Okay, please please don't kill me! *Holds up shield* I know I am BEYOND late, but I have good reasons. Okay really the only two good reasons are: life's a bitch and I lost my muse. So no this is not a chapter. I need to something to spark me muse again, besides watching the movie. I am down on myself because I am not the best at spelling or grammar, and I made the stupid decision to re-read past work. So yeah. With losing my muse,it wasn't entirely true, I have two ideas for the next one-shot; the Boston Massacre or the Christmas Truce of 1914. One is going to but a lot of grief on Jack and the other one Jack is trying to prevent the event from happening, and that is far as I got. So help and motivation is very helpful. Then with the whole 'life's a bitch thing' I was working on a Romeo and Juliet essay for two weeks for a teacher who may or may not be based off of Dr. Chapan. Then a week before, during, and after spring break I was procrastinating a a history project, and now I have a biology project. Oh and lets not forget my homework/essays in gym! -_- so yeah, life's a bitch and I don't know when I will update, but motivation always helps ;)