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~ ~ ~Chapter Title: Café Shenanigans; Grey and Blonde butt heads?!~ ~ ~

Last Time;

Heading into the hanger, she found a certain dark-brown haired girl leaning against her Hummel.

"Akiyama-san, you weren't waiting for me, were you?"

"H...Huh? Kirisame-Margatroid-san..."

"Just call me Hoshi, would you? It's a mouthful to say my last names."

"R...Right... Erm, I was wondering if you and your friends would consider joining Anglerfish team for some cake at this great local café?"

"Sure, I'd like that..."

~ ~ ~ Now ~ ~ ~

"Shall we get going then, Hoshi-san?"

"Just give me a second to take my jacket off and grab my things, I was just riding the 38(t) with Kawashima-san."

Responding to the brown-haired Yukari's question, the blonde-haired Hoshi took off the black leather trenchcoat she had been wearing over her school uniform, before stowing it in a footlocker by the Hummel and retrieved a shoulder bag and her trademark witch's hat from inside the same footlocker. After making sure both hat and bag were securely on head and shoulder, she pulled out a phone with a black-and-white case and, true to both her name and reoccurring star-related theme, a little silver star-shaped phone charm, from the bag. Checking it for any messages or missed calls and finding none, she dialled a number from the address book.

"Mystia-san? Hey, it's Hoshi. Is everyone with you? That's good, saves time... Listen, how soon can you guys get to the school gates? Akiyama-san has invited us all out to go to a café with the rest of her team. Okay, see you in a few minutes. Bye."

Putting the phone back in her bag, the blonde turned back to her current companion with a smile.

"They'll meet us at the gates shortly, Mystia-san told me that they were all just chilling out in one of the vacant houses that the school is letting us use while we're here."

"I... I see..."

Responding to Hoshi's smile with one of her own, Yukari gestured towards the open hanger door.

"Shall we get going?"

"Sure. I don't want to still be here when Kawashima-san gets back in with the 38(t)... She wasn't happy when I told her bluntly how her accuracy is absolutely terrible."

Chatting idly as they headed for the school gates, the pair soon met up with the other nine girls that made up the two tank crews of the Kamishirasawa Academy.

"Say, Akiyama-san, wasn't today the match-up draws?"

"Hm? Yeah. Nishizumi-dono went with the Student Council President and the Vice-President to draw lots. She said she'd meet us at the café though."

Presently, the girls made it to a rather quaint-looking café with a less-than-subtle tank theme. Already waiting were the rest of Yukari's team-mates; Miho Nishizumi, Mako Reizei, Saori Takebe and Hana Isuzu, when the eleven-strong band met up with them. With Yukari rejoining her team-mates, the fifteen girls spread themselves across a trio of tables, while conversations all resumed after they were all seated, Yukari predictably starting it all off again with another tank-related question.

"Say, Hoshi-san... Why is it, you're both the Commander and the Gunner for your Hummel? Surely it can't be the most effective set-up..."

"Quite easy, really... Even though we're all cross-trained in each-other's roles on our tanks, I excel at both of my roles; I'm a great shot with the fifteen centimetre howitzer, and like any good Commander, I can keep calm under both pressure and enemy fire."

Lacing her fingers and resting her chin on them, the blonde fixed the brown-haired girl with her blue-purple eyes.

"Anything else about us you wish want to know? I'm sure you're just dying to ask us all about ourselves."

"I have a question for Chen-san..."

The speaker this time, was the red-orange-haired Saori sitting next to Yukari.

"When you introduced yourself, you said your family name was "Yakumo"... Are you related to either of the women who came with the paperwork for Kadotani-san?"

"Aheheheheh... Yeah, sorta... Ran-shama is my mother by adoption, and she's Yukari-shama's daughter by the same. I don't know or remember who my real mother is, and I don't mind... I love my Ran-shama so much regardless."

For a moment, silence followed the brown-haired girl's response, before Saori blushed and hung her head apologetically.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know..."

"Don't worry about it, like I said; I'm happy with Ran-shama, she's as good as my mother."

Shrugging off Saori's words, Chen looked over to to the Anglerfish team.

"Say, how'd we order the cakes?"

"You press the buzzer in the middle, and it brings a waitress over."

Looking down at the table, Chen smiled and nodded her gratitude.

"Thanks Akiyama-san."

With everyone having set down their menus, the sounds of the three table's buzzers, shaped like little tanks and modelled after the sound of tank cannons firing, rung out, drawing a waitress over to the group.

"Are you all ready to order?"

The first to speak up, was Hana, speaking for the Anglerfish team;

"We'd like one of the combo platters please; Three Chocolate Cakes, one Strawberry Tart, one Lemon Pie, one Vanilla Cake, and New York Cheesecakes."

On one side, the five girls of Hellcat team were in a brief discussion over cakes.

"We'll go with a combo with a Boston Cream Pie, chocolate cheesecake, and Esterhazy torte."

And on the other side of the five Ōarai girls, Hoshi's Shooting Star team, were finishing their own discussion.

"We'll go with two slices of layer cake, two slices of prinzregententorte, and a mille-feuille please."

"Coming right up, they'll be along in just a few moments."

Giving the fifteen girls a smart salute after writing down the orders, the waitress turned on her heel to get their cake order processed as several other tables' buzzers went off signalling that they too, were ready to order. After a few minutes, a trio of little trucks, each pulling a few small trailers loaded with each table's order pulled onto the tables.

"Heh, they're cute, and whoever came up with the idea to make tank-shaped cakes is a genius."

Teal-haired Wriggle, or rather "Wendi", smiled at the sight as she spoke, handing her table's cakes around.

"I totally agree with you, they're adorable."

With a nod of her head, the aqua-haired Kyouko, the proverbial "lost puppy" of the group, and Orin's loader, agreed with the Firefly Youkai. With everyone by now having their cakes of choice, the girls all indulged in a girl's favourite guilty pleasure; The sweet tooth. After a few moments, Hoshi looked up from her mille-feuille to Miho.

"Say, Nishizumi-san, how'd the draws go?"

"Ah... W...We drew Saunders... I'm sorry everyone, we're facing such a strong school right out the gate..."

Looking down sadly, Miho bit her lip as she stared at her cake. For her part, the star-named blonde raised an eyebrow as she pulled a sheaf of papers from her bag, the top page defining the contents as notes on each of the schools entered in the tournament.

"Let's see, Saunders... Hmmm... They're not so tough. Sure, they're rich as hell... But they only ever field Shermans and their variants like the Firefly. First round is ten tanks, so it's seven against ten. Better than the two-to-one odds you had before. The only problem is how many Fireflies they might field. I'd guess at two to three, tops."

"Hoshi-san... How many notes do you have...? And when did you make them?"

Staring at the blonde, black-haired Mako wondered just when the teen had had time to make those notes amongst the practise schedule she had run with them.

"I have notes on every school in the tournament, and I didn't. These were written by Daiyousei while she and the others watched footage of the other schools' previous matches."

Explaining the notes and drawing attention to the timid green-haired Radio Operator on the M10, Hoshi was about to go back to her cake, when two girls in uniforms of grey blouses and black shirts walked past.


Almost as one, everyone turned to the two newcomers. One with dark-brown hair and a cold expression, but the other, grey-haired and a sharp, mocking expression.

"Oh, I guess that would be "Former-Sub Commander" now."

Adding a sneer to that, the grey-haired teen smirked at the cowering Miho, who's eyes met those of the girl with dark-brown hair. The tension that had suddenly filled the previously happy gathering, was thick and heavy, almost knife-cutting thickness...


Whispering that, trying not to be heard, the girl was out of luck, as the members of all three teams heard her and glanced over with a mixture of raised eyebrows from the Kamishirasawa Academy teams, and surprise from her Anglerfish team-mates.

Maho Nishizumi regarded her younger sister with her cool, level gaze for a moment after glancing to the two tables either side of Miho's.

"I didn't think you'd still be doing Sensha-dō."

Just like her level gaze, the elder sibling's voice was rather emotionless.

"From what we heard, she didn't. But there's something more important in Sensha-dō than just winning some tournament trophy, especially when there are lives at stake."

For a moment, there seemed to be no reaction made by anyone, but after that moment passed, Maho's brown eyes met the blue-purple eyes of Hoshi and narrowed slightly.

"And just who, pray tell, are you?"

"Kirisame-Margatroid. Hoshi Kirisame-Margatroid. Commander and Gunner of Shooting Star team's Hummel, and nominal commander of the teams from Kamishirasawa Academy."

Returning the teen's disapproving gaze with a smirk, the blonde tilted her hat back with a finger like a cowboy with a stetson.

"I know all about your school's iron-clad rules, and how they exemplify victory at any cost. Answer me this; If the crew of that tank had been hospitalised or worse, because they weren't saved... Just how long do you think Sensha-dō would have been allowed to continue for? Not very. So give her all the stick you want for costing your school it's precious winning streak, but she did the right thing saving her comrades. That makes her a hero to me and all of us from Kamishirasawa Academy."

The silence that followed, was metaphorically deafening. As Miho reddened from blushing and Maho remained as expressionless as ever, Erika's temper was flaring at the blonde-haired teen's words.

How dare she say that about Kuromorimine and the Nishizumi-ryuu of Sensha-dō!

Glaring at Hoshi with enough raw hatred to be classed as a "lethal glare" were looks able to physically kill people, the grey-haired girl strode angrily in front of the star-named girl's table.

"How dare you criticise the prestigious Nishizumi-ryuu and our methods! You can't even dress properly for the public eye, with that hat! You're not a five-year old girl, you should grow up and leave fantasies of witchcraft and magic behind!"

For the second time, the café grew quiet enough to hear a pin drop. Trying to leave with some dignity and without much more vitriol, Maho spoke up.

"Let's go."

She stated simply, before she and Erika turned away to leave. Erika glanced back and smirked, her temper mostly spent.

"You're facing Saunders in the first match, make sure you don't lose so badly you end up damaging the Nishizumi-ryuu name."

"Now, you're just being rude."

Turning slightly to face the retreating pair, Hoshi stood up slowly as Erika stopped walking and turned to face her.

"I find you participating in Sensha-dō 'Rude'."

She stated, with a cold stare.

"You're all from no-name schools, there's an unspoken rule that everyone knows: Schools that will just embarrass Sensha-dō should stay out of the tournament."

"It'd sure be ironic if one of those teams that would "embarrass Sensha-dō" beat the Veteran schools that all sat around their Ivory towers and glass castles coming up with that biased rule."

Mako said calmly, as she continued to eat her cake.

"An ivory tower in a castle made of glass... That's your school of Sensha-dō, and both Ōarai and Kamishirasawa Academy will become chips that crack your castle. I will tear your style down with my bare hands, and show you just how elitist your precious school is."

Following on the Anglerfish team's driver, Hoshi's words were like a salt-covered knife in a wounded pride. Erika's temper flared back up as she covered the short distance between where she was standing and the witch hat-wearing blonde teen.

"I've had enough of your mouth, you insolent brat!"

And rather unexpectedly, she swung for Hoshi, whom leaned back to avoid the punch. The dodge almost worked, almost. Erika's fist missed the blonde's head, but caught the brim of the witch's hat and knocked it to the floor. In almost the same motion, the grey-haired teen put her foot down on the black hat and dragged it back.

"... Get your foot off my hat."

"Or what? Grow up, you're just being pretentious and immature."

Amongst the Kamishirasawa Academy teams, there were a mixture of sighs and girls face-palming, even a "she shouldn't have done that" coming from Orin. In response to Erika's barb, Hoshi simply grabbed the girl's blouse by the collar and forced her back three steps before letting go and picking her hat back up.

"Mystia-san, hold my hat. This woman and I are going to finish this, outside."

Handing her hat to the Night-Sparrow Youkai, Hoshi grabbed Erika by the shoulder and dragged her outside.

"You want to make something of this? You want to stomp on the hat that my parents made for me by hand? The thing I own that is most precious to me? You can insult me, my friends, my school, and my allies all day long. But the instant you make this physical and stomp on my hat, you make this personal. You wanted to fight, so bring it."

Barely moving into a fighting stance, Hoshi caught Erika's fist with her hand and held it in her grip.

"Let go!"

Trying to free her hand, Erika caught a glimpse of the blonde's eyes. They were cold and expressionless, like Maho's were... Those intense blue-purple eyes showed no trace of anger, sadness, or any other emotion at all, and as much as she hated to admit it... It scared her.

Rather than release the Kuromorimine student's fist, Hoshi simply lifted her arm above both girls heads before pushing forward and down, making Erika's arm bend. Further increasing the force, the blonde forced the teen to her knees.

"Hoshi, that's enough. Let her go."

Stepping outside, Haruka spoke up in a relatively quiet but forceful tone of voice. One, that Erika was glad for, since it made the blonde let go right away. Turning her back on Erika, Hoshi headed back to the café. Halting several steps from the door, she looked over her shoulder at Erika.

"Make sure you never find yourself in my gunsights, because your tank will be defeated before mine will be."

Movement to her left, then caught her attention; Maho heading outside.

"Nishizumi-san, I can at least respect your abilities as a leader and a commander. Reign your subordinate in, or at least her tongue and temper, please. It'll get her in trouble with the wrong people otherwise."

And at that, she headed back in after Haruka, leaving a puzzled and bemused Maho, and a terrified Erika outside.

~ ~ ~ End for now ~ ~ ~

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