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Chapter One: Ōarai gets help: Yukari Yakumo Makes a move?

It was a few days after Ōarai's loss to the St. Gloriana Girls Academy team, and the five tanks were already repaired and repainted back into more functional colours, and Student Council President Anzu Kadotani was going through her daily paperwork. Off to the short red-head's left, was a bag of dried sweet potatoes, while to her right was a pile of completed paperwork. In front of her, however, was a letter that held her interest...

"To Student Council President Kadotani Anzu

Congratulations on your near-win against St. Gloriana Girls Academy, perhaps you will do better next time? I'm writing this letter to offer you a most unique opportunity..."

Anzu had to raise an eyebrow at this point, pausing her reading to take a bite of the sweet potato in her hand, before resuming.

"...To give Ōarai some much-needed manpower and armament boost in the form of several tanks, recreated in their glory by my company, Kyoukai Heavy Industries, with crews provided by the Kamishirasawa Academy. Please call the number provided when you have reached your decision, which I assure you, should be highly beneficial to your school if you accept.

Yours sincerely,

Yakumo Yukari, Company President."

Putting the letter down, Anzu frowned slightly.

"Momo, Yuzuko! Get in here!"

Yelling for the Student Council's PR Manager and Vice President respectively, Anzu waited for the half-glasses wearing Momo, and the relatively quiet Yuzuko to enter the short girl's office.

"Read this."

Thrusting the letter to her two underlings/colleagues, she waited for them to read it.

"What do we do about this?"

"I say we take it. We get more tanks and crews for no cost or risk to ourselves."

That was the black-haired Momo speaking up first, her eye-glass twinkling in the slightly dull light.

The well-endowed and brown-haired Yuzuko took a few more moments before she spoke up with her own opinions, which while accepting of the offer, did raise a few concerns.

"As much as we need this help, there must be a catch somewhere..."


Taking her two underlings' opinions, Anzu nodded her head a few times, her sweet potatoes all but forgotten for the moment.

"I say we take the offer... We have nothing to lose that we're not already in danger of losing, and everything to gain."

A fair point, given that Ōarai needed to win the Sensha-dō Tournament to save their school from being closed down. Picking up the phone, the red-head dialled the number from the letter.

"Hello, Kyoukai Heavy Industries, Yakumo Ran speaking."

Yakumo...? Is she related to this Yukari person?

"Hello? This is Kadotani Anzu of Ōarai Girls High School, I got a letter from the company president..."

"Ah, Kadotani-san... We've been waiting to hear from you. I'll put you through to Yukari-sama in just a second."

After a moment, another voice, a more elegant, smooth, and musical voice, spoke up.

"Is that Anzu-chan? Hello there..."

"Yakumo-sama? If you'll permit me, I'll be frank; I have to know something... If we take this deal of yours, what's in it for you?"

For a moment, there was silence. Anzu was worried she might have offended the woman with her question.

"What's in it for me? Why nothing more than showing the Sensha-dō world how great my company is, and by extension; Ōarai's team. I'm fully aware of the situation your school is facing, and to be honest; There's a very good chance you won't win if you try it solo."

Anzu had to admit it; Yukari made a very good point and sales pitch. Ōarai's numbers were just too few to match schools like Saunders, Pravda, or Kuromorimine, and even if they did find more tanks, there was no guarantee that they could get crews for them, or even if the tanks would work.

"... How do we sign the deal, Yakumo-sama?"

"I'll bring the paperwork with me in a few days when you receive the first two tanks and teams that we will provide. You needn't worry about their educations either, a tutor from their school will be coming with them to teach their classes while they are with you."

"Thank you very much, Yakumo-sama... We look forwards to meeting with you in person."

"And I, you... Anzu-chan... Now, until Friday morning..."

With an amused tone of voice, the woman on the other end of the phone hung up.

Putting the phone back in its cradle, Anzu sighed with relief. In just three days, they would have two more tanks and their crews backing them up...

~ ~ ~ Kyokai Heavy Industries HQ ~ ~ ~

Putting the phone down, the Sage of Youkai smiled... Things were going exactly as planned... Brushing several strands of blonde hair from her face, Yukari Yakumo glanced at the other blonde in the room.

"Things are going exactly the way we predicted they would, Ran..."

"I never doubted they would, Yukari-sama... May I ask what your real motive was? It couldn't just be to promote the business and save Ōarai Girl's High School, could it?"

The Kyūbi-no-Kitsune fixed her master with her golden-blonde stare, a delicate eyebrow raised questioningly as she called Yukari's true motivations into question.

"Why, Ran... Your words wound me so, so much..."

Ever the dramatic, Yukari held a hand to her forehead as she gave a theatrical swoon.

"But really, I have three motives for this... If we help Ōarai, they have a significantly greater chance to win the tournament. The more matches they win, with our tanks helping, the more business we'll get as a result. And most importantly; I want to be entertained. Helping a no-name school with nothing to lose and everything to gain win, would keep me amused for quite some time."

Of course, everything had to lead back to Yukari's enjoyment. Of course, if the reality-warping Youkai of Boundaries was entertained, that meant everyone else wasn't being hassled or trolled... Or run afoul of her sense of "humour"...

"So Ran, how many of Keine-chan's students are ready to go?"

"Two so far; Shooting Star, and Hellcat are all ready to go. Kiren and Chireiden will be ready in two weeks."

Looking up from the list of teams, Ran watched as her master clasped her hands in front of her face, and... Were those glasses reflecting the light and shining in a scary manner? When did she...?


Sometimes, it was scary when she did that... Suppressing a shudder, Ran put the list down.

"I'll call Kamishirasawa-Sensei, and let her know."

"You do that, Ran..."

~ ~ ~ Ōarai Girls High School, Sensha-dō Practise Field and Air Field, three days later ~ ~ ~

"Why did you get me up this early for girls that aren't even bothering to be on-time?"

Trying and failing to suppress a yawn, black-haired Mako Reizei glared at the Student Council as they walked down the assembled teams in front of each of their tanks.

"Don't worry, Reizei-san, they'll be here soon."

As ever, Anzu was snacking on her dried sweet potatoes, while she waited. Though, she too, was apprehensive at how late the new tanks and teams were.

"I can hear an engine! They're almost here!"

Dark Brown-haired Yukari Akiyama, the resident tank-nut pointed excitedly into the air as a large, black spot slowly grew larger in their eyes as it descended. When it was large enough to make out distinctly, the tank-nut was giddy with excitement...

"It's...! It's an Antonov An-124!"

True to the girl's words, the Russian heavy-duty Transport Plan began its final approach, the landing gear extending as they did. After touching down, the nose section raised up as a ramp deployed and the front landing gear retracted. After a few moments, two tanks rumbled out of the aircraft, closely followed by a Willys MB LUV. Almost expectantly, twenty-one pairs of eyes turned to Yukari, as they waited for the inevitable yelling of what the approaching armour was.

A... A Geschützwagen III/IV Hummel, and an M10 "Wolverine" Tank Destroyer! They're amazing!"

And of course, the teen didn't fail to disappoint, correctly identifying the Self-Propelled Gun and Tank Destroyer as the two vehicles came to a halt, a dozen feet from the crowd. On the tanks, several hatches popped open as the crew disembarked.

The Ōarai girls had to restrain themselves from gasping in surprise; The girls were beautiful... A uniform consisting of a black blouse, khaki skirt and slacks, and a blue tie, all complimenting their bishōjo looks. From the M10, five girls jumped to the ground. Two of them, a red-head with twin braids framing her head, and a brunette, landed with feline grace. Next to them, a girl with green-tinted hair clung to the brunette shyly. Next to them, an aqua-haired girl looked a little like a lost puppy as she stood next to a girl with black hair.

"I'm Kaenbyou Rin, but please call me Orin. I'm the team commander for Hellcat Team."

That was the red-head speaking, the next one up was the black-haired girl.

"Houjuu Nue, I'm the Gunner."

"Kasodani Kyouko, I'm the loader."

That was the turquoise-haired girl, who seemed quite upbeat, despite looking like a lost puppy. The next to speak, was the brunette.

"Yakumo Chen's the name, and I'm the driver. Pleased t' meetcha."

Lastly, the girl with the green-tinted hair spoke up.

"D...Daiyousei, I'm... I'm the radio operator..."

And next, it was the turn of the Hummel's crew to disembark, though only four of them could be seen. A girl with pink hair, a bifauxnen with teal hair, a girl with short blonde hair and a ribbon above her left ear, and a girl with deep black hair.

"Lorelei Mystia, I'm the radio operator."

That was the pinkette speaking, a musical tone to her voice. She was followed up by the bifauxnen, who seemed slightly ill-at-ease with the stares.

"I'm... Wendi. Night Wendi my friends call me "Nightbug Wriggle", I'm the driver."

Next up, was the blonde with the hair ribbon.

"I'm Rumia, one of the loaders."

And then it was the turn of the black-haired girl.

"Kurosaya Haruka, Loader."

How very... Concise... But wasn't there...?

"Doesn't the Hummel require a six-person crew?"

Trust Yukari the tank-nut to know that... Which caused the Self-Propelled-Gun's crew to look between themselves with a slight smile, before Mystia spoke up.

"You're right... We're a gunner and a commander down, she'll be here in a moment... She's got a flair for showing off..."

"I heard that, Mystia-san."

Inside the armoured fighting compartment, the sound of someone standing could be heard, along with a hand gripping the top of said compartment. A second later the owner of said hand could be seen as she performed a one-handed flip over the rim of the fighting compartment, before landing on the hull. Standing upright, the girl grinned, one hand holding a... Witch's hat on her head? Black with a brown belt where a ribbon would normally be, sat atop blonde hair that cascaded half-way down the girl's back with a braid going from above her left ear, round the back of her head. Along with startling blue-purple eyes, the girls had silvery-blue star-shaped earrings eight centimetres long and wide. Rather than the school's uniform, the girl was wearing a long-sleeved black vest with a white off-the-shoulders cropped top. Under that, was a silver-and-black item of clothing like a girdle with a large, wide leather belt, while she had a pair of black shorts under a three-quarter knee-length skirt exposing the right leg. Hanging off the girdle-like item was a set of straps, one passing along the left hip, with a larger star hanging off one strap. Topping off the ensemble, were black thigh-high stockings, and ankle-high brown boots.

"Name's Hoshi. Kirisame-Margatroid Hoshi, Commander, Gunner for Team Shooting Star, and over-all commander of the Kamishirasawa Academy tanks."

Jumping off the tank, the blonde stood with her team-mates, both hands behind her head in a relaxed posture. Thankfully, the jeep that had pulled up, disgorged its occupants. Two more blondes, and a woman with long, two-toned hair, purple top, fading down to brown. While the two blondes were wearing suits, they looked different from each other. The one with the shorter hair, was dressed in a black suit with a blue shirt that seemed to to have white patterns on it, though the closed jacket covered the majority of the patterns. The longer-haired blonde, who's head was was covered with a white mob cap with a red ribbon at the front, and had red ribbons in her hair, was clad in a white suit with a red tie. As for the purple-and-brown haired woman, she wore a black and white dress with long strips of black ribbon going across the middle and white ribbons across the arms.

Of the trio, the white-suited woman carried both a frill-draped pink-white parasol and a black briefcase. Approaching the Ōarai crews, she stopped in front of the Student Council trio. Looking at the trio, they felt like she was looking through them, rather than at them.

"Anzu-chan, it's a pleasure to meet you face-to-face at last."

That voice... That musical, yet elegant and smooth, yet slightly amused voice... It was the same one from the telephone a few days ago...


"In the flesh."

"It... It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

How could she be so elegant and beautiful? That had to be breaking dozens of rules, right? Trying to get her nerves under control, Anzu nearly missed the other blonde walking over.

"Yukari-sama, should we go somewhere private for this?"

"No, no need my dear Ran... It's only a formality to keep the Sensha-dō ruling committees happy, after all. It's not against the rules for a non-registered school to aid a registered school by providing crews and tanks, or for a company to directly sponsor a school either."

"...You're correct, Yukari-sama..."

"Of course. Now, Anzu-chan, shall we get these papers signed?"

"Y...Yes, of course..."

Blinking in surprise for a moment as her attention was called again, Anzu forced herself to focus on what was going on. Following Yukari over to the jeep, Anzu looked at the forms she had to sign to make everything legal.

After she was done and had handed the forms back to Yukari, the short red-head looked up at the blonde woman questioningly.

"Is it really that easy?"

"Why, yes it is. As I told Ran; There's no rules against a school that isn't registered for the Sensha-dō tournaments, like Kamishirasawa Academy, from helping a registered school like Ōarai. And besides, with Kyoukai Heavy Industries sponsoring your school, your chances of winning will only increase."

And will provide me with more business than I can shake my parasol at. It'll give me justification for adding branches to KHI...

Not voicing that particular thought, Yukari returned the forms to her suitcase. Waving the woman with two-tone hair over, she smiled slightly.

"Allow me to introduce Hijiri Byakuren, she'll be the tutor for the teams that Keine-chan provides to help you guys."

"Pleased to meet you, Anzu-chan."

Bowing politely, Byakuren gave the student council president a warm smile as she lead the shorter girl back to the assembled teams, who were in the middle of a get-together with the Kamishirasawa Academy teams, getting to know a bit about the girls and look over the tanks.

"Why don't you introduce me to your friends?"


Nodding, Anzu attracted the attention of the Ōarai girls.

"Everyone, this is Hijiri Byakuren-sensei, she's the tutor for the Kamishirasawa Academy girls while they're here."

"It's a pleasure to meet you all. Thank you for taking care of us while we are here with you."

Bowing politely to the rest of the Ōarai girls, the Buddhist Nun-turned-tutor smiled warmly at them while each of the twenty-one remaining Ōarai team members introduced themselves to her.

~ ~ ~ Training Field, two days later ~ ~ ~

"Kawashima-san, I have to tell you this... Your accuracy is terrible, no way around it. You've missed targets as large as a Churchill Mk. VII tank at pretty much point-blank range."

Facing the black-haired Loader and Gunner for the student council's Czech-built Panzer 38(t), Hoshi frowned. She had taken a turn in each of the tanks of the Ōarai teams, getting a feel for how good each of the girls were at each role in their tanks.

"You're a great loader, but you're too trigger-happy and you can't aim to save your life. Kadotani-san is much better at shooting, and it will give her something more to do than just answer the radio."

"Who are you to tell me what to do, huh?"

"A far more competent gunner than you, and technically the second-in-command of this gestalt team."

Shooting the hair-trigger tempered PR Manager's argument down before she could even begin it properly, the blonde leaned back in the turret.

"Try it for the next match. If I'm mistaken and Kadotani-san proves worse in a combat situation, then I shall apologise. Until then, this test is over."

Standing up, the teen climbed out of the 38(t) and walked back to the hangers. So far, in the last two days, she had sat with each member of the five Ōarai tank crews and checked their competency in each role of their respective tanks, seeing how well they could cope with taking over another role. Out of all of the tanks, the only crews she could find fault with were the flighty M3 Lee crew "Rabbit" team, a team of six first-years, and the three members of the student council's "Duck" team... Yuzuko was a highly competent driver, and Anzu could handle the radio well... But Momo was a terrible gunner, compared to the decently-skilled Anzu. If they could fix Duck team's problems with a simple change in the crew roles, then that was one less problem to fix up.

Heading into the hanger, she found a certain dark-brown haired girl leaning against her Hummel.

"Akiyama-san, you weren't waiting for me, were you?"

"H...Huh? Kirisame-Margatroid-san..."

"Just call me Hoshi, would you? It's a mouthful to say my last names."

"R...Right... Erm, I was wondering if you and your friends would consider joining Anglerfish team for some cake at this great local cafe?"

"Sure, I'd like that..."

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