I opened the front door of The Burrow and peered inside. There I saw Ginny, laughing at one of George's products from his joke shop. Mrs. Weasley obviously didn't approve of it, as always.

I was leaning against the door-frame, keeping the door cracked open with my foot behind me. No one had noticed my entrance, yet.

"George, please," Mrs. Weasley pleaded, "I really don't think this is necessary…" She looked up and saw me in the doorway. "Oh, Hermione, dear," she called up to Ron. "Hermione is here!"

"Bloody…" I heard him murmur, just as he seemed to have dropped something quite heavy on the stairs.

The object fell down the stairs with a 'thud' on each step. I recognized it immediately.

"Ron? When did you suddenly become interested enough to read Hogwarts A History?" I recalled him telling me that he could just ask me about it, as I had it practically memorized.

I could tell Ginny was trying to hold back her giggles, as she picked up the book. "Well, I certainly know why," she glanced at me, then back to Ron.

"Never mind, then," I added quickly. "Where's Harry gone off to?"

George stood up as he finished picking up his merchandise. "They wanted to see him at The Ministry."

"What for?" Ginny looked quite worried.

Mrs. Weasley sighed. "I suppose you'll just have to ask him when he gets back." She headed over to the kitchen and started using her wand to clean the mess of the leftover purple substance from George's mysterious item. Whatever it was, she clearly didn't want to know.

I walked over to the couch, where Ron was now sitting. He looked a bit frightened, just as Ginny had been.

"Honestly, Ron! You really don't think he's there for any reason other than to sort things out about Umbridge, do you?" I figured that was the case. After all, he did seem rather interested in her since Voldemort's death (I've taken on saying his name; Harry always told everyone that everyone's fears of his name only increased their fears of the thing, itself.) I suppose he feels that he needs something new to fight against.

We heard the door open and our heads immediately turned to see who walked in. We did not see anyone but Mr. Weasley.

"Harry should be home soon. I saw him at the Auror Department speaking with someone I didn't recognize. He was dealing with some business about Dolores Umbridge's arrest." He went over to the kitchen table, and set down his wand.

Ron looked utterly shocked, contrasting with Ginny's look of relief.

"See, I knew it had something to do with Umbridge." I smiled. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ron look at me and smile, as well.

When Harry arrived at The Burrow, he explained everything to Ginny, Ron, and I. Umbridge was apparently arrested, interrogated and imprisoned for crimes against Muggleborns.

"So, that's it, then? No more Umbridge?" Ron asked.

We were in his room- the highest point of The Burrow- sitting on the floor, against his brightly-colored, orange bed. I never found his room to be quite soothing, with all of the bright-orange everywhere, but there was always this feeling I had that I liked it.

"Right," Harry replied to Ron's rhetorical question.

Silence filled the room. "Well, I'll be going to bed, then," I said, as I stood up. Ron didn't say anything. "'Night, Ron," I added.

He looked up. "Oh. Goodnight, Hermione." He seemed to still be processing the information about Umbridge.

"Right," Harry repeated.