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Summary: Part Four; The Fourth Shinobi War has been declared on Akatsuki, after the devastating attack on Konohagakure. The Akatsuki's numbers have been narrowed down. In the end, will the era of war or peace come? Will Naruto live to see the aftermath of war?

Warnings: Powerful!Evilish!Demonic!Naruto. Fem!Motherly!Jubi

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Chapter Fifty-Eight

Within the first five seconds the two sides saw each other, the war fully broke out. Madara went to fight the Kage, distancing himself from the rest of the battlefield, while Tobi went to attack the rest of the Shinobi Forces. Jubi and the Sage of Six Path's both clashed as Jubi threw the first punch, and the Sage sent her flying off to another distant direction from the rest of the fights. While all of this was going on, Killer Bee was waiting for Saya to snap on her brother.

"Naruto... Before we fight, I have to ask you one thing... Why did you kill Okaa-chan?", Saya asked, walking towards him slowly.

"Why I killed her? Honestly, I have no idea... I just like the feeling of blood between my hands. I knew if I killed her, I would break both you and Otou-san.", Naruto sneered, "I wonder if you'll fight me alone, or be a coward and have Killer Bee fight alongside you.", he taunted.

"I'm not a coward!", Saya hissed angrily.

"This fight is meant to be between only between us, so shall we fight between each other? Or will you be a coward, a weakling, and fight with another by your side?", Naruto hummed, smirking.

"I'm not stupid.", she sneered.

"Then you would know our fight will end it all. However, it can only be between us.", Naruto stated.

"Killer Bee, go help the Kage with Madara. I'll take him.", Saya declared.

"Neh, neh! You sure?", Killer Bee asked her.

"Hai.", Saya nodded, and Killer Bee nodded, and moved out. He knew what Naruto said was true. The final fight had to between siblings, and whoever won would decide the end of the war. Somehow, he just knew. As did the world of the fighters.

Saya quickly inflamed in the Kyuubi's Chakra, and ran at her brother.

In response, Naruto formed two silver blades and ran right back at her.


Jubi growled, as she tumbled across the ground. She stood up, and watched as the Sage ran right towards her.

He threw multiple punches and kicks towards her, and she dodged or attempted to throw another hit back. Their speed got quicker and quicker, before you couldn't track it with the human eye. Jubi's fists started to be covered in her Chakra, but each one still got blocked or dodged. The Sage put all of his strength and much power into his hit, yet each one still got dodged or blocked.

"Fire Style: Sun Wrath Dragon!", Jubi snarled, flipping through handseals before she let loose a sudden income of molten lava. The Sage jumped back, as the lava formed into a large dragon, that coiled up into the air before lunging towards him.

The Sage jumped upwards just in time, as the dragon hit the ground. The lava splashed out, the lava pouring around. It spreaded out in a thin coat, before Jubi flipped through another set of handseals.

"Ice Release: Ice On Fire Barrier!", Jubi called out, and formed a thin, flat, smooth plate of ice over the lava, keeping it from spreading out any further.

The Sage landed on the ice, but it started to crack beneath his feet, and the lava started to seep out of the cracks.

"YinYang Release: Attack of the Dancing Leaves!", the Sage spoke calmly, but yet his voice was still loud. He blew out strips of white and black energy that mixed together before ripping apart to take the somewhat alike-shape of a leaf.

The energy-made leaves ran towards Jubi, and surrounded her. Twisting around her, forming a tornado of energy around her. A scream was unleashed, and the energy exploded outwards.

The energy ripped apart the ice, forcing the lava to spread out in tiny pieces. Some hit tree's, causing them to light-up with fire. Others landed on the ground and got smothered with ice. The Sage quickly put out all the fire, with a blast of water in all directions. It also aided in soaked Jubi in water.

"Dammit! I HATE YOU!", Jubi snarled angrily, running towards the Sage once again.

He dodged multiple punches, before throwing a few kicks and punches. She dodged them all, except one that sent her flying right into a crispy tree that she broke into splinters.

She stood up, and growled.

"Why do you hate me? Is it because I make you realize that I do not need to be a Demon to be strong?", the Sage asked, looking at her.

"I hate you because you took me from this world, stunting my power growth... I know that if I stayed here, I would be even more powerful than I am currently. If you had never cut pieces of me apart!", Jubi snarled, flipping through handseals.

"Water Style: Water Dragon!", she screamed, and blew out tons of water that just multiplied and formed into a ten story tall dragon. It lunged right towards the Sage, who easily dodged, but the dragon lunged right back towards him and swallowed him.

Jubi sneered, and used one of her bloodline's to turn the whole dragon into ice.

She smirked as the frozen dragon, running over to shatter it into pieces-

The dragon burst out into shatters, as the Sage ran right towards her, drenched in water and pieces of ice.

"I did it so you would stop harming humans. You were losing more and more moral. I had no doubt you would start killing children next.", the Sage stated.

"Fuck. You!", Jubi hissed angrily, running at the Sage.

"YinYang Release: Drainage.", the Sage muttered easily, and stopped a punch Jubi had thrown at him. Keeping her fist in his hand, he managed to drain the same amount of Chakra that could be used to re-create the Ichibi from her.

"NO!", Jubi hissed, and was able to pull her fist back, black Chakra running from her fist right into the Sage's hand, but the drainage from Jubi's reserved had been disconnected(stopped).

The Sage quickly sealed said Chakra into a small kanji-seal on his wrist, which he planned to use to re-create one of the Bijuu later on. If he could defeat the Jubi, that is.

"You care for Naruto, do you not?", the Sage asked.

"O-Of course I do!", Jubi frowned, wondering why the Sage stopped moving.

"Then you should know either he or his sister will die today. A large chance goes to his sister.", the Sage stated.

"Your lying.", Jubi whispered, angry at the Sage, and fearful for Naruto.

"I am not. Either surrender now, and I will stop the fight, or continue on and have me defeat you. If you chose the latter, I will defeat you, re-create the Bijuu, and re-seal you. Naruto will die.", the Sage said, preparing for her answer.

"I will continue to fight. I WILL defeat you! I WILL NOT LOSE HIM!", Jubi hissed, and ran at him.

"Your taunting me! Acting as if you can trick me! I am no fool!", Jubi snarled, kicking and punching angrily. She, however, did not let her anger blind her movements. She couldn't let herself loose it, when fighting the Sage.

"I am not tricking you.", the Sage sighed, dodging a angry kick from Jubi.

"LIES! ALL OF THEM!", Jubi hissed, preparing an attack.

"Dark Aged Wolf; Spinning Barrel Attack!", Jubi muttered, letting her Chakra explode outwards from her body, then having it wrap tightly around her. With a odd-looking, black aura surrounding her body - she ran at the Sage.

She vanished suddenly, and the Sage was unable to dodge the attacks.

Multiple punches and kicks were landed on him, before he finally went flying forward right into a boulder. It broke and shattered into smaller pieces of rock (thought still relatively small). The Sage groaned slightly in pain, before he stood up.

"Art of Healing: In-and-Out Body Healing.", the Sage was able to quickly heal his body, as the black aura faded from Jubi's body.

"I forgot about your little tricks of yours.. but I won't let myself forget again.", Jubi stated, sneering.

"Stop holding back, and fight me dammit!", Jubi hissed.

"If I must.", the Sage sighed, "I should have known.", he shook his head, showing somewhat sadness. As if he didn't want to do what he about to.

He brought his hands together in a quick movement of handseals.

"Art of Elements: Fire-Wind Tornado.", the Sage stated, pulling his hands out towards Jubi.

Blasts of wind and fire shot right towards her, forming into large, tight funnels that showed a great danger of injury. Even to her.

And it looked like she may not be able to dodge.

That's also when a distant explosion went off, flying right towards the barrier.

-o-0-o- During the start of their fight (Naruto and Saya) -o-0-o-

Saya barely managed dodge the two blades, quickly forming a Rasengan to ram right into her brother's back. Naruto, however, seemed to have other plans as he jumped upward, and shot the two blades right at her. Saya was barely able move to the side, the blades scratched right by her arms. When the Kyuubi Chakra-mode wore off, there would no doubt be blood pouring out of the scratches(cuts). Though, they would be minor(hopefully).

"Aw, don't worry Saya. I'll make your death as painless as possible.", Naruto smirked, landing swiftly on the ground, before running straight at her.

"Ha! Like you'll be able to kill me!", Saya huffed, as Naruto formed multiple more blades, swiping them at her.

"I've become stronger since the Chunin Exams!", Saya declared, jumping backwards to form multiple large Rasengan's, spreading out the yellow-colored Chakra out into the form of hands, pushing them all in different directions at Naruto so he would be unable to dodge.

Except for the top - Which Naruto was able to jump upwards, with the power from the Rasengan's singing his clothes, burning some of his skin on his legs. He paid no mind, already feeling Jashin's blessing healing him. That didn't meant he could let himself think it would be okay to be injured; he had to make sure he wouldn't get injured, he had to remain as unharmed and healthy as possible.

He went through a set of handseals, "Uranium Release: Shurikun Blast!", he called out, and spread out his arms.

Saya watched, amazed, as orbs of glowing green energy formed into sphere's, before shaping into something sharper - into shurikun. Naruto seemed to push wind straight up to the shurikun, causing them to be flung straight at her, with a strip of fire suddenly alighting.

The uranium shurikun met with the fire, and exploded right towards Saya, only a few feet away from her actually. The blast hit her full on, and she went flying backwards. She tumbled, as the yellow-chakra from the Kyuubi faded off. She coughed out blood, and winced.

"Shit..", she groaned, slowly starting to stand up.

Only for a blade to pushed right through her left thigh, she let out a whimper of pain.

Naruto sneered, and formed another blade. He pushed it right through her right thigh, then continued to pin her arms and wrists to the ground. Blood started to poor around her.

"I want to taunt you, honestly. I want to drag the Kyuubi right out of you... Though, I know I shouldn't.", Naruto sighed, forming another blade. He put it on her back, right to the middle where her heart would be placed. He started to push it down, as if the want to lengthen the pain showed through. As well as his own insanity.

"S-Shut up!", Saya snarled, just as the blade started to slowly pierce through her skin. She let out a pain-filled scream.

A mix of red and yellow Chakra exploded out of her, and Naruto flipped backwards. He watched in shock, as the Chakra formed into something much, much larger than Saya. It became more and more solid, forming into a very large fox. To put it simply - Right into the nine-tailed fox.

Naruto's eyes sparked with curiosity. "You can transform just like the Hachibi Jinchuriki?", he hummed, frowning a bit.

"No matter... I can still defeat you, somehow.", Naruto muttered.

The Kyuubi ran straight at him, and swiped its paw right down.

Naruto jumped backwards, but that didn't defend him from the blast of wind, pebbles and chunks of earth. He landed softly on a thick tree branch, quickly moving through a set of handseals.

"Uranium Release: Liquid Tar!", Naruto smirked, and opened his hands.

Liquid uranium poured out of his hands, into a thick substance (just like tar, really). It formed into a rather thick pieces of 'rope' that moved quickly, and wrapped tightly around the Kyuubi before starting to spread out.

The rawrs and thrashing movements of the Bijuu was stopped as the uranium fully covered it. The uranium continued to spread out and boil, before it started to harden over and create a green-colored statue of the Kyuubi (to be explained simply). Though only seconds passed before cracks in the frozen uranium started to form, with the liquid starting to ooze back to solidify quickly again. Though as more cracks appeared, the thinner the liquid became.

"Fire Style: Blasting Stream.", Naruto stated simply, and let out a large stream of burning fire that hit the uranium with fierce heat and energy.

It exploded outwards, and the blast ran upwards. The shield stopped the blast, and simply deflected it right back towards the ground.

Then, a blast of fire and wind met Naruto with full force.


The whirlwind - tornado - of fire and wind hit Jubi, before it went on and started to rush towards to where the explosion had appeared. The stream continued on before it hit the barrier on the other side of the large radius that it surrounded. The fire road all the way up, forming very small, unseen cracks. It would go by unnoticed, it seemed. As the fire and wind finally died out at the top. When the dust and rubble cleared from the air, from both the first explosion and the Sage's attack, you could see Jubi panting heavily on the ground.

Her arms had grown thick black fur, with claws to match. Sharp, long canines had grown out and her body started to slowly transform into that of her animalistic form.

"Ooh, that was a good one. But I can still fight.", Jubi cackled, letting her animalistic form explode out.

-o-0-o- Meanwhile with the Kage's and Madara -o-0-o-

Madara sneered, watching as the five Kage were all spread out. Covering in rubble and dust, drenched in their blood. They hadn't been much fun, and not much of a threat at all. Like a child trying to get his/her older brother to give him/her back candy. Not a threat, a child to a older, more stronger, human being. Sometimes, not getting any mercy. Just like in this case, obviously. The Uchiha never bothered to show mercy, in this world, who deserved it?

He glanced at the area where the earlier explosion came from, and wondered what just had happened to cause both... incidents. He hummed quietly, and began walking forward. He took a short glance at the Hachibi jinchuriki, and sneered. Even he wasn't a threat, which was rather disappointing. Just another inexperienced, immature, child in a war. A war that couldn't helped, no? Either way... it was time for him to create a final peace, no matter what.


Naruto groaned out in pain, barely able to stand up. Most of his skin was burned, some of it so burned you could see his cooked - yet raw - flesh. Thankfully, it seemed that Jashin's blessing would help heal it. It looked like it would be awhile, however. He winced just slightly, and wished he could be a little smarter. Somehow, he always ended up messing up. Some days, he felt like the maker of the world had it out for him.

He turned just slightly, to see Saya's body off to the side. She wasn't moving, so he guessed she was dead.

And for some odd reason, a sad jolt pang through his chest. Naruto actually felt... guilty. But why? Why now? He hadn't felt guilt when he killed his mother, so does he feel so sad, and remorseful, after killing his sister. It made no sense, but then again... Naruto could be considered legally insane. Naruto laughed a dry laugh, it was raspy. He was thirsty. His throat was drier than the desert before Suna (His personal pun brought a small smile to his face).

His wounds, however, seemed to pick up on healing.

"Dear Jashin...", Naruto groaned.

Well, looks like he would be letting off the bomb sooner than expected. As soon as he's fully healed, that is. Which may be awhile... He wondered who had designed said attack towards him, but merely shrugged and let himself take a nice nap~


Madara walked towards the battle field, to see Tobi staring at a large army, all of them knocked out.

"What happened?", Madara hummed.

"The two attacks from earlier hit over here, while I was burning most of them alive.", Tobi stated, "Lessened my work.", he said.

"Hmm... Where is the Jubi, and that boy?", Madara asked.

"Off with their fight, I believe.", Tobi shrugged.

"Should we go help them?", Madara asked.

"I believe Jubi wouldn't want that, and Naruto is just like her. I say we just rest.", Tobi said.

"Of course... How about we find some water?", Madara said, not even bothering to wait for Tobi's response before he walked on off, and Tobi following closely behind.


Jubi let her animal-form only grow to the size of a very, very large animal (AN: Like the size of a Ford truck). Her ivory-white teeth glistened in the given light, before she let loose an angry, rabid, horrid snarl. She dashed towards the Sage.

The Sage jumped upward, flipping through a set of handseals.

"YinYang Release: Drainage Strings.", he called out. Strings of black and white exploded from his fingertips, and raced towards Jubi. They wrapped around her, clenching down harshly. She let loose a angry, pain-filled roar - it was really a mix between a roar, a scream, and whimper. And it was loud, very loud.

The Sage pulled back on the strings, causing tons of her Chakra to flow up the strings, into a readying seal on the Sage's arm. Jubi thrashed angrily, and the 'strings' started to snap slowly. However, by the time she was able to break through the Sage had enough Chakra taken now in total create the Ichibi to the Sanbi. Though, Jubi still had a LOT more Chakra use. Chakra that she would use happily.

"Fuck you! I don't need raw power to defeat you!", Jubi growled, getting ready to pounce at him.


Naruto felt one of his final, major wounds close up. He couldn't take a nap, too much noise. Most likely coming from the other's fights. He couldn't help feel a sense of pride that he was the first one done with his opponent.

That's when he heard heavy coughing some feet away from him.

"He left her alive.", spoke a deep voice.

"Indeed. Shall we finish off the deed?", sneered another.

Naruto reorganized them both. Madara and Tobi. And he did not want them to hurt his sister. Before his rational part of his mind take over, he shot up, and created two blades (one for each hand) and gripped them tightly, before running blindly at the two. He barely remembered piercing the two blades through two bodies, before a piece of his mind rose and he went black. Pain overrode his system due to his wounds, and he did his best to let loose a scream but he heard nothing.

"You can't kill us like that, boy.", laughed a voice, that disturbed Naruto's painful-yet-blank feeling.

More pain started to explode in his, before he felt his own life fading away. Something kept him there, however. He couldn't die.. not yet. He couldn't.

No. No. No. No. No. No. NO!

"Daammmit!", Naruto screamed out, finally hearing himself.

He felt all the pain fade away, and he wanted to lunge. He wanted to kill, he wanted to see blood of the one who dared to kill HIS prey.

HE was the predator. HE was the hunter. HE was the one that would kill his prey - his sister.

And he attacked.

-o-0-o- A bit earlier -o-0-o-

Jubi's pounce was cut off, and she tumbled to the ground, letting out a scream of pain. Black Chakra started to ooze off her animalistic body, flowing off somewhere else. Her animalistic body faded off, and she was once again back in her human body. More of her Chakra started to be forced out of her body, before it started to change into the color of blue. During all of this, she was screaming in total pain.

"The gods are getting involved. But why?", the Sage frowned, "No.. the gods aren't getting involved. They're pushing a prophecy to it's end.", he murmured.

"Jubi's losing her Demonic form. She's turning back into a human.", the Sage said, walking over to her as the Chakra flow cut off. Just as he was above her, looking down, hey eyes fluttered open in pain.

Her eyes were the same, but less... demonic, somehow. They were more human-ish, more inviting.

"All my demonic power.. What the fuck did you do?", Jubi growled, but she could barely keep herself in an angry facade as she let out a pained groan.

"I didn't do anything. The Shinigami didn't tell neither of us the final act of the prophecy.", the Sage said.

"Your power is still great. If you continue to train in your human form, you could eventually match your power to mine. Your much weaker, though.", the Sage stated.

"No shit.", Jubi snorted, "Most of my power was the demonic Chakra I gathered after turning into a demon. I bet I would loose a lot of goddamn power. I wonder if I can still use the bloodline's I created...", she trailed off.

"Try then.", the Sage said.

"Hmm...", Jubi's eyes stared right up at the sky, before they transformed into the Sharingan.

"At least I have that, still.", Jubi said, "Go find out who has my power, you bastard.", she ordered.

"You don't hate me as much as you did.", the Sage said, ignoring the last part of her sentence.

"I... I see no reason to it. Hate is blinding, and there is no reason to actually hate anyone. Why bother?", Jubi returned, "Now, go! Make sure Naruto is alright..", she ordered in a mumble, before she let out a yawn.

"Night...", she muttered, her eyes closing. Destined never to open again.

"Goodnight, Jubi-hime.", the Sage smiled, standing up.

He moved right towards where the Chakra flow had been directed.


Naruto felt invincible. Even as he looked down at his sister's dying body, blood covering his hands. Madara's body evaporating into pieces of paper-like substance, that had gotten quickly burned by a burst of fire. Tobi's body was ripped into the shreds, before being thrown into the burning fire. Now, he only wanted to rip out his sister's heart. He desperately wanted to finish the hunt... but why? What was the purpose?

"Naruto..", his sister whispered.

Was she his sister? Was... was his name Naruto? Why does it seem that every drop of memory were vanishing, except for how to fight. How to kill. How to hunt.

"Is that... is that my name?", he asked, cocking his head to the side.

"Y-Yes..", she murmured.

"What is yours?", he asked.

"S-Saya..", she whispered, wincing his pain.

Blood had pooled around her body. She was so close to dying. Should he finish her off? Or should he help her?

'... set off the bomb, Naruto. Form the handseals, and push out your Chakra... kill everyone..', a voice spoke inside of his head.

Should he listen?

He brought his hands together, the handseals he was supposed to go through flashing inside of his hand. He started to move.

"Naruto... why did you kill mom?", Saya asked from below him.

He froze.

Flashes of memories went through his mind like whiplash.

"Okaa-san! Okaa-san! I found a turtle!"

"That's adorable Naruto."

Her blood on my hands.. her heart shuddering to a stop in my hands. The cool liquid seeping through. Bringing it to my lips, I licked the blood. Delicious~

"Naruto... what's happened to you?"

"I've become strong!"



"I love you, my baby boy. Goodnight."

"Who are you..?"

"You may call me Jubi."


Words formed inside of his head, crashing down upon his shoulders.

If you looked into his eyes, you would only see boiling madness.

"Make it stop... MAKE IT STOP!", he roared angrily, black Chakra slamming out of him. It pushed forward, taking ahold of tree's. Turning everything it touched into frail objects. As if Death touched himself.

Saya screamed out in pain.

Naruto looked down at her.

"You.. You have to die. It'll stop it all.", he murmured.

He went through the handseals again.

"It'll stop... all of it.", he laughed.

Blue eyes started to glow.


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