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Chapter 1: Free-Falling Dreams

"Sir!" said a man in a white coat "He escaped!"

"Don't just stand there," yelled another. "Call the troops, subject Z-15 must not escape the facility!"

In the middle of a moonless night in a Sinnoh region forest, the sounds of scampering feet of mercenaries woken suddenly from an alarm, and the weary breaths coming from this so called subject Z-15, could be distinguished from the usual nightly noises of the forest.

Z-15, originally known as Zach Rakes, was a normal 8 year-old kid, till a certain "accident" caused a fatal blow to his… well everywhere. He was barely kept alive by his father, a scientist in genetics and bio engineering.

Due to stress and other traumas, Zach's father became mad (the crazy kind) and used his son as a lab rat, in an experiment in constructing the ultimate creation, something even more fearsome than Mewtwo.

Through seven excruciating years, Zach was infused with the DNA of a Blaziken, Lucario, Gallade, Zoroark, and several more pokemon, giving him more power than that of a regular human or pokemon. The mutations changed his body completely. His blonde hair turned into a black and red fur with a large mane. His arms were identical to a gallade, with long 3 foot elbow blades to boot. On his hands and chest were pearl white spikes about an inch or two long, and four aura receptors on his head. His legs became long and powerful with fur shooting out like flames at the base. He no longer had any human features, even his brown eyes have turn a dark crimson.

Of course he wasn't the only one to become a mutant. His father and other scientist rounded up other people for their twisted experiments. Some of whom were orphans that lived on the streets, with no one else to look after them. Others who willingly chose to become powerful mutants, though most died in the experiments because of they were not strong enough to handle the pain that comes with the alterations. Those who do live became mindless creatures that destroyed everything and everyone they came in contact with.

The only ones not complete monsters were Zach and another scientist, Jack, who also had a fatal accident in his years. He was the only friend Zach ever had in the facility, teaching him how to use his powers, and protecting him from any more painful alteration to his body, if possible.

But tonight was the night. For years Zach and Jack were planning to escape. Even if Jack agreed with these experiments the company conducted, he doesn't agree how they do it. The pain he and Zach had gone through were too painful to describe, enough for even Arceus to cringe in terror. The only way to stop the experiment was for the company's successful test subjects to vanish, and for the entire facility to blow.

The plan was for Jack to distract the soldiers by pretending to go wild and for Zach to run, run as far as his body can take him and wait for Jack to finish his destruction.

"Huff... huff... huff..." Zach's body had given out on him. He was breathing heavily, and was leaning against a tree, waiting for Jack to finish.

He was in the middle the fores. The only sounds he heard where the ocean waves at a nearby cliff and the destruction being caused by his friend. As far as he knew, Jack was doing everything he could to destroy the facility…

Meanwhile at the facility…

"There he is," shouted a mercenary. "Get him!"

The mercenaries chased after Jack's shadow hoping to catch him. They ran around a corner, ready to shoot. But when they got there, he was long gone.

"Damn, lost him. Circle around, he has to be here somewhere." Assumed the leader.

As they left, they have not taken noticed of the opened second floor window.

"Good, they left," thought Jack. "First thing first, is to delete all the data they have on me and Zach."

In a few moments, Jack found the server room, the place where they held all data on their sick experiments.

"Alright, just got to find the computer terminal… there it is!" Whispered Jack.

He rushed froward and turned on. "Let's see here… here's the failed experiments folder, the grocery list, the-oh! Ha! Looks like someone downloaded porn on the computer, way too funny!"

After his laughing fit, Jack gave up the search, "Ah fuck it… I'll just blow up the computer." Before Jack could charge a hyper beam, someone came into the room.

"Hello Mr. Jack, it's so good to see you again." Said the mystery man

"Why if it isn't Mr. Rakes, it seems you found me," retorted Jack. "So what now, are you going to kill me? Kill a prized test subject in this twisted experiment of yours?"

"Actually, that's not a bad idea." Answered Mr. Rakes.

Mr. Rakes raised his left hand and portrayed to grasp the air. In doing so Jack felt the very air clutching his throat, unable to breathe.

"What… the… fuck?" was all Jack could muster.

"You really believed you and my so called son are the only persons to become all powerful beings?" declared Mr. Rakes.

"The research is now complete and soon I will become the ruler of two worlds!"

"What…two worlds?" Jack was now out of breath, unconscious.

"Yes, two worlds. This realm, and another I've found years ago. You really thought genetics was the only thing this building was researching on?"

Jack said nothing, still unable to move in his state.

"Oh well, it doesn't matter. Even if he was still conscious, there was nothing he could have done. Only thing left to do is... WHAT THE FU-"

Before Mr. Rakes could finish, Jack quickly swelled up. Before his unconscious state, he had prepped a self-destruct move, to eradicate himself, the building and Mr. Rakes all in one.


The building was in total destruction only bits and pieces of the structure were left standing. What was left of Mr. Rakes was him and a protective shield of psychic energy.

"Damn! All that research, destroyed!" he bellowed.

"Oh well," he shrugged. "We could easily repair the building and use me a medium for newer research. Plus subject Z-15 is probably still alive, could always cut him up into suitable cloning material."

Back to Zach's location…


Zach heard a huge explosion from the direction of the facility.

"The heck was that? Don't tell me…"

"There he is!" shouted a soldier. "Open fire!"

Before Zach could finish his thought, the mercenaries found him and fired their rifles. All Zach could do was run, run as far as he can… again. Bullets whizzed by, missing him by mere centimeters. Next thing he knew, he was in front of the ocean cliff.

"You're trapped now Z-15, there's nowhere else to run now." Advised one soldier "Come back to the facility now and we promise you won't be harmed."

There were two options left for Zach: Go back to the facility and be painfully experimented on or fight. Obviously he chose fight.

Raising his arms, he was preparing for the fight of his life. But spoiler alert… not much of a fight.

"Suit yourself Z-15. Men… OPEN FIRE!"

In a moments notice, a barrage of bullets began to rush towards Zach. Being part pokemon he was able to dodge most of them, but the ones that made contact kept pushing him back further and further back. Of course, still being an important test subject, the soldiers used rubber rounds to subdue him. Soon his feet were at the edge, and falling to his death did not seem like something he would want.

Unfortunately, the final bullet to hit him was straight between the eyes, knocking him out. He began free falling to the frigid sea.

"Holy shit!" Shouted a seemingly normal 15 year old teen.

The scene shifts to the room of the teen who cried out in the middle of the night. He was about 5'11", with medium-short black hair and natural red highlights. Has a strong mid-build with a small tan. The most noticeable feature about him was the bandage covering his left eye, while his right eye being a brown color.

"That's one hell of a dream," he said to himself "I wonder what it was about? It felt important, like something I should prepare for…"

"Ah fuck it. I'ma go back to sleep."

And with that, the teen was back to sleep, not knowing the adventure that awaits him the next day.

Author's Note: That about the end of the chapter, I plan to write more later in, but for now some sleep.