He was sitting there again, like he did every night since the finale battle. Maybe it was guilt maybe it was something else no one knew.

Sitting there on the astronomy tower was the Boy-Who-Lived, The Chosen One; Harry James Potter. They could guess all they wanted but it wasn't guilt that drove him to sit atop the astronomy tower, it was love.

What many didn't know was that there boy savior was in a relationship. Keyword was the one he loved died at the battle against Voldemort's bloody snake Nagini. That's right everyone Harry was in a relationship with the greasy git Severus Snape.

But what only Harry knew was that it was more than a passing fancy, he had loved his greasy git of a potion master.

So now he sat 2 months after that fateful night and all he could see when he was awake or even sleeping was the one he loved eyes as they lost the life in them. That sparkle of life he so adored fading.

He wished it was him that had died that night not his loves. He wished he could go back and redo it all over again; but he couldn't he was stuck here. Well maybe not…

Harry looked up and the spark that had been missing in his eyes since Severus had died re-entered his eyes. Maybe he couldn't go back; but he could follow his love in death. Taking his wand out of the pocket in his robes he looked at it, and raised it.

"I'll be with you again my love," he whispered to himself before raising his wand to his throat and saying "Sectumsempra."

It was only right that the spell that brought them together to begin with brought them back together again. Was the last thought he had before the spell hit true and he fell over the edge of the tower.