Attention readers,

I'm sorry I haven't kept my promise of uploading at least one chapter a month, so here's the deal. I've got some good news, bad news, worse news and terrible news:

The Good news is I'm not dead! And will be returning to writing chapters and will rewrite the story to make it better. In fact, I'm already 1/5th the way there!

The Bad news is I won't be posting new chapters till perhaps late July. Oh, and I'll be taking down this story and replace it with the new and improved version.

The Worse news is my friend (who I will not mention) got me hooked on reading manga, mostly off the internet. It started with "One Punch Man" then every other manga out there. By the way, read "One Punch Man," it's really good, and make sure to read the improved version, not the one by the originally creator called "One," but some other famous manga artist.

And the Terrible news… my mother finally lost to the battle of cancer. We already had the funeral and everything, too. So my family is somewhat still mourning the loss of her, but we're trying are best to move on.

"The pain will never stop hurting, but each day you'll think about your loved one a little less and eventually it won't hurt as much. You won't want to forget about them, but after a while what you'll remember is the good stuff, and how much you loved them." That's a revise excerpt from a webcomic I found (if you can find where the quote came from, then you get cookie.)

Thank you for all your comments and reviews, and for favorite-ing and following this story. Would you kindly be ready to do that all again when I upload the improved version.