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Chapter 10

War Never Changes


Four years have passed, and Naruto and his wives are all in their twenties. Soon after the fall of Kumo, an imbalance in power happened, and the nations were once again at war. Iwa had already won against Kiri, and Suna had joined them. Eventually Konaha surrendered as well, even though the nations were supposed to have been allies, Konaha would not help Iwa in the war, making it its enemy instead. All other lands were falling to the great might of the Stone village, and Naruto was their lead general. Naruto and Hinata discovered that they would live longer than normal humans. Much longer. Hinata had also discovered rather quickly that she did not get pregnant, but she did lay eggs that looked like larger versions of the eggs Flame Gliders laid, and would not hatch until three-hundred years passed, or unless they put them in extreme heat. The two, however, were waiting to hatch their four-hundred-sixty-two eggs until after the war, to make sure their children stayed safe.

Ino and Hana were doing well, Ino having given birth to three beautiful girls and Hana four rough-housing boys. Tempo also had a child with Megumi, though he was still a bit of a scatter-brain. Naruto's three girls had grey skin and thermal vision like their father, and their mother's long blond hair. The boys also had grey skin and the red glowing eyes, but their mothers brown, unruly hair. The girls' names were Nina, Koyuki, and Shikyo. The boy's were named Taroto, Kiem, and Ranboko. All the children ranged from one to three years of age, only Taroto being four.

The war was going in Iwa's direction, all the other lesser countries already bowing to their power. Kyubi, had also managed to snag the rest of the bijuu, and now had forty-five arms, his body now stretching to a grand one-hundred-ninety-three feet. Kyubi was eventually revealed to Iwa as Kaita, and was made the guardian of Iwa. Kyubi was the reason why Konaha had surrendered, for when they launched an attack on Iwa, her form came towering over them from out of the ground, calling forth the offspring. Konaha lost the battle, and surrendered afterwards. Now, the only nation left was Amegakure, and it was putting up quite a fight. They had resisted pretty well, the Akatsuki having been staying there, but it wouldn't be long now. Iwa had pulled out its soldiers, and Naruto was to send in his summons. The rain was unfavorable for the Flame Gliders, but it made the ground soft and twice as easier to move through for the Tremor Worms. All three types of summons were still sent, and in three months, it finally fell. Diedara had been captured during that time, and Naruto had asked the Tsuchikage to spare the life of his old friend. Hesitantly, the Tsuchikage granted his requested, but Diedara would have to be kept with him at all times. Naruto and Diedara had a lot of catching up to do. Now, Iwa was the main ruling nation, and no one could harm it.

{TimeSkip-Four-Hundred Years}

Naruto and Hinata were still alive and looked like they hadn't aged a day over twenty-three. Over the years Naruto had taken and lost many wives, including Ino and Hana. He was saddened when they passed away, wishing they had changed like Hinata, but they didn't want that, so he honored their wish. His clan had grown to the thousands, and he had been offered the position of Tsuchikage numerous times, but declined each and every time. He would always say that he would always serve the village, but never lead it.

So many friends came and left in Naruto's life, and he couldn't believe that he missed Tenpo every now and then, but he did. He would constantly go and keep an eye on his descendants for him. Diedara was gone now too, and not by old age. He blew himself up, saying he would rather be art than be old. The retard. Right now, Naruto stood atop the great statue of the Tsuchikage that he first served under. The statue was thirty-five feet in heighth, and had been constructed days after the final nation had fallen. He looked over the village he had, and always will, fight for, his red eyes uncovered and all the heat signatures of the lives in Iwa were seen. There was one thing Naruto would always think about when he looked over the village... If things had been different, if he hadn't been treated badly, if he had stayed, if he hadn't been sent to Nevada and eaten by a Tremor Worm, could he have helped make Konaha this great?

Naruto: Tremor Ninja

The End

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