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Dusk had settled quickly, and Kitty lifted her head from her pillow, blinking into the darkness. She sighed, the memories of the afternoon flooding her mind. After Pietro had left, Kitty had stayed in her room, not wanting to face her annoyingly chirpy friends. Even Rogue was behaving like a lovesick schoolgirl, leaving her with no one to share her heartbreak.

Kitty sighed, opened her door, and padded downstairs hoping she could find either Dr. Grey or Storm to talk to. She was in luck, for both of the elder members of the X-men were sitting at the table sipping tea. They both looked up when she entered, exchanging glances as the noted her downcast eyes.

"Is something wrong, Kitty?" Storm asked, her brown eyes concerned.

"Well, um yes, sort of. I know you guys have a lot of baking and preparing to do for the Fundraiser tomorrow, but do you have a few minutes to talk?" Kitty asked hesitantly.

"Oh of course, honey. We're all done preparing for the fundraiser anyways, with Pietro's help, we even got the posters done," Dr. Grey assured her.

"Pietro?" Kitty blurted out, shocked.

"Yes, he was helping us all afternoon, he just left an hour ago to pack," Storm said.

"Pack? Pack for what?" Kitty asked, her heart beating furiously. Storm groaned and put her head in her hands. Dr. Grey cleared her throat.

"No one was supposed to know, but it's just as well. You see, Pietro is leaving the school. He talked to the Professor and said he wanted to leave for awhile, he wasn't sure how long," Dr. Grey said a little sadly.

"But why?" Kitty said disbelievingly, her eyes smarting with tears. Pietro had been telling the truth that day...and she had thrown it in his face. Kitty sat down in shock. "How come nobody knows about it yet?"

"Pietro wanted it that way. He said he didn't want anyone to know, ...especially you Kitty," Storm sad quietly. "The Professor respected his decision, and let him leave tonight itself."

Dr. Grey looked at Kitty's glistening eyes and shocked face. "If you hurry you can still catch him," Dr. Grey said gently. But Kitty was already racing down the halls, towards Pietro's room. She opened to find nobody there.

Fighting back tears, Kitty raced out of the mansion barefoot, blinking into the darkness, running as if her life depended on it through the grounds. She spotted Pietro quietly opening the mansion gates, one suitcase in hand.

"Pietro wait!" Kitty cried out, her hair flying behind her. Pietro's hand froze on the handle of his suitcase, he turned around, his blue eyes flashing with surprise and..something else.

"Kitty, what are you doing out here! You're freezing, .and your barefoot!" Pietro said, putting down his suitcase, and taking off his jacket to put around her shoulders. Kitty looked up at him, unable to speak for a second.

"You weren't planning on telling me," Kitty said, her voice shaky.

"No..I wasn't," Pietro said quietly, after a moment.

"Why are you leaving, Pietro?" Kitty asked, her heart pounding. "I think you know why, Kitty."

"But you can't leave!" Kitty said desperately. "Everyone will miss you..."

Pietro was silent, his eyes never leaving her face. Kitty flushed under his gaze.

"And..I'll miss you," Kitty whispered. Pietro swallowed, his eyes unreadable, and suddenly his eyes grew warm.

"That's what I needed to hear, Pryde. That's all I needed to hear," Pietro whispered back, before kissing her sweetly. Me too, Pietro, Kitty thought contentedly.