick up the boys, I was sitting in the car waiting for Tasha when my phone rang " I miss you so much already I can't wait to get back you and our son" I was going to reply when Tasha got back in and we drove off, Baze was in his office when we got home so Micheal went with him while Tasha, Erik and I walked into our apartment I showed her the bathroom, Erik was in his room watching Arthur while I was waiting for Tasha to come out. Finally after 20 minutes Tasha walked out of the bathroom she looked pale "I'm pregnant" she started crying I went up to her and held her while she cried I remember when I found out I was pregnant I cried for a hours and I didn't know how to tell cate and baze "hey Tasha what are you going to do about it?" she didn't look at me " Jones and I aren't ready for a kid and I can't have a baby alone and I don't want to put it up for adoption, I'm going to have an abortion" I looked at her and motioned her to sit down " when I found out I was pregnant I was scared and alone yea sure I had cate and baze but it took them a long time to talk to me and I couldn't tell the father ,so I got a job and save up my money for my baby I couldn't end a life and I didn't want it to have the life we did so I kept my baby and I did it by myself, yea cate and baze helped me but it was my responsibilities to take care of him," she didn't say anything " I'm still going to abort it." And walked away.


A couple of days later I got to my parents' home "guys I need to tell y'all something," we all walked into the living room they sat down "everyone knows about the girl that I fell in love with in Portland, well we were not allowed to have any contact with each other, I got her pregnant and we have a two year old little boy together." No one said anything for a while I got my phone out and showed then his picture "wow Eric he looks just like you" I smiled at my dad " I know, I want to move back over there and help her with our son" my mom looked at me and smiled " as long as we get to meet out grandson once in a while" I got up to hug her of course you can you are his other family" we all had dinner together and I went to my room and packed my truck with my clothes and a dresser and some other things I had in my room, I was going to leave in two days I wanted to get everything out of the way.

Lux: Erik was with my parents while I got ready to go to work, I had done all my homework earlier today that way I didn't have to do it after I got home, Eric was going to come back and it would be so much easier for our son.

Eric: I had left Minnesota the other day and now I was in Portland and I was driving to lux's house I was going to surprise her, but her car wasn't in the drive way so I got out of the car and walked into the main house and knocked "Eric what are you doing here?" I was about to reply when I felt Erik "I was going to surprise lux but she isn't home." They motioned for me to sit down "lux is at work right now" she never mentioned her job to me "what does she do?" Cate got a smile on her face "her and Jamie work at the radio station she should be getting home in a hour" I got up and got Erik and walked into our house, he was already bathed and was ready for bed "good night daddy" I kissed his head and I walked across the hall and got into bed and fell asleep.

Lux: I was too tired to get Erik from my parents' house so I was going to take a shower and then go and get him, I walked into the apartment and went to my room I was surprised to see Eric lying in bed, so I quickly showered and checked on Erik, I crawled into bed "Eric when did you get back? He mumbled some things that I couldn't understand so I snuggled up closer to him and fell asleep.

Eric: I woke up 9 and looked around for lux but I saw a note on the nightstand "sleepyhead, I tried to wake u and our son up but neither of you wanted to wake up and y'all both said some words I couldn't understand so I went to school I will see you dorks later."

Lux: I was at my locker when Tasha walked up to me "I told Jones and he freaked out but I told him I wanted to have an abortion so today after school that is what we are going to do." She didn't give me a chance to tell her what I was going to say, I got my phone and text Eric "I hope you're having a great day I can't wait to see you.

Eric: I was getting everything out of my truck when I got a text from lux, "daddy I'm bored" I started laughing "okay let me just put this stuff away and we will go to the park, Erik was playing on the slide I took a picture and sent it to Will "daddy come push me" I laughed at my son he sounds so much like lux when she wants something.

Lux: I just got home from school and Eric and Erik weren't there I walked into our room and saw all of Eric's boxes I decided to put his things up for him, I hung his clothes and put his other things in the dresser I opened a box and I saw a pile of letter written to me that he never sent I counted 730 letters, I waited until Eric got home to ask him.

Eric: it was already 3 when we got back from the park and I just remember I left all the boxes in the room, I guess Erik wore himself out I turned to look at him and he was asleep, I got out of the car and picked him up and carried him to his bed and walked into our room, I saw all the boxes to one side I guess lux unpacked for me I turned to look at her, she was asleep with the letters that I wrote her but never sent " why are there so many letters?" I turned and looked at her "730 days that I was away from you and 24 months that you never left my mind I was scared to send them" she got up and looked at me "I love you so much Eric you gave me the greatest gift I could ever ask for I don't care if we weren't supposed to fall in love at the time and I'm glad that we have him." I looked at her I wonder what brought all this "lux what happened?" I sat down and brought her to sit on my lap "the other day Tasha was her and she took a pregnancy test and she was pregnant and right now she is having an abortion because she couldn't have a baby so young.