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Chapter 22

Okay, so I ran down to La Push and as I got out of the trees and start walking I saw Paul making out with some random girl. So, naturally, I whistled, a smirk plastered on my face. Yeah, Paul did not like that.

He turned around and narrowed his eyes at me, clearly annoyed. "What're you doing here, Frandil? Huh?" He asked. Apparently he likes kissing without interruptions, okay, I'm fine with that. It was his fault- being in public- in the first place.

"I'm taking a walk, but I'm guessing you want to kiss without any interruptions. That it, Lahote? Then get a room!" I yelled. He threw a death glare in my direction and I fought the urge to smile. He let go of the girl and took a step toward me.

"That's it… you want to fight?" He asked. I saw the girl slowly start walking away giving me an apologetic look. I knew Paul noticed, but, clearly, he didn't care, he was too mad at me to care about some girl he was kissing for sport. Or maybe he actually liked her, who knows, this is Paul after all.

"I'd like to see you try and beat me." I said. This is one way to show him what I am, I guess...

"Easy." He said.

"Then why am I beta?" I asked.

"Because you stole my f*cking place you little b!tch!" Okay, so he was mad.

I flashed to right in front of him. "Try me." I said. If he wanted a fight, I could give him one, but he would be sorry, especially if he made me mad.

He threw a punch to my stomach, not saying anything about how I had suddenly appeared in front of him, blinded by anger I suppose. His face was covered in anger… that is until he came in contact with me. He had put a lot of force into the punch, so imagine his surprise when there was a loud crunch as his hand broke.

He looked up at me as he let out a string of curses. His face was contorted in pain and anger, but most of all confusion. I could imagine the questions running around his head; 'how did that happen, her skin isn't any harder than mine!' 'What the hell?' 'How the f*ck did that happen?' I wasn't very sorry, I mean, honestly, Paul deserved that. Besides it would heal quick enough!

"Oww! What- how- and my- what?" He asked, all his emotions mixed together to make his voice strained and higher than usual. I smirked.

"You might want to reset your bones so they don't heal wrong. You'd have to rebreak them then." I said honestly, not hiding my amusement.

Paul looked down and touched his hand gingerly, and carefully put his bones back in place, letting out small whimpers of pain the whole time. After a minute he looked back up, hand probably felt better. "What the f*ck just happened?" He asked, looking from my stomach to his hand, confused.

"Umm... 'Tis why we need a pack meeting like I said this morning!" I said and pulled Paul with me over to our meeting spot. I went a little ways away and phased, howling for the others to get over there right now. When I got voices wondering what was up in my head, I ignored them and phased back and went to sit with Paul in the grass. They would all know everything- or most everything (I didn't want to tell them about the animal part…) soon enough.

"Whatever just happened, with my hand, don't mention it to the other guys." Paul said, his voice almost pleading.

"What if I need to?" I asked innocently.

"Shut up and don't tell them, okay?" Paul asked in a demanding tone.

"Whatever." I said with a small laugh. I heard steps coming closer, and Jared and Sam talking.

"Hey Anne!" Jared said and ran to my side and sat down kissing my cheek. We didn't get a lot of time together, but we were working on it, I was just wondering when he was going to see Kim and imprint.

"Hey Jared." I said leaning into his side as Sam sat down at the last spot in the circle. "Okay, I pulled this meeting together to tell you guys some... updates I guess you could say, on me. You may or may not still want to be my friends, I'm not sure if I would be." I started, pulling away from Jared and hugging my knees to my chest.

"Why wouldn't we still want to be your friends?" Jared asked confused.

"Because I'd outshine you in every way shape and form." I said quietly. "Sam," I said before Jared could continue. "Have you ever used the alpha voice?" I asked. He nodded. "Use it on me; make me do something that I don't want to." I said, they needed to see this.

"Okay... Anne go away, you're no longer welcome in this meeting." He said, in a stern voice making the other two cower away from him slightly. I just sat there completely unaffected by it.

"No thanks." I said.

"Why doesn't that work?" He asked, not exactly angry, yet not exactly happy about the prospect that he couldn't control me.

"Why is my mind shielded? Why am I the only girl? Why do I have a vampire father? How am I alive? All questions I've asked myself." I said, hiding one detail in my short rant. Why is my father a vampire? That didn't pass over them I hope; I didn't want to say it directly.

"What do you mean why is my father a vampire?" Paul asked his eyes narrowing dangerously. Right, now to the explaining. How do I explain this? Damn, sometimes I wish I had Renesmee's power, no, I wish I was Renesmee. She had a perfect life! She was with Jacob, had the Cullen's as her family… I could go on and on! Except she couldn't turn into a wolf, that sucks, maybe I'm cooler; I'm half vampire too, but also half wolf. I guess that stinks for her, and rocks for me.

"That is precisely the question, Paul. The reason I'm having this meeting. Okay, so you all know how our parent's generation didn't phase, right?" I asked. They all nodded, so I continued. "So, I met my dad, and he said that all the descendants- even all the girls- had the gene active, just none of them ever phased. It's a mystery why, but they had all the symptoms you have in human form, higher temperatures, accelerated healing, major growth spurts, the all of it. So guess when my dad was 18-19 he got turned into a vampire while he was staying in Seattle- the venom somehow not poisonous, another mystery- but he was imprinted to one of the girl 'wolves'. So after he got some self control of himself he came back, and they had me, but it killed my mother…" I said, my expression turning to bothered, it really did bug me that I had killed my mother.

"Crazy, right? So then I heard my mom and gran talking about this yesterday, and I stared at the wall shocked for a few moments, but it brought everything together, it suddenly all made sense. So I ran out of my room as fast as I could through my window. The thing was... it was faster than even a normal vampire. So in a panic of the whole situation I ran to the Cullen's an-"

"You went to the Cullen's?" Paul interjected angrily.

"Yes, Paul, I go to school with them, and I've been friends with them for some time now- please don't hate me for lying, you would've killed me if I told you! Anyways I went to them because they're vampires, they must know something to help me, right? So I ran, and I was scared when I realized that I was there in seconds, I was faster than a vampire... I don't know what's wrong with me, or who I am anymore... I just don't want this to get between us." I said, worried that they would still accept me.

"Anne, it's okay, we would never reject you like that," Sam said and looked at the other two for clarification. The others nodded, their expressions complicated just like I could imagine their thoughts were.

"Yeah, maybe you wouldn't, but why would you guys still want me around? I mean nothing normal works with me to keep me balanced and under your rule and control. Not to mention I'm friends with a coven of vampires!" I said, not knowing how they didn't see what a bad person I was for all of this.

"Honestly, Anne, your half vampire and half wolf, your obviously going to be as drawn and as comfortable around them as you are around us. We can't overlook that its part of your heritage, it makes everything make more sense, actually. Do you deny that?" Sam questioned.

I shook my head. How could I deny what was a part of me? I couldn't. I sighed. "No, I mean, I guess you're right, I can't really change the nature of my existence, now can I?" I asked rhetorically with a forced laugh.

Paul smiled softly, though it didn't reach his eyes, he was still unsure what to think. "What's your name then?" He asked curiously, humor suddenly appearing in his eyes. I didn't understand what he meant. My name? Anne Lindae Frandil and I guess if you wanted to get more specific you could call me Anne Lindae Frandil Uley-Young because of my biological parentage.

"What are you talking about Paul?" I asked, but then my mind suddenly traveled to the voice that had told me to be wary of the volturi, or I guess they didn't say volturi exactly, but that was besides the point... 'Aubreann' it had called me. My eyes snapped up when I heard somebody clearing their throat.

"What?" I asked my mind blank of everything but the odd voice that had reached out to me.

"I was just trying to say, that we should give you a nickname in honor of your newfound self." Paul said like he'd been trying to tell me that all day and I had been ignoring him. Although since I was obviously oblivious to what he was saying, he may as well have just been impatient.

"Oh, well I don't know. What would be a good nickname for me? To represent me and myself as what I am? I have no idea." I said and smiled as I saw a few snowflakes drop from the sky. Weird, who knew it would be snowing at a time like this...

"Well, whatever species you are- no offense, there's no nice way to say that- there have to be others of you, right? So what's the term? People wouldn't be obnoxious enough to call you werepires, would they? I mean we don't change once on every full moon, we're more of shape-shifters. What would they call you then? A shiftpire?" Sam said, amusing him, and the others, including myself. What a stupid name.

Suddenly, I felt like I was hit in the head and then got a shot injected straight into my brain with a strange realization. "No, but I may know what we are called..." I said in a quiet voice interested how a thought- no, a fact like that could suddenly strike me from within my own knowledge without me seeing it at all beforehand.

"Really, what?" Paul asked, probably assuming it would be another flop of a suggestion, but I could tell, that for some reason, this was completely and utterly right, it was a strange sensation.

"Not anything like that. Apparently, the 'werewolf' part is still intact. We're called Verevolvs*." I said quietly, still beyond words on how such strong believed and backed up information could find its way into my mind, cluing me in on what I needed to know.

All three boys sat across from me and stared for a moment, having no response. Suddenly, as bright and clear as somebody was standing right in front of me, I heard a howl in the wind, full of emotion and pain. This was a new wolf, and he was a new one, not one with a life written out before them like everyone else, because there was no way in hell that that was Embry already. No, this was somebody new, definitely. Somebody unknown and he was making his first change only a little ways away. I glanced at the guys, who were all sitting up straight, alert and trying to hear something not quiet loud enough for them to be sure that it was real. I decided it was time to see what I could do, so I put out my hands toward them and closed my eyes, concentrating on what I heard and tried to amplify it to their ears. Just like if we were phased and I was showing them what I heard, except none of us were. With an undeniable amount of effort I was pushing what I heard out of my head and toward them. It wasn't as easy and carefree as letting simple thoughts slip out, this was sharing the agonizing pain coming from a teenage boy in desperate need of help and moral support as he joined the world of the 'careers' as I called us. The strong pack that stuck together to take down any and all threats to our tribe and our people.

There were collective gasps after a few moments of concentration as I got used to it all. I smirked and opened my eyes dropping my concentration and thus their advanced hearing. I nodded my head to the direction the wails were coming from and flashed to near him. I gazed over at him curiously, and despite how much I thought I knew everyone on the rez, I didn't recognize the boy that was changing with screams, trying to make it stop. I heard him groan in pain and I walked a few feet away, undressing and phasing. I left my clothes on the dirt, not caring and waited for the boy to become fully immersed and situated in his wolf body. I could hear the other three in the back of my mind, but they didn't matter, and I felt the urge to scream at them to be quiet for disrupting my thought process that went unheard and misunderstood to their ears.

I wanted to call out to this young, scared new wolf, but it wasn't until he was fully shifted and had calmed down... well, actually he didn't calm down, but who would?

I listened to his breathing and thoughts as he looked around for the voices of the three males in my group, not that my thoughts were a problem, not heard, right? I smirked- at least as well as a dog could- and looked at the newbie's appearance; a blueish grey coat that made his striking gray eyed gaze stick out. I could tell by his thoughts he was calming down, Sam had made the others phase out and wait as he explained everything he could to the guy. I felt like I'd seen him before, but I had no idea where. I sighed and waited for Sam to end his rant- I mean talk- to the newbie. I flopped down in the grass that was by a tall mossy tree. I listened as Sam talked, seeming to go on and on.

A few minutes later, Sam helped the guy phase back and grabbed some emergency clothes they kept stashed in a hollow tree and handed them to him. I made sure not to look in their direction as he put the over sized sweats on; I didn't need mental images haunting my brain.

I heard the guy thank Sam and I glanced over, looking at him with a question in my gaze that I had intended for Sam, although it got intercepted.

"Who are you? Sam, how many are there? What if they hurt me? What if-" I heard Sam laugh, but didn't actually see him due to a tree being in my way. Damn forest.

"Don't worry, the only person you'll have to worry about is Paul, and he's really not that bad." Sam said with a brotherly smile. This guy hadn't even been a wolf for a day and Sam had already accepted him. That was awesome that Sam would be nice enough to do that for the guy.


'The guy? Him?' That was all I was getting! What about his name? Damn, this is irritating. I rolled my eyes at 'The guy' and ran off behind some trees, phasing back and dressing as fast as I could- meaning nobody even realized I'd got up when I suddenly appeared in front of them fully clothed.

I smiled welcomingly to him and then turned to Sam a question of who this guy was in my eyes. Being able to hear everything somebody thought at certain times, made communicating by eyes easier, even though he didn't often hear mine, I spoke in his unique mind language that we somehow both understood. He replied with a stubbornness telling me to ask for myself.

I sighed and broke eye contact before looking back at the guy. The first thing I noticed was that he was already several inches taller than my short-for-a-wolf 5'6" Another thing I noticed, were that his striking gray eyes were the same and full of curiosity, not a bit of fear in them. Well he was taking this well.

Eyes. They are a passage to the soul. They were a locked door that vampires knocked down as they drank innocent people dry. They sucked the life out, and thus knocked the door off its hinges for it never to be put back or fixed, for once the door was let down, the breeze of the cold January set in and killed the inhabitants. They were gone. The spirit that existed and resided in them was taken leaving their eyes cold and staring at nothing, not focusing on anything.

I shook my head a little, not actually, but just mentally, shaking out the thoughts of everything. I continued to study him. He had a skater's body, rather thin and seemingly light. Though I knew that standing next to him I would look small and very thin. He was smaller than Sam in the shoulders and waist, but he was only a few inches shorter. I glanced down at his feet that were, honestly, huge. I smiled as I looked at his chest for a moment. He had abs already, he obviously took pride in his strength. Have fun arguing with Paul on who was stronger...

I looked up at his eyes again. I felt no attraction really, not like how I felt to Jared, I liked him, a lot, but the way I felt toward this new guy was more brotherly, though I'd never had one and wouldn't actually know what that was like, I did feel like we could be friends.

I smiled at him and offered my hand to shake. "I'm Anne, still haven't heard a name for you, though, care to share?" I asked with a playful smirk.

He smiled back and took my hand and shook it. "Sterling Moon. Newest addition to the land of the howlers." He said joking tone that made me know; he was going to fit in just fine.

*****Hello there readers, just passing through...******

I had finished hunting after a few hours of sleep after yet another long day of school. Luckily it was the week end tomorrow and school would finally be more interesting as Edward would finally be back on Monday.

I went to the woods near my house, only about half-way to La Push and pulled out my laptop that I had hidden in hollow tree with a generator to charge it when I needed.

I sat down against the tree and opened the screen and opened up my saved word document where I had started to keep a diary to keep myself sane on everything that was going on with me in my life. I started typing, explaining everything to myself to reflect on later, and possibly Carlisle.

I heard footsteps coming toward me and I recognized them as Sterling's. We had become quick friends in the past few days, and I could tell that he felt different than the rest of the group, like it was impossible for him to ever fit in. I didn't know why, but never asked about it.

He put something in front of my face, blacking my eves from my screen and I looked up slightly annoyed. I frowned at the obnoxious object that I could only explain as a dead rat. I leaned away from it, not wanting it to make my screen dirty.

"What Annie can't stand a little dead animal?" Sterling asked, his playful grey eyes matching the rain clouds. I playfully punched him and smiled a little.

"Not that I oppose dead rodents or anything, but it just didn't compute on why it was suddenly in my face in between my lap top and I." I said in a smart a$$ tone.

"Are you sure you're okay with dead things dangling in front of your precious electronics making them unviewable to you because you, sadly, can't see through solid objects today?" He asked in the same tone. I raised an eyebrow and closed my laptop, putting it in the water tight box I kept in the tree to keep it safe from the stupid rain.

"Well, as much as I've been deprived of dead things bleeding on my face... I don't exactly want that experience." I said humor lighting my dark blue eyes with laughter waiting to be. Then I realized that what I said was a lie, I loved animal blood. Hmm, oh well, he doesn't need to know that.

"Aha. Well, believe it or not, I'm not the most demented kid around; I wasn't even in the weird guys group at my old school I was always at one of the few spots the loners are able to claim. I being what I am is more terrifying for me then it may seem, especially for what that's going to do to the life that I've been able to find for myself and make work out." He said, bothered. I frowned a bit, not letting it reach past my eyes.

"Sterling, what is it, I know you act different around the other guys… you can trust me." I said in a quiet and concerned voice.

"I know… and I really appreciate that, because I need to tell somebody about my past before I go insane. It's not pretty, and I've been scared by it for so many years, the memories always come back to haunt me." He said. I sighed and nodded. I scooted over a little and patted the ground by me for him to take a seat. He took it semi-reluctantly and plopped down. I offered him a red vines from my coat packet and when he accepted it and took a bite; I felt the tension in the air slowly disappear as he relaxed next to me.

"So, what is it? Your life story, yes, but what might it be exactly that got you so angry to phase? Or is this about something entirely different? I'm good for all, just slightly curious." I said.

"Okay, so it has why I phased at the end of it, but from the beginning, it's mostly my life. Except what is my life, is mostly just my sister's, she's the only one that my parents ever saw. Mostly because she had so much potential at a young age. She is my role model, but also the person I loathe most in the world." Sterling started. I was intrigued already, this kid, Mr. Moon, had had a stolen child hood by a sibling that out shone him in every way shape and form. Typical reality show idea, but was his real life. I smiled at him encouraging him to go on.

He swallowed a piece of his red vines and then continued. "My sister, Lauriah April Moon, was always obsessed with rhythm, music, sounds in general. We were young, her being only a year older than me, we were close, and so we would sit and listen to music together, but after a few songs I would get bored and go play, but Riah insisted on continuing to listen. She would stare at the ceiling, at nothing, and listen to the music.

"One time, though, after a long day for my mother, she came in the room and turned the music all off, but she didn't react, she just continued to sit. She stared at the ceiling, not making a sound and the only way we knew she was alive was from her breathing and pulse. I was concerned for her, she was maybe five, and I was four. She was just staring blankly at nothing. It was as if, she couldn't hear at all. It was as if she was listening to determine everything, because whenever I tried to use my hands to get her attention, she didn't seem to realize anything was there, like she was wearing a blank mask and was trapped in another world. Although she was clearly lying there I suspected her mind was off in the unknown world of her mind.

"Even at a young age she had a brilliant mind. She was in kindergarten but at a first or second grade level that she hadn't even read to get to learn. I questioned her in every way, as to how she was so smart. But as I began to have a similar line of brilliance around when she did, my parents brushed it off as if it were just me lying and taking credit for things that Riah was actually doing and letting me have credit for. I was no liar, and I certainly didn't cheat my way of information into the family to just to be noticed, I wouldn't do that. I knew my parents loved me, and it was enough to keep me content.

"We continued to get older and excel at everything we did, or I suppose, she did all the shining and I followed behind doing just as good of a job, except my parents would say I had messed up and just copied my sister. I disagreed. I loved my sister, and I would never copy her, my parents didn't understand that and hated me. I became quite depressed for a time… that is until Lauriah started playing the piano. She was playing it by age seven well enough to play songs heard only once by ear. She was phenomenal. I wanted to do that, to try it, but didn't want to feel the anger for my parents when they called me a copycat. So I let her have all the glory.

"When she was nine she started taking the viola. Don't ask why, she just wanted to be a violist, seeing as violins were so overrated. She fell in love. Her music was her life and she would sit in her room and listen to recordings or play the music herself on her viola or the mini grand our parents had gotten her for in her large room. Soon later my parents bought her other instruments like a violin, a cello, a bass and a flute- We were pretty rich- I was so happy for her, she would be able to go away to another world and get out of her life and fill herself with the music from her soul.

"After a few months later my parents started paying for private lessons for each instrument, though the only one she would play in a group was her viola, she would occasionally play the piano, but not as often. When she was thirteen and in junior high, we moved from the small town of Canada we lived in and went to California to have her play in music schools and learn from the best and learn technique and what not. She became exceptional, but she started acting odd and would lie in her room on her bed for hours and just listen to the sounds around her, not the music. No music on, she would stare at the ceiling blankly and wouldn't respond. She would just lay there taking in all of the sounds around her. Sometimes I thought I heard a voice, but nothing was talking, nobody was there. It was strange.

"When she turned fourteen she went out with a professional group and she didn't come home like she usually did. I decided not to worry, but it was unlike her to stay out and when she did get back, it was weeks later, and we had police out to look for her, all our family thought she was dead, and there was nothing we could do, we didn't even say good bye. But when she did get back she acted different. She was a vampire, Anne.

"She went upstairs and in anger she killed both our parents. She knew she couldn't just there then, and being the loving sister she was, she helped us get a place in Forks to stay so we could be safe. She promised we would be okay, so we came here. I don't know why she killed our parents, and the memories still haunt, but she didn't kill me… and I don't know why. My life is so confusing.

"I had been visiting some friends that I used to have when we lived here at a young age, but nobody was around. I was surprised and angry, flustered and unapologetic; my life was falling apart, the life that my sister controlled whether she realized it or not, she held the key to making me miserable, happy, mad, and all the other emotions. It made me so mad that she had been the favorite all her life long and she was the one to kill her parents. I was afraid, but knew I should trust my sister. I did but I was so over come with the fact that she controlled me that I guess it just... happened." Sterling finished.

I sat there, taking in everything this newbie had said. He may have been new, but he had been tangled with the super natural world longer than I had expected. He said when his sister was fourteen making him thirteen and running for… a long time, I wasn't sure how old he was- and I respected him keeping his cool throughout his life.

"You're different from the others." I said. He had seemingly no hate for his sister-a vampire- and although she was what she was, she seemed to still be a loving sister.

"What do you mean, 'different?'" He asked, starting to get defensive of himself and his dignity.

"Look man, I'm not trying to insult you or anything, but it's 3am in the middle of the woods in January. You came to me of all people to confide in and I find myself very able to keep secrets, so you came to the right person. All I'm saying is if you went to Paul, he would be laughing his a$$ off at you at the stupidity of your un-stupid story. I don't know… you're different is all." I said. I hadn't been expecting it, but all the words felt sincere rolling out of my mouth, so I guess that's how I felt.

He seemed to take that in the non-threatening direction I wanted. "Thank you, then. So what's with you, you smell different then the other guys and it's not just the gender difference." He asked, seems like this one was very perceptive I thought half bitterly, he should know too.

"That's actually what we were talking about before you phased, I had to fess up to a truth I found out wasn't just a possibility, but a reality. I'm half vampire, half shifter. I'm barely human and am more powerful than any vampire or shifter put together." I said. But I wasn't bragging, there was a sense of fear of what and who I was and what this power could mean, I was slightly overwhelmed. Okay, yes, more than slightly... but still! I was nervous and didn't want to brag.

"Why do you think that is, that you're more powerful?" He asked. I sighed and looked at the ground by my feet.

"I don't know, Sterling... maybe I have some sort of crazy 'destiny' that has to do with me being this way." I said in a near hopeless voice. I didn't know why I was the way I was, and it was beginning to bug me a bit.

"Hey, Anne, it's okay. Do you want to meet my sister? She's special as far as vampires go, she has a power." Sterling said with a smirk. I smiled half heartedly back at him, but one glance at the sky and I knew that would never happen, I had school in what I could tell to be an hour.

"Sorry dude, I have school soon." I said and stood up grabbing my bag out of the tree as I went. I slung it over my shoulder and reached a hand down for him to take. He gripped it and I pulled him up.

"Okay, well maybe later then." He said with a smile.

"Sure." I said and started to turn away, when I noticed his face. It looked older than me, sharp features making him attractive. Not that I wanted to date him, but I would beat up anyone who hurt him in a relationship without a second thought. "Hey, Sterling, how old are you?" I asked curiously.

"I'm eighteen in June, why?" He asked.

I shook my head. "No reason, so are you graduating this year? Wait- didn't you say you lived in Forks, as in not La Push? As in the school of five and a half vampires?"I asked a little shocked. "Well, I guess Bella could be considered half vampire, she's destined to be one anyways..." I muttered too low for him to hear.

"Yeah, my sister never finished school, and I still have to go to school, I have no reason not to. We couldn't get a place to stay down in La Push, so we're forced to stay in Forks and go to high school there."

"When's your first day?" I asked, this whole 'new kid' thing was getting old really fast.

"We're gonna start on Monday." He declared.

"Nice, well I really have to go now, have a nice day Sterling! I'll talk to you later." I said and ran to my house in mere seconds.

"Works every time." I muttered with a small laugh as I went through my window to see a very surprised Quaythrine standing in the doorway of my open door.

This can't end well.


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