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The Tremor Ninja


Chapter 1

Welcome to Earth


A small boy about the age of seven is running through the woods, far away from the village that he so hated. This boy has blond hair, blue eyes, and whisker marks on his cheeks. His name is Naruto Uzumaki, the vessel of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kyubi. Today he had made a decision: To run away from his living nightmare and never look back. Every day Naruto had been mistreated, and he figures, that he's better off on his own outside of the village than on the inside. Naruto keeps running, knowing it would at least be three days before anyone noticed he was gone, and is suddenly cut off by a group of rogue nin. There were four of them; and the one that appeared to have been the leader was standing in the front. The leader was thinner than the rest of the men that were big and bulky, and had long, blond hair that was stained with dirt.

Leader: Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Naruto went to step back, but one of the men had went around him and stood behind him, and Naruto ended up bumping into him.

Leader: Ah-ah, no running away now. I bet you came from the Leaf Village, huh? It's the only place close to here. You don't look important, so I guess the only thing to do would be to kill you and send you back in a body bag. I never liked that village.

Naruto began to shake in fear as the man took out a kunai and began to walk closer to him.

Leader: Hmm, it would be a waste to just gut you with a kunai. I've been working on a new jutsu, and you're the perfect test dummy. Tie him up.

The man behind Naruto grabbed him, and Naruto struggled the entire time as he was tied up. The man dropped him on the ground and Naruto landed on his side with a loud thud. The men backed up as the leader got ready.

Leader: You'll love this, the jutsu is supposed to send your insides to another dimension while the rest of you stays here. You'll be all hollow inside.

Naruto let his tears silently fall from his eyes, knowing that if he begged for his life that it would only make them laugh, just like the villagers. The man quickly went through the hand-signs, and Naruto squeezed his eyes shut just as the man finished the jutsu. A ball of light flew at Naruto and he vanished, leaving behind the cursing leader as he realized he put too much chakra behind the jutsu.




Naruto suddenly found himself in the middle of a wasteland, in the very hot sun. Naruto turned his head as best he could, to look around. He was alone, but he spotted some sharp rocks that looked like they could tear through the ropes if he rubbed against them. With no way to walk, Naruto began to wiggle his way towards the rocks, never noticing the hill of dirt that seemed to move towards him. He was almost to the rocks, when the ground beneath him disappeared, and in its place was a great maw that he fell into. Naruto screamed as he was swallowed whole, ending up in the creatures belly. He squirmed, but with the binds still on and now in a confined space, he was hopelessly trapped. Naruto got sleepy, and thinking that you must go to sleep to die, he succumbed to sleep, praying that he at least would make it to heaven. As his eyelids closed, he never noticed the red chakra that came out of him, nor did he notice the thin membrane that came to wrap around him.


/Twelve Hours Later\

Naruto began to stir within the dark, fleshy chamber he was in, something else stirring next to him as well. Air, he needed air. Naruto snapped the binds off of his hands and feet, and then began to tear out of his confinement, as did whatever else was next to him. Eventually he tore away at the final wall, and he stepped through the hole, and outside of the creature that had swallowed him. Naruto took an appreciative gulp of air, and looked around at his surroundings.

Naruto: Weird, why is everything blue? My eyes must be messin' up from being in the dark for so long...

Naruto cringed as he heard an awful noise, an awful noise that was miles away. But Naruto heard it as if it was right next to his ear.

Naruto: Gah! What is that awful noise?!

Naruto felt something nudge his side, and looked to see a two-legged creature that was as big as he was. The creatures face was hard shell, and the shape was almost like a bird's head. The creature was actually grey with a splotch of red on the underbelly, but to Naruto, it was a glowing orange and red color.

Naruto: Oh, cool! I love the color orange!

Naruto rubbed its face, not once fearing the creature, as it happily allowed him to do so. Naruto looked around, and noticed some small, orange glowing dots in the distance.

Naruto: Hey, that might be a town over there. Maybe the people there can tell me where I am- huh?

Naruto had been scratching his left arm, and when he looked down at it, he had noticed the only other color he could see. White. There was an intricate symbol that covered the back of his arm and the back of his hand.

Naruto: Huh, I don't remember getting a tattoo...

Naruto shook out of his musings, before walking to the glowing dots, the little creatures following close behind him. Hours later, and Naruto was seriously wondering how far out those dots were exactly, when he finally came to the source. There were strange looking machines that were glowing, and for some strange reason, Naruto had to fight off the irge to go and bite them. The creatures, however, didn't resist, and began to merrily chomp away at them. Naruto felt tense and alert as he heard shouts from inside the buildings. People ran outside, they were glowing, but the things they were holding were a darker shade of blue. They held up the strangely shaped things near their face or stretched out, and they were aiming them towards the little creatures. A loud sound came next, and had Naruto falling on the ground, writhing in pain from the sound, he was brought out of his pain by the pain of the other creatures. Whatever those objects were, they had hurt the creatures, and they were oozing out glowing orange liquid, as their bodies started turning blue and stopped moving. Rage suddenly filled Naruto, and even though he didn't know where it came from, he willingly gave into it.

#$#$#$#$#$ Martin Foid $#$#$#$#$#

Martin Foid, a twenty-one-year-old with brown eyes and equally brown hair, stood there watching the young boy they had just saved, slowly stand up. The boy had blond hair, and odd, light grey skin. Martin thought the kid was lucky, where were his parents? What kind of child would go near Shriekers? Then the kid stared right at Martin, and they all jumped back a bit at the solid red eyes that glared at them. He opened his mouth, and two jaw pieces, much like those of the Graboid, jutted out the bottom of his mouth as he let out an inhuman scream. His mouth stretched beyond the normal bounds of a human, and the inside of his cheeks puffed up slightly, showing the small black spikes that lined them. Three tongues came out of his mouth, tongues that were exactly like the Graboid's. The boy, thing, ran right at them, ran so fast that he was already on one of them before they could point their guns at him. The thing had Boyd's face in its mouth, and tore it off, leaving behind the bloody, screaming skull of Martin's friend.

Naruto Uzumaki P.O.V.

I easily tore the face off of the closest man to me, and I did the same thing to the next one. Then I heard that loud sound again, and felt a stinging sensation in my side. I looked to see what looked like blue pellets that had bounced off of my skin and landed on the ground (remember he can only see heat) and looked up at the only person left, and tore off his face just like I did the others. The man screamed until he grew quiet and fell over. I couldn't help myself, and let out a loud shriek before getting on my hands and knees and eating on the fresh corpses. It wasn't long before more of the tiny creatures came to eat with me, but I didn't stop eating. I was vaguely aware of them spitting out babies, but I was too busy eating to notice. After I was sure there was nothing left to eat, I began to feel around on the ground for those strange weapons they had used. I ran my hands over them, studied everything I could from them, took them apart, and then I froze.


Normal P.O.V.


Naruto had stood there shocked, as realization dawned on him. He had just killed three people, and ate them. He fell to his knees and started to dry heave, the contents of his stomach refusing to come up. The shock had gotten to Naruto so bad, that he had actually passed out, going into a deep sleep that brought him to the inner-most reaches of his mind. In mere moments, Naruto found himself within the sewer that was his mind. He stood in front of a large cell, and behind the bars of the cell were two giant, red eyes looking right at him.

Kyubi: Hmhmhmm, look who paid me a visit! My jailor turned monster! Tell me, did his flesh taste as good as you made it look?

Naruto gagged a bit, before glaring back at the demon.

Naruto: You! Who are you?! Did you do this to me?!

Kyubi: I am the Kyubi no Kitsune, the nine-tailed fox. And yes, I did help do that to you, but it was mostly the worm that mutated your structure.

Naruto: Kyubi?! But, you're dead! And, what do you mean the worm mutated me?! What exactly is going on?!

Kyubi: A well guarded secret. The Fourth could not kill me, so he simply sealed me away inside of you. What I mean by the worm mutating you? Hmmm, perhaps you should sit down, it will be a long explanation.

Naruto: I don't wanna sit in the water...

Kyubi: This is your mind, just think up a chair to sit in.

Naruto: Oh! Good idea!

Kyubi rolled his eyes as Naruto conjured up a chair fo him to sit in. Once Naruto was comfortably seated, his frown returned.

Naruto: Hey, why are you being so nice to me? What are you planning?

Kyubi: Helping you, will help me in the long-run. Don't think about it right now, or you'll miss the explanation.

Naruto: Fine.

Kyubi: Now, when that idiot ninja did that jutsu, he put too much chakra into it, and sent you to a different world, instead of just your organs like he had planned. Now from the amount of chakra he used, I'm guessing that we'll be here for three or four days before the jutsu wears off and we return to our world.

Naruto: Three to four days?! The village will be looking for me by then! There's no way I can escape!

Kyubi: Hush while I'm talking, or you'll end up missing something important.

Naruto: Yeah, yeah. Sorry.

Kyubi: Now, you were swallowed by something that was under the ground, and you and I were going to die, but I managed to cause some sort of reaction when I stimulated its insides with my chakra. I stopped the stimulation when I was sure you would be safe, and observed what was happening. I managed to see its life cycle through its DNA, and realized what was happening to you. These creatures, Tremor Worms, or Graboids by the locals, go through three stages of life. You were swallowed by stage one, a worm with the ability to hear the slightest of noise from miles away, and is able to feel the slightest vibration. These worms have spikes along their bodies that allow them to move at alarming speeds beneath the dirt. Each stage of these creatures are extremely intelligent, and are able to figure out how to solve a problem faster than most humans. After a certain amount of time has passed, it is time for them to give birth to the next stage: Heat Raptors, the locals call them Shriekers. Are you getting all of this?

Naruto: Tremor Worms, aka Graboids. Tunnel underground at extreme speeds using spikes and can hear and feel anything miles away. All stages highly intelligent, and stage two is Heat Raptor aka Shrieker.

Kyubi: Hm, I see the intelligence is not lost in your make-up. Now, to get Heat Raptors, a Tremor Worm will tunnel far away from any danger, and emerge above ground and lie there, groaning in pain. The reason why is because there are three eggs inside of each Tremor Worm, in each egg is a Heat Raptor. Heat Raptors cannot dig, so that is why the worm must tunnel away from danger, because they must be above ground for the Heat Raptors to survive and they must be in a safe place for the worm is now vulnerable. To give birth to the raptors means the worm will die, because the Heat Raptors tear their way out. Now, I know you see in full color now, but remember, we are in your mind, and it isn't the same as being in the real world. The reason why almost everything is blue is because you can only see heat, just like the Heat Raptors. The raptors cannot hear at all, so they track prey by body heat.

Naruto: Is that why the people were glowing orange and red?

Kyubi: Exactly. You should already know what a Heat Raptor looks like, after all, you hatched along side them.

Naruto: You mean those short, stubby things?

Kyubi: Yes.

Naruto: Well, why didn't they attack me?

Kyubi: Each creature has a chemical sensory that allows them to tell family from food. Though, there are times when that doesn't help.

Naruto: Um, care to elaborate?

Kyubi: Well, let's say that a Tremor Worm is tracking prey that is wearing a bell. It tracks the prey for days, and moments before it gets close enough to devour the prey, said prey takes off the bell and throws it onto a Heat Raptor. Thinking that the bell is still on the same prey, it devours the Heat Raptor by mistake before the chemicals reach it to tell the worm that its family, not food.

Naruto: Watch out for bells and other sound makers. Got it.

Kyubi: Now, when a Heat Raptor eats enough food, it will spit out a newborn.

Naruto: You mean they multiply by eating...

Kyubi: Exactly. Now, after so many hours, a raptor will climb up onto a high place and attach itself to a wall, before metamorphosing into a Flame Glider, or, um, A**-Blaster...

Naruto: Did you say what I think you just said?

Kyubi: Trust me, I didn't pick the name. Now, if you remember how a cicada does it, then you know exactly how they change.

Naruto: Oh, yeah! Me and some kid from the Aburame clan, um, Shino, would go out and look for husks!

Kyubi: Good, then you should be able to figure it out easily. They also only see heat, but, you inherited a different ability from them. You see, they glide through the air at very fast speeds with the wing-like fins on their bodies, but in order to do so, they must combine the chemicals in their bodies by shaking. Once the chemicals have been mixed properly, a highly flammable gas is made that ignites on contact with the air.

Naruto: And?

Kyubi: Well, they shoot the gas out of their... behinds.

Naruto: W-wait, so you mean to say that I... I FART FIRE?!

Kyubi: Well, yes. So if you feel the need to pass gas, you might not want to do it with pants on, or while you're out in public.

Naruto: This, this is awful! Why did you give me fart firing powers?!

Kyubi: I had nothing to do with how your DNA changed. All I did was make sure you stayed alive; the worm did the rest.

Naruto: Great, that's just great. It wasn't embarrassing enough to have normal farts, but now I have to bare the humility of farts that could start a house fire! Why does God hate me? There is no other explanation as to why this is happening! He hates me!

Kyubi: Now hush, God doesn't hate you, your just very unlucky.

Naruto: As if that made me feel any better.

Kyubi: Now if you'll let me finish. Flame Gliders will go into a type of coma when they eat a certain amount of food. After that they will fly to a safe place and lay an egg that will hatch into a Tremor Worm after one of two conditions are met. The first one is heat; if the eggs are brought to a high enough temperature they will hatch. The second is time; without heat the egg will hatch after three-hundred years have passed.

Naruto: And then the cycle starts all over again. These are very complexed creatures, but still, why did it have to be farts?

Kyubi: You should be happy to be alive.

Naruto: So I can die of embarrassment.

Kyubi: Forget the gas! You know how you took apart those weapons they used? You now have photo-graphic memory thanks to the new DNA, and I can access it any time I want. I need you to go inside the building and do the same thing to all the machinery in there.

Naruto: Why?

Kyubi: No time, just know that it will help you too!

Naruto blinked his eyes as he saw nothing but blue again. He was back in the real world once more. Naruto immediately got up and ran inside the building, busting through the door not bothering to open it. Naruto didn't even stop long enough for the splinters of the door to hit the floor before he was already taking apart the machinery. Hours later and Naruto had stopped taking apart the machines as he heard a noise five miles in the distant. Cars, though Naruto didn't know what they were, were coming in his direction. Naruto's instincts kicked in, and he ran outside. You see, Kyuubi overlooked one thing in Naruto's transformation: His chakra. Naruto's chakra had been a wind based chakra before, but now, it was wind, fire, AND earth based. Naruto jumped high into the air, and turned mid-air to dive straight into the earth using the wind chakra. Naruto shot through the earth as fast as a bullet using the earth based chakra to push him along.

In a matter of seconds, Naruto had come underneath one of the cars and shot straight up, the momentum causing the hummer to fly into the air doing three flips before it landed on its back. In the blink of an eye Naruto had plowed back into the ground before anyone could even see him. People started shouting as they scrambled from the toppled vehicle while the other cars drove and stopped next to a large rock before people started to climb out of it. They didn't have a chance. Naruto split the ground 'and' the large rock in half before dragging the people under the ground with both his hands and his tongues. Five people, one for each hand and tongue, were flailing around and shooting randomly, the dust that had been stirred up acting as a smoke screen, before they were dragged to their demise beneath the soil. The others had watched as the horror happened in front of them, and they quickly started running away. Naruto didn't care at the moment, as he continued to feed on his kill.

It wasn't long before he felt the presence of the Heat Raptors from before, and brought three of the bodies to the surface for them to feed. After the two bodies were devoured, Naruto went for the other people, who were a good two miles away by then. It took Naruto seconds before he gave them the same fate. Naruto finished eating the three people before he went back to the cars, and began to take them apart once he made sure that the Heat Raptors hadn't torn them up.

This went on for the next two days, and on the third, Naruto met a man named Burt Gummer, in the little town of Perfection. Naruto had learned that the best way to receive knowledge was to act like the people there and studied them using there machines. So, Naruto walked around with a blind-fold over his eyes and normal kid clothes (That he got from a house after the happy family left. He's not that cruel... yet.), and had came to this town. It might be his last day, so he quickly went about the town, asking about the strange machines, these guns, and that's how he met Burt Gummer. Burt had taken him to his home, while talking about war and all different kinds of guns and explosives. He also talked about this thing called, "government", that Naruto didn't understand. It wasn't long before he found himself in the man's basement that had wall to wall guns, and Naruto began to shiver in anticipation. Naruto had complained about being thirsty, and Burt went upstairs to grab him some water for him, but when he walked through the door he was knocked out cold. Naruto quickly took apart all of the guns in the room before putting them back together and placing them back in their correct places, and going and doing the same thing with the rest of his equipment. When he was sure he had seen everything he needed to, he placed Burt comfortably in his recliner, before leaving behind a note that Kyubi had help him write. Naruto didn't walk that far away, before he started to fade back into his world.

X_X_X_X_X_X_X_ Konaha Forest Road _X_X_X_X_X_X_X

The first thing that happened was the smell of the forest filling his nose, and the sound of ninja hopping through the trees. Naruto quickly dove into the dirt, hiding himself from the people that were most likely looking for him. He heard them land around the hole he had made, and them speaking. When he heard them say they would look around in his hole, he shot himself five miles away through the dirt. Naruto kept going, until he was sure he was safe. Then, and only then, did he dare to dive into his mind. Kyuubi was there, waiting for him, and he easily made himself a chair and sat in it.

Kyubi: Ah, I'm glad you're here. I've noticed a few new things about you while you were away.

Naruto: Oh, please don't tell me I burp fire too...

Kyubi: I can't believe you're still stuck on that. No, you don't burp fire. You're chakra has taken on two new natures.

Naruto: Huh?

Kyubi: Each person's chakra has its own elemental nature. Yours was wind, but now its wind, earth, and fire. I felt you use the wind chakra to propel you through the air, while you use the earth chakra to dig through the earth, and the fire chakra has been just sitting inside of you.

Naruto: Wow, just think of the jutsu I could learn! This is awesome!

Kyubi: Yes, and that brings me to the next thing: The seal on your arm. I studied it for a long time, until I realized it's a summoning pact.

Naruto: A summoning pact? You mean for those creatures that morphed me?

Kyubi: Yes, and all you have to do to activate the summon is to swipe blood over the seal.

Naruto: Cool! If some one was bothering me, I just bring out one of those worms to eat 'em!

Kyubi: Right, now on to other matters. We're back to our origenal world, and already we are being tracked. I need you to make it to Iwa.

Naruto: I don't know where Iwa is! Why do we even need to go there?

Kyubi: Those people covet bloodline limits, hate Konaha with a passion, and are experts with earth jutsu. I have a plan that will get you registered into the village, and I can guide you there. Now go, and don't get caught!

Naruto opened his red eyes and began to shoot himself through the ground in the direction Kyubi told him to.