Hello and welcome to Winter Storm the sequel to the story Never Meant to Be. If you have not read that one first, please go back now and read that. Otherwise you won't know what in the worlds going on. Or who any of the characters are or the events that are taking place. But if you have already read it I'm glad you're back for this one! Please continue to enjoy throughout this story as well. And please leave your reviews, i love to know what everyone's thinking!


One year after the events in Never Meant to Be...

"Ah you must be the Paladin the Warlord sent for!" The goblin said with a wide smile staring down at the blood-elf. He said nothing keeping straight faced and looking hardly interested. The Goblin shifted uncomfortably and scratched his head. "Well I take it you know whats going on right?"

The Paladin nodded his head clearing his throat. "Yes, I'm aware of the situation." He looked up at the clouded Northrend sky shrugging his cloak closer.

"Ah I see, I see! Well I won't keep you long then." He smiled again getting slightly anxious. "That damned undead is running a muck and killing off my employes!" He growled. "I hired someone else to get rid of it, but well seeing as you're here..." The Paladin nodded trying not to roll his eyes.

"Just tell me where that scourge lackey was last spotted..." He closed his eyes rubbing his temple.

"Oh right..." The goblin jumped down from the crate he was standing on pointing south. "Just south of here. Doesn't come to close to the grounds, just close enough to be a problem. And we can't get this set up with it attacking all of our men!" He ground his teeth together. "Now I don't want to hire someone who can't take care of this problem... I don't have that much money to throw around you know!"

"Yes, yes lets just get on with it..."

"Alright your funeral buddy. Just keep traveling south and you're bound to run into that nuisance..." He nodded his head. "Bring me the damned things ax and I'll pay you. Got that?" He asked placing a hand on his hip and pointing up at the Blood-elf who simply walked over to his spectral saber.

"Alright I'll return with the ax soon..." He said as his the cat ran off into the snow storm. I came up from this direction... and I didn't see shit... He grit his teeth in agitation.

An hour or so of wondering in the snow he pulled the cat to a stop, and got off of its back petting its head. "Sense anything Spirit?" He asked and Spirit let her ears flop back against her head. "Yeah, me neither..." He walked several feet away taking hold of a mace. He squinted his eyes against the bombardment of white staring emotionless into the distance. He caught a glimpse of a ghoul lumbering about.

The ghoul looked exactly like all others of its kind except it had a chain and collar around its neck and its left arm was missing. He seemed unaware of the holy knight standing 20 or so yards away. It stopped to turn its decaying head and gave a shrill screech. The paladin twitched raising his mace in a guard position. The ghoul didn't move, but continued to give that obnoxious screech. A black figure walked up behind it and came to stand perfectly still.

A slender hand came to unclasp the warm cloak from around and throw it to the ground. Glowing blue eyes danced in amusement under a skull shaped helm. Faustino could just barely make out the hint of a smirk at the distance. The female death-knight reached back taking a hold of a medium sized ax griping it in one armored hand and the other in a simple glove. Her skin was bare the only covering around her breasts and sides and around her waist. A half skirt hung from the left side as well as strange bracing on the same leg. Boots that only came up to her ankles covered her feet.

Her two toned laugh reached Faustino's ears as she began to take slow deliberate steps forward. Ax held out to the side; Ghoul following close behind her. Faustino heard Spirit give a growl behind him. "Get back!" He told his only companion. The cat looked up at him annoyed but obediently complied. The Death-knight laughed again. Throwing a hand out as she began to run; a long black cord wiped out from her palm to circle around Faustino. He gasped as the energy constricted around his upper body. The woman gave a snap to her wrist and the paladin was jerked forward through the air.

As he neared the Death-knight he managed to break free slamming his mace into the glowing ax. She laughed again pushing her own weapon against his attempting to overpower the larger male. He gave a grunt bracing his feet giving a shove of his own. The ghoul dashed forward trying to leap on Faustino's back. He looked up in time to notice and strafed to the side, the Ghoul landing in front of its masters feet. It shrieked again throwing its one arm out running for the paladin again. The Death-knight charging right behind him.

Weapons collided again sending a shower of sparks to the snow covered ground. The ghoul lurched forward again, but the blood-elf quickly released one hand from his mace pointing it at the undead creature. It froze wide eyed and in shock. It tried to move, but it remained frozen in place; only able to move its eyes to dart back and forth. It's master only laughed again.

The two combatants backed off one another to circle; staring the other down. Their weapons struck one another several times before the woman backed off several yards throwing her head back cackling masochistically. "How weak you have gotten!" She cackled out.

Faustino drew his brow together holding his mace tighter in his hands. He watched as the woman slammed her ax into the snow to put both hands to her helm. The man paled several shades and his stomach dropped to the ground. No... it... it can't be... His eyes widened staring at the woman. She held the helm in one hand at her side tilting her head grinning madly. Her black-silver hair fluttered about in the wind. He watched as her chest heaved in uncontrolled laughter at his pain. Now he could see the scar exposed for the world to see like a trophy.

"I so thought you would be over joyed to see me my love." She grinned lowering her head staring through narrow eyes. Her Ghoul came to stand beside her as she tossed her helmet to the ground. Which began to quake beneath her. A skeletal arm burst from the snow, then another and another. Followed by heads and then bodies; until at least 8 other ghouls stood shrieking at her side. "Hah..ahah... AHAHAHA!" She cackled. He couldn't move just stare in rage at what he seen.

Damn you Arthas! He braced himself as the monsters charged him down, their summoner standing back enjoying the show; ax lazily resting on a shoulder. He managed to hold off the monsters until they all collapsed dead of their own accord, leaving the one 'pet' ghoul. Heaving his mace he smashed it into the creatures head, it fell to the ground with its kin in a pile of decaying flesh and bone.

Faustino took deep breaths wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of his arm. The woman staring on in the distance with mild amusement. "Stop this! Don't you remember me!?" He tried to yell in gasps. His horse voice straining to keep up with the words.

She smiled evilly. "What is it Faustino, can't handle poor defenseless Aliane?" She walked slowly to the kneeling paladin. "Oh I remember you all right..." She said with a smile still playing on her lips.

"What has that bastard done to you..." He said trying to lift his mace to defend himself, she kicked it away from his loose grip. Spirit gave a roar in the background holding her ground shaking in rage.

Aliane took a side glace at the cat before ignoring it all together. "Done to me you ask?" She planted her ax in the snow once more, and grabbed onto Faustino's cloak. "Why he's given me the power I never had as a mere human... Strength beyond what I could have even dreamed!" She pulled the man to his knees. Her eyes narrowed and the smiled faded from her lips. Her hands trembled for a split second before she spoke through clenched teeth. "All because you failed me in life..."

"You've lost your soul Aliane..." He gripped her wrists in his hands.

She clenched her jaw again. "Looks like I get to join you then, huh? One tainted soul to another? Now my hands are just as dirty as your own, aren't you proud of me!?" She asked with a grin plastered on her face.

"It isn't to late for you Aliane!" He tried to pull her toward him, she wouldn't budge.

"Oh it's far past it I'm afraid... Far far past..." She tisked as her eyes narrowed to slits. "I will never forgive you for what you have done to me!" She growled through clenched teeth.

"I'm so sorry Aliane..."

She snorted in disinterest. "Cut the apologies failure, it won't bring me back to you..."

"I wasn't talking about that..."

"Huh?" Her eyes widened as the ground beneath them began to glow a soft gold. She gasped as Faustino overpowered her pushing her to the ground. Golden wings shining brightly from his back. Her lips formed a perfect circle as she stared on at the glowing lights.

They crackled in mystic energy as they were extended toward the heavens above. Faustino rose to his feet holding his hands out toward his former lover and mother of his son. The brilliant glow consumed both him and Aliane bathing them in holy light.

"Find peace in Holy Light." Aliane jerked her head from side to side as the Light began to fold around her body, choking the un-life right from her body. A blood curdling shriek escaped her lips as she fell backwards. She lay motionless in the snow breathing lightly. More or less alive. Kinji struggled to keep on his feet as Spirit made her way over to him.

The massive she-cat gave a worried mew. He grinned sadly at her placing a hand on her large head. "It's going to be a long day my friend." He sighed pulling a length of rope from the bag at the cats side.