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Chapter 1

Anne Lindae Frandil. That's me. Not your average person and I certainly don't have an average family. I'm bored too much anyways. But boredom isn't always a bad thing; it can lead you to your future, it did for me.

Back when I was sixteen, in the middle of the summer in Phoenix Arizona, I got deathly bored. I was looking for something to do to stay out of the summer heat, in the valley of the sun, including Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, and Tempe, the temperatures could get up to more than 115 degrees so I did not want to go outside, pretty much, at all.

I lived with my mom and my sister in phoenix Arizona all my life. My sister was my mother's biological daughter and I was adopted. My mom said she got me from an orphanage in Olympia Washington when she and my adoptive father were living up there. I could never remember where exactly where I was from, but it didn't matter to me then. The fact that my entire heritage was a mystery to me had never bugged me; I was an ignorant teenager who didn't want to meet the people that decided I wasn't a pretty enough baby to keep and sold me to an orphanage. I didn't see a point to it. I had my family, small as it was, with me. My adoptive parent's split so it was just the three of us; Mom, Quay, and me.

One of the weird and or creepy parts of my family was how nice and understanding everyone was. I mean, the both of them other people, would never yell at me, ever. The best way to explain it would probably be like this… My family was very understanding, and heavens forbid judging others, nobody ever yelled at another, it would hurt their feelings and that is the worst thing you can do to a person. My mom thought it was something only for amusement parks; something to only be a happy thing and scream for joy. From what I could tell, though, it was for yelling at people when you were angry, and my mom's happy-go-lucky attitude didn't ever change that. To be honest it was, mostly just really creepy and confusing, but it did make me a lot calmer then what I could've been.

Right, so, I was bored. I had never really read a book cover to cover willingly; it was always for school or a bet. I wasn't a reader; I could never find a book worth reading. But I was bored. So I scrambled around the house looking for a book, possibly worth reading, I didn't find one so I went to go ask my mom.

"Mom!" I called, walking around to find her.

"Hey Quaythrine" I said walking into our shared room. It wasn't huge but it was a decent size, and we coped. "Have you seen mom?" I asked.

"No, I think she went to the store. Why, what's up?" She asked, putting her book down.

"I'm bored… and I want to read a book, kind of. But I have no ideas on what." I said sitting down on my bed across from Quay. I liked calling her that behind her back, but I knew if she knew she wouldn't like it.

"Oh!" She exclaimed, surprised. "That's awesome; you want to go to the library or something? I can drive." She asked with a glint in her eye; this was her favorite activity, going to the library and reading. Now that I think of it, my mom likes to read a lot too, must be a biological trait.

"Okay, can I use your library card?" I asked since I didn't have one. I also didn't want one unless I would get books frequently, otherwise it would just sit in my wallet and take up space.

"Yeah," She said with a face that said that that should've been obvious.

"Okay, and just so you know in advance, I'm not reading Harry Potter." I said with a laugh. She would always rant with her friends about the books, and she wanted me to read them so bad, but they looked so large, one of them was, like, 850 pages! I didn't want to start on that kind of depth!

"Oh c'mon, it's honestly not that bad." She said, smiling slightly, I was almost certain that she had a fangirly crush on the main ginger character.

"Yeah, but it's in the name. Harry Potter sounds like hairy potter, and I don't want to read about a gardener that needs to shave. No offense to all the fans, just saying." I said.

"Okay, so let's go, we can always find you something." Quaythrine said with a smile. I got my shoes on and ran out to her car.

In the thirty seconds it took for Quay to find her keys before coming out and unlocking the car, I could feel the pavement burning my feet through my shoes. Damn, it's seriously that hot? Eh, I guess it would be. It's already July… Sometimes I hate summer. Once the keys were in the ignition I turned the ac on to the highest setting; it was supposed to be 109 degrees today, and whether it was that hot then or not, I could tell it was hot.

I hummed some song that I had stuck in my head and checked my phone. No new notifications it read. I watched the road as we drove thinking about what I would find to read, what would actually interest me and get me reading. What was The Book to convert me into a bookworm going to be? I sat like that for a little while longer until we got to the library and got out.

We looked through rows and rows of books when something caught my eye in a clear casing in between two rows. It had four books in it, all with a similar color scheme; red, black, and white, although one of them had a bit of green. All of them had a black background and some sort of white/red combo thing going on.

The first book had a pair of white hands holding a red apple with a black background titled 'Twilight'. The second one had a white flower with blood splattered on it; this one was called 'New Moon'. The third book had a nearly broken ribbon sprawled across the front, that one was 'Eclipse'. The last one, the fourth, had a chess board with a pawn nearly escaping the grasp of the queen. (Yeah, I know my chess pieces, think I didn't? Weirdo's. ~Anne)

I was intrigued. Why would these books be banned? Why shouldn't anybody be allowed to read them? And what the heck is a banned book? Can you still get them at the library even if they're banned? Eh, whatever, they were the perfect books for me either way! Banned books, and they looked intriguing. I would feel rebellious just reading them and I would have something to do to get out of the heat! Perfect for summer, if I'm able to get them at all with their 'banned' title…

"Anne, I think I found some books you might like!" Quaythrine said breaking me off my train of thought as she walked over.

I looked over at her and she was carrying at least six big books. I just smiled at her "That's okay, Quaythrine, I think I already found some books." I replied with a smirk. She went and put all the books on a table near where she was standing and walked over to where I was standing and glared daggers at me. If looks could kill…"Yeah? And what's that?" She asked. She looked over at her shoulder then and looked back at all the books that were probably really heavy or something, because if they hadn't been she wouldn't be giving me this look, right?