Over time, the police investigation into the disappearance of William Samms dwindled until it became a cold case, and despite several clashes and hexes against each other, Sabrina and Samantha got closer and closer. Sabrina renewed her relationship with Harvey, and Samantha gradually dated the majority of the boys in her school, briefly dating a boy named Dashiell Calzonne. Things were briefly awkward when Samantha tried to re-bond with Sabrina's mother, breaking an edict that the Witch's Council had against Sabrina contacting her mortal mother for two years. Both the girls faced losing their mystical powers, ultimately, once again, a technicality let them off from their punishment. Although initially surprised she now had twins, Diana loved both her girls equally.

The summer before their junior year as Westbridge High School, the local police announced they had made a break in the disappearance of William Samms when degraded bones of a seventeen-year-old male were discovered in the basement of the abandoned Westbridge Seminary structure on the north end of town. Although they were too degraded for DNA, rumor was that the skull fragments suggested a seventeen-year-old runaway who had died of an untreated illness. A psychic named Frieda Barron soon claimed the bones were that of another young man, but the police identified them as William, and they were buried at the cemetery at Fort Marshall under Captain Chip Samms' broken-hearted eyes. Sabrina and Samantha, however, spent much of the year trying to discern the Spellman family secret which ended with them meeting Katrina Spellman, their look-alike cousin. Neither sister cared for Katrina, who turned out to be both despicable and incorrigible, trying to replace Samantha once and Sabrina another time. Eventually, Katrina decided she just couldn't stand Sabrina's wholesome image, but she was definitely scared of Samantha's hair-trigger temper.

At eighteen, both the girls became accredited witches recognized by the Witch's Council, and although Samantha had by now softened Libby to become a cheerleader herself, Mr. Kraft had started to become suspicious of all the paranormal activity that followed the Spellman twins. His snooping was complicated by the fact both Samantha and Sabrina had to serve a year as Quizmasters; Sabrina had to guide Albert's niece, Dreama Rollins, and Samantha got a five-year old mystical prodigy named Justin Russo from the Waverly Place neighborhood on Manhattan. With her parents having moved to Alaska, Valerie had moved into the Spellman House, and Samantha secretly made her a witch, claiming that "one of her ancestors must have been a powerful sorceress." Sabrina changed her back a few days later just before Mr. Kraft had fellow classmate Brad Alcerro start spying on them. Alcerro never suspected anything on the twins, but he went through the rest of the school year believing Valerie was responsible for the paranormal activity at school.

Graduation changed a lot of lives. Sabrina, Harvey and Valerie attended separate colleges, and Samantha returned to England with her "father," Edward Spellman, and his new wife. As Sabrina found new love with a guy named Josh Borden, Samantha was traveling through Europe and found Harvey at a skiing resort in Alaska. Much to Sabrina's shock, she found the two dating each other and refused to talk to Samantha ever again, until Harvey returned to her after finding Samantha kissing another guy. Sabrina started seeing Harvey again as she graduated from John Adams College and started her internship through several magazines. It was during their new relationship that Harvey finally deduced that Sabrina was a witch and faced Sabrina about it, but it would be Samantha he would confront.

By now, Sabrina made new friends in the form of radical and sarcastic Roxie King and the vivacious and sometimes distracted Morgan Cavanaugh. When they first met Samantha, they were quite sure that Sabrina was posing as her own twin sister, but then Katrina showed up to take over Sabrina's life again and Samantha showed up to pull Katrina's hair out by the roots. The Spellman twins re-bonded, but both Roxie and Morgan confided in Sabrina "there was something odd about that girl."

Inheriting the family house, Sabrina allowed both Roxie and Morgan to move in with her. Samantha came home several times as well as Sabrina, now a fashion writer for "Scorch Magazine," tried to convince her to go to college. Samantha had embraced the party girl personality that Sabrina had repressed, but a brand new TV series called "American Idol," changed her life. Failing to make it on the show in the first season, she made it to Hollywood for the second season, and although she failed to make the final twelve, she began modeling and singing and doing bit parts in a short-lived sketch comedy TV series with actor Ben Stiller.

After Harvey had a nervous breakdown with Sabrina over her magic, they broke up again. By now, Sabrina was a freelance journalist and began dating Aaron Jacobs, a good-looking photojournalist. In Aspen, Harvey confided to Samantha that he was still in love with Sabrina, and Samantha tried fixing them back up with each other as she made problems in Sabrina's relationship with Aaron. Despite her best efforts, Aaron eventually asked Sabrina to marry him.

"Samantha, thanks for trying…" Harvey had attended the pre-wedding reception with Samantha. "I know you did everything you could…"

"Well, I guess I could have turned him into a guppy and fed him to Salem…" She stood over the pre-wedding buffet and tried a deviled egg. "But the Witch's Council kind of frowns on that sort of thing." She finished the deviled egg and looked around the room. It was a small affair. Mostly just close friends and family at the Westbridge Episcopal Church. Harvey looked around once and recognized Valerie rushing through trying to get Sabrina ready for the ceremony. Mr. Kraft sat talking with Hilda over their attempted romance, and Zelda was with her mortal husband. Cousin Amanda was blossoming into a young beauty after being such a young terror. Harvey glanced over the room and sipped his champagne.

"Harvey, " Samantha looked to him. "I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you? A wish or something?"

"I thought you witches weren't allowed to do love spells."

"We're also not allowed to grant wishes." She looked at his unhappy face. "Is there something you want?"

"Well…" Harvey though and looked around the room and back to her. "I've been thinking a lot these days about my buddy William from high school. I miss him, and I think you would have liked him." Harvey cleared his throat. "Could you send me back in time to find out what happened to him?"

"Oh, Harvey, that's kind of a big request." Samantha sipped her drink. "It's next to impossible for a witch to send herself back in time these days… Maybe I could…" She felt tapping at her shoulder and turned around to Roxie staring at her.

"Hey, psycho princess…" Roxie responded begrudgingly. "Sabrina wants to know if you got her pearl necklace."

"I got it, short, dark and boring…" The two ladies weren't fond of each other. "Excuse me, Harvey…"

"I'll think about your offer." He gestured with his glass as the two ladies headed to the back changing area the pastor had given the girls to primp and prepare Sabrina for the ceremony. Dressed in a long white wedding dress with a veil and long bridal train, Sabrina needed last minute alterations to her dress. Her stitches had mysteriously fixed themselves, and her veil had oddly changed size to match the train of her dress, but there were so many little details to go with it such as her mortal grandmother's pearl necklace and her Aunt Zelda's earrings. Her hair was perfect for now, she was wearing more make-up than she had ever worn and her waist was the thinnest it had ever been. Samantha and Roxy entered the room as she spun around.

"Grandma's pearls! Grandma's pearls…" She was freaking.

"I got them." Samantha came behind her and helped put them on her. "There… you look hot, sis…"

"Sabrina, you look beautiful…" Valerie was there with Morgan as well. The four ladies basked in Sabrina's glow in the room.

"She sure does…"

"Where have you been?" Sabrina confronted her sister.

"She's here with Harvey…" Roxie spoke up quickly. Samantha stood there with her mouth open about to speak and a dirty look for Roxie. Sabrina's jaw dropped now.

"You're dating Harvey again?!"

"No!" Samantha tried to defend herself. "Harvey's just my escort…" She looked to Roxie's dirty little grin. "And I will have you know, you sadistic little munchkin, that I have been in a relationship with someone for over a year and a half now, and I would never do anything to ruin it."

"A relationship?" Valerie came around closer. "With who?"

"Well…" Samantha started to speak as someone knocked at the door. Peeking out first, she opened the door and allowed Libby to stride through the opening. She hugged Samantha, then Valerie and turned to Sabrina.

"Sabrina…" She had mellowed and changed so much to become just what she wanted to be, a socialite with the Boston upper crust, but she was not quite so angry. She had donated money to charity and spent time at fund-raiser to raise donations for worthy organizations. She had found her heart and her true love. "Wow, you look so beautiful." She hugged Sabrina.

Roxie and Morgan had heard stories of Libby, but they were not prepared to meet this mellowed and friendly version of her.

"Libby?" Sabrina was confused. "I haven't seen you since you went off to private school. What are you doing here?"

"Well, I'm here with my date…"

"Who's your date?" She asked then noticed as Samantha and Libby sidled up alongside each other with mooning glances at her. Libby slid her arm around Samantha who draped her arm around Libby's back. They seemed remarkably close. Samantha tossed her hair away from Libby who tried adjusting it.

Roxie: "Oh…"

Morgan: "My…

Valerie: "…God!"

Sabrina: "Libby?!"

"I guess it was all those hugs in high school." Libby confessed. "They made me realize who I really was." She and Samantha grinned to each other.

"Excuse me…" Sabrina grabbed her sister and dragged her into the bathroom. Morgan, Valerie, Libby and Roxie listened as Sabrina faced her sister about her life choice. Through the door they heard one loud question in Sabrina's voice.


"I knew there was something weird about that girl." Morgan turned to Roxie.

"What can I say?" Samantha confessed to her sister in private. "I mean… I've been with a lot of boys… a lot of boys…" She realized. "But something about all of them seemed… off. Being with Libby seems… right." She struggled to understand it.

"Oh-my-God…" Sabrina secretly realized the truth and struggled with keeping it a secret. "Please tell me you didn't tell her we're witches?" She whispered.

"Do you think I'm crazy…" Samantha whispered back. "But she does think I'm psychic and that the house is haunted." Their Aunt Hilda came to the outer room to see if Sabrina was ready, encountered Libby and was shocked when the girl hugged her with a big grin. It came as a bit of a shock to her after knowing the girl as she did as once being petty and vindictive, but Samantha and Libby took each other's hand and went out alongside Valerie to the chapel. Amanda Spellman lingered nearby with a stone she had to give Sabrina.

"Was that Libby Chessler?" Hilda got Sabrina's veil ready. "Wasn't she that mean girl who gave you girls all that trouble in high school?"

"Aunt Hilda…" Sabrina gasped as she got ready to take her vows. "Maybe there is a trace of William in Samantha after all."