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Note: For all Shadow Dragon things, I'll be referring to them by their localized names. This includes Navarre instead of Nabarl, Caeda instead of Shiida, Archanea instead of Akaneia, etc.

I'm not actually sure how many AU stories people make for FE, so hopefully this doesn't get shunned because it is. There won't be any characters from Gaiden, Seisen no Keifu, or Thracia 776 because I haven't played those games. If I do put any in, they'll have extremely minor roles since I don't know their personalities. I've got a crapton of characters to introduce (no OCs, just that it's an AU, so everyone's gonna be a bit different from their regular characterization), so let's just get to it! So much for keeping this short…

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The First Day Back

"Move it, loser!"

Oof, thanks a lot, dick. I definitely wanted to start my school year out by getting shoved to the ground by you.

"You alright, Eddie?" came a voice from behind me. I quickly hopped onto my feet and turned around to face my best friend.

"Oh, hey, Leo. Yeah, I'm fine, that's your typical Largo, though; always pushing people around."

"Heh, don't worry about it, he's too dumb to take an insult anyway."

Where are my manners; I guess I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Edward, but you can call me Eddie. Today's the first day back for everyone here at Fire Emblem High. It's probably one of the biggest high schools around, given that it's the only one in a district of five cities: Archanea, Elibe, Magvel, Tellius, and Ylisse. I don't know what the joint city councils were thinking when they decided to build one mega-school to have all of us teens to attend, but needless to say, it's a pretty crowded place.

Oh, the long blond-haired guy standing next to me? This is Leonardo, or Leo for short. The two of us have been best friends since we were kids. I can't really call us the troublesome twosome or anything like that, but we do have our fun. Usually he's the calm-headed one, but I prefer to call him the stick in the mud. Despite being best friends, we really aren't all that alike. Meh, opposites attract (we're just friends…).

"Hey, guys!" a girl shouted from behind us. In truth, it could've been directed at anyone since there were tons of people around, but we turned anyway. Oh, good, she was waving at us.

"Rebecca!" I called back, happy to see my best female friend.

Yeah, the three of us were basically the three amigos, no big deal. I chuckled as she happily skipped towards us, her medium-length braids bouncing from below her bandana (whoa, now that was an alliterative sentence if I'd ever thought of one). Her bright green eyes perfectly matched her hair, and I'd never really been discrete in telling her that I thought she was pretty. It's totally platonic since she's, y'know, my best friend. Besides, I'm just your average-looking guy: brown hair, brown eyes, kinda skinny, not too muscular, etc. I used to wonder if Leo and Rebecca only liked keeping me around because I made them look good, but girls (and one gay guy; I don't really like to dwell on that…) have told me I'm cute.

Anyway, the three of us made our way towards the enormous front courtyard of the school. Since every town around was paying for it, our high school was bigger than any college or university in the country. Honestly, you hear in movies and stuff how some of the seniors are afraid to graduate because they'll be faced with way bigger classes and whatnot, but where we're from it'll be more of an intimate setting than what we have now. Moving on, we made our way over to our usual group's hangout spot by the fountain and found some of our friends there.

"Eddie, Leo, Rebecca, over here!" waved Gerik and Boyd. Well, it's not like we would've missed them considering that they're the biggest guys in sight, being the rugby players and whatnot.

That was one thing about our school that was different from most others. Where they were all big on football (not to be confused with soccer), our school was big on rugby instead. Most of the guys on the team called football a pussy sport for people who couldn't take hits without armour. I couldn't deny that rugby was definitely the more aggressive sport, but I would never say that to a football player's face. In case you didn't notice, I'm kinda scrawny… A hard pat on my shoulder caught my attention as we neared the spot.

"So, you gonna join the team this year, Eddie? We still need a decent hooker." Haha, laugh it up, but it's an actual position.

I didn't need to turn around to know who was talking to me with his manly voice and muscular stature. I'm actually not sure how I forgot to mention Ike, captain of the rugby team as of last year. No matter, I knew it was him standing there. It's kind of surprising that Ike prefers to hang out with our group rather than the rest of the popular crowd that he's so, well, popular with. I'm not complaining, everybody like's Ike, but I just would've assumed he'd be hanging out with them. I guess all of us have our connections to the popular group though.

Speaking of the popular group, I forgot to mention that our school is, how's the best way to put this… cliquey. It's not that everyone hates each other (for the most part we actually all get along or are just indifferent), but almost everyone tends to stick to their own groups. I'd say my group is the most diverse out of all of them, so there isn't really a special 'name' for our clique; although, I have heard us referenced as the 'kinda populars' and other things to that effect. I dunno what would make us the 'kinda populars', but I won't argue that fact.

"Hey, you!" I heard a voice shout as someone jumped on my back. Don't know how they managed to do that with the knapsack being there and all…

"Wha- who's on my back?!"

"Heehee, relax, Edward, it's just me!" said a girl, quickly jumping off of me so that I could see her.


"Don't mind me, it's not like I've seen you all summer either," came a rather snarky, sarcastic voice.

"Hehe, sorry, Sothe, I didn't really notice you with your girlfriend jumping me. How's it going?"

"Not too bad, not too bad; I suppose you met up with Leo and Rebecca first?"

"You know me well, o green-headed one." Now that I think about it, I have a lot of green-haired friends: Rebecca, Gerik, Boyd, Sothe, Nino… okay, so maybe it wasn't that many, but how many people do you know with naturally green hair? I don't like to tell people, but I'm a sucker for chicks with green hair.

"Who else is here? It's so damn difficult to find the people you want to with so many people here," Sothe complained as he was shoved back and forth by the crowds of people running to see each other.

Before I could answer, Leo was quick with a response. He probably had a better answer than my simple 'I 'unno'. "I think most of them are still getting here. We're only here early 'cause we wanted to meet up with some of you guys before the day started. I'm sure Donny and Nephenee are around somewhere. Ross, Ewan, and Amelia always sleep in, so they won't be here for a while. I'm guessing Mia had to take Marisa and Sumia to the infirmary since they're so prone to injuries, and it's pretty hectic out here. Robin, Kris, Mark, and Soren are probably off making a new playbook before the homecoming game. That's about it, isn't it?"

"Um, you forgot about us…" we heard a timid voice from beside Leo. I'm actually surprised we heard her, considering how loud it was out here.

"Oh, crap, sorry, Noire," he quickly apologized to the brunette. "Wait, did you and Natasha just get here?" She nodded, a look of unease on her face. "Hold up, if you and Natasha are here, then that means-"


Boom, collision with the green-haired maniac. We all laughed as Nino hugged Leo tightly on the ground. Nino was absolutely crazy in like with Leo; he, on the other hand, was a bit less enthusiastic about her. Well, that's how he liked to word it. That was basically his way of saying he liked her too. I could definitely see the difference in how he looked at her compared to other girls, but he would never admit to liking someone so… hyperactive. Whatever, it's like I said before, opposites attract, and Leo and Nino were definitely going to be dating by the end of this year; they had to, I bet good money on it.

Actually, since Leonardo was so kind enough to name off all of our friend-group members, I should probably elaborate a bit more on who they are. To start off, Donnel and Nephenee are stepsiblings from the farming sections of Ylisse and Tellius. Their parents share the land at the city border, so no one can say exactly which city they live in, not that that really matters. They're pretty close, so you can usually find them together.

Next we have Robin, Kris, and Mark, the tactical geniuses of the school. They make the playbooks for every sports team in the school along with Ike's childhood friend, Soren. Seriously, I don't think our school has lost one game since those four put their heads together back in grade nine. Other than the nerds, they're the smartest guys in the school, and, other than Ike, they're probably closer to the popular group than anyone else.

Ross, Amelia, and Ewan all grew up together in Magvel. I'm pretty sure their parents are all family friends, so the three of them are just as inseparable as Leo, Rebecca, and I. As Leo said earlier, they're all a bunch of lazy kids who love their sleep, so they probably won't get here until around lunchtime. It's the first day, so I guess it doesn't matter too much, but still…

Moving on, we've got Mia, Sumia, and Marisa. Honestly, I don't know how Mia ended up in a trio with those two, but needless to say they would probably be dead without her constantly keeping them out of danger. To put it lightly, Sumia and Marisa are the clumsiest people on the planet. You'd be surprised to know, then, that they're both the most graceful gymnasts I've ever seen in my life. Yeah, what the hell, right? Gerik and Marisa are also… you know, I don't really know what they are. The best way to describe it is… not-dating-because-we're-best-friends-but-we-both-really-wanna-get-together-and-make-babies-because-we've-liked-each-other-for-like-six-years-now. Well, that's how I'd describe it if I were one of them.

I guess I've been rambling for a while, so I'll hurry this up. Sothe and Micaiah were already dating when we met them back on the first day of middle school (so weird for kids to date, right?) and they've been together all the way up to now, our grade eleven (or junior, for all you 'Muricans out there) year. They used to have some issues with Ike, Soren, Boyd, and Mia, but now they're all close friends. Funny how things work out, eh?

And finally, we've got the three N's over here: Noire, Natasha, and Nino. Truthfully, the first letters of their names are about the only thing they have in common, so it's kind of interesting that they form yet another trio in our twenty-three person group. Noire is super shy and quiet most of the time, but seriously, and I can't stress this enough, Do. Not. Get. Her. Angry. She basically goes all Incredible Hulk on anyone who pushes her too far. It's… terrifying. Natasha, on the other hand, is the sweetest, most reserved person I've ever met. She's the most altruistic person I know, and I swear she makes Gandhi look like a dictator. Yeah, she's that nice; of course she's too humble to think so. As for Nino, well, I think her actions pretty much speak for themselves.

"Uh, can you get off me, Nino? The grass is… dirty…" said a blushing Leo. We all snickered at the sight of the two of them. Shut up Leo, we know you like it.

"Oops, sorry," she said, quickly getting off of him, and helping to pull him up. "I just feel like I haven't seen you in such a long time!"

"…Nino, it's Monday. We just went for ice cream on Saturday…" he said, face turning redder by the second.

"That's two days too long!" she laughed, wrapping him in another tight squeeze. I don't think I've ever seen someone's face turn so red.

"Oh, guys, me and Eddie have to go somewhere!" Rebecca suddenly said. Uh, we do?

"We do?" She glared at me, forcing me to comply, "O-oh right, I forgot! That, uh, that thing… that we had… to… do?"

"Ugh, nevermind, we'll catch up with you guys later!" she said, tugging me away through the crowded courtyard.

I had no idea where she was bringing me. I'm not exactly the tallest person, so trying to see around the ocean of people was next to impossible. I'm actually more surprised that Rebecca, being short as she was, could tell where she was going, and was able to maneuver around everyone. While I was pretty confused by all of this, I didn't complain; after all, this hadn't been the first time she'd randomly dragged me somewhere. After a while, she pulled me out of the crowds of people to reveal the large multi-purpose sports fields.

"So, what are we doing here, Bec?" I was the only one allowed to call her that. Ever since that guy named Beck started school here, she didn't want to be referred by the same name, not that he's a bad guy or anything. Luckily, I'm too persistent for her to stop me from calling her that, since I was the one who started it anyway.

"I just wanted to get away from all the people for a second," she said, taking a deep breath and breathing in the fresh air. "And unlike the two lovebirds back there, I actually haven't seen you in a while!"

It was true. Her family always went away for a couple weeks at the end of the summer, so it had been quite some time. I gave her a hug; it felt like the right thing to do then, "Yeah, I guess I never asked you how your trip was. I was more concerned with how much I missed you that it slipped my mind."

"Aww, you're such a softie," she giggled, returning the embrace. "Well, it was nice. Jugdral isn't all that different from here, but it has some pretty beaches and stuff."

"Hey, Skeletor, why don't you get your hands off my sister!"

Trudging down the hill from behind us was someone I did not want to see. Ugh, yeah, I kinda forgot to mention Rebecca's older brother. He's known me forever, but for whatever reason he decided to start picking on me as soon as he became part of the popular crowd. It's weird, but he's the only one that tends to do so when he's alone. I mean the populars are known for picking on people when they're together, but I've talked to most of them one-on-one before and they're actually pretty friendly. I guess it's that mob mentality/cool person rep or something. Either way, he wasn't alone it seemed.

"C'mon, Dan, you know I wasn't doing anything."

"Hey, hey, hey, the name's Dart, not Dan!" Oooh, because that sounds sooo tough. "And it looked to me like you were trying to cop a feel or something. What, you think I'm gonna let you touch my sister like that?!"

"Dude, relax, it was a hug. Seriously, I've known you for like twelve years, when have I ever tried to make a move on Rebecca?"

"Uh…" Yeah, that's right, dumbass. I watched as he turned to Largo and Gonzales for support. I had to stifle a chuckle from escaping; Dart sure picked a good couple of cronies to try and outsmart me.

"Well, you're still a scrawny loser!" shouted Largo.

"Haha! Gonzales squash you like a bug!" Gonzales guffawed. I don't really know how he fit in with the popular people. He was dumber than a rock, and he was probably one of the ugliest gorillas I'd ever seen. Good thing Vaike wasn't here, or I'd be mentally insulting both of them for their minimal intelligences.

"Dan, go away! It's just Edward, you know he wouldn't do anything!" said Rebecca.

"Grr, fine, but if I catch you with her again, oh you're in for a hell of a beatdown!" he yelled before storming off with the other muscleheads. Yeah, because you've never threatened me with that before. When was the last time you actually beat me up? Oh, right, never. "And I told you, it's Dart!"

"Heh, so when'd he coin that nickname?" I chuckled once they were out of earshot.

"To be honest, I think he made it up either today or yesterday," she giggled with me, "but he seems pretty insistent on it, so maybe it's safest to just call him that from now on."

"Yeah, but he's your brother… Don't you think he'll give some leeway for you?" She gave me an are-you-kidding-me look before we both broke out in laughter. "Yeah, stupid question."

The sound of the first bell going off caught our attention, and we slowly made our way up towards the enormous building. Because the school was so big, they had to make a whole bunch of subdivisions within grades to keep the sorting system easier. Rebecca and I were lucky enough to end up in the same division, so we pretty much got to hang out whenever there was a school-wide assembly or something.

We entered the building and followed the signs labeled 'Grade Elevens'. There were a lot of familiar faces around, but no one from our group was in sight. I probably didn't even have to walk, the current of moving people would flow me to the point where the divisions split off. After a few minutes, we reached the area where people started to do so. I spent a couple minutes looking for a sign saying 'Division Three'. It was times like these when I cursed my short stature.

"Looking for something?" asked a familiar, bubbly voice.

"Mia! Where have you been all morning?" Rebecca said happily, giving Mia a hug. My guess is she was helping Marisa and Sumia get patched up at the infirmary.

"Sorry, I was at the infirmary with Marisa and Sumia. You know them, always needing to get patched up over something or other." Bingo, worded almost identically to what I just said.

I should've mentioned that Mia's in our division as well. You'd think that with only three divisions to split up the fifteen of us that are in grade eleven that more of our group would be together, but it turned out that most of them ended up in division one. It was us three in D3; Mark, Donnel, Soren, Sumia, and Noire in D2; and Robin, Kris, Nephenee, Sothe, Micaiah, Natasha, and Leo in D1. Ross, Ewan, Amelia, and Nino are all a year younger than us and Ike, Gerik, Boyd, and Marisa are a year older.

Mia led the way, being taller than the two of us, and we began heading down the hallway for our division. Now this was a reasonable amount of people, only about three hundred or so crammed into the hallway. I'm not being sarcastic when I say that, there's anywhere from three to seven hundred people per division, so we were lucky to get one of the smaller ones. I think our school has, oh I dunno; averaging five hundred per division, three divisions per grade, four grades in the school you get roughly… ugh, it's too early to be doing math, but I'm pretty sure there's around six thousand people at our school, give or take a few hundred. Yeah, most high schools get between one to two thousand, so the fact that ours has this many is just to give you an idea of how crowded it is.

Sorry for rambling, but this line is moving really slow. When we finally reached the front (a whole freaking nine minutes!), we went into a room where there was a long row of desks with twenty-six, lettered folders. Each folder had a teacher sitting behind it so that they could find the person's schedule. Mia and I made our way over to the 'T' line while I watched Rebecca go to the 'W' line. Mia and I have the same last name, but I can assure you that we aren't related. Yes, we've been told we have similar personalities, but other than that I don't see any other similarities. She's really pretty, where I'm, as I've said before, just a regular-looking guy. Her purple hair and bright green eyes, accompanied by the fact that she seems to wear a lot of orange, really makes her pop out in crowds. Me? Brown hair, brown eyes, plain red tee and beige pants; I don't like to stand out so much.

"Name?" asked the nice woman behind the counter. Oh, hey, that's Elena, Ike's mom! It's weird, but here at FEH we're on a first name basis with all the staff, kinda like in university. "Oh, hello, Edward. And you too, Mia."

We both smiled as she ruffled through the papers. Getting near the end of the list she pulled out our adjacent schedules. "Ah, here they are, Edward and Mia Trueblade." We thanked her as she handed them to us and we waited off to the side for Rebecca.

"So, what do you guys have this semester?" she asked once she'd gotten her schedule.

Neither of us had actually looked yet, so we all opened up the small booklets and compared schedules. It still made me snicker to see 'Wildflower, Rebecca' every time I saw her schedule. I could almost hear Dan, pardon, Dart trying to tell the staff person his name. "Daniel Wildflrsmph…" he would say as he tried to mumble the last part in embarrassment, only to have to repeat himself louder so that they could hear.

"Are you freaking kidding me, you guys have ALL your classes together?!" shouted Mia, gaining some looks from the other students in the room. As if she wasn't getting enough attention.

"What, really?" I hadn't really been paying attention, as I'd been caught up in my Dart scenario. Sure enough, Rebecca and I had managed to get all our classes for this semester together.

"Well, it looks like we'll be seeing quite a lot of each other," she teased. "Hope you aren't afraid of my brother trying to kill you."

"Oh, please, we both know he never has or will lay a finger on me. He knows you would never forgive him if he did. Believe it or not, I think Dart actually, dare I say it, cares about you, Bec."

We all laughed. Dart wouldn't let anyone know, but his douche-y attitude towards Rebecca's guy friends was just him being overprotective. "Hehe, and if he does try to hurt you, I'll be there in PE to help you out!" added Mia. "See, we all have it in last period!" Just as she'd said, our period four class said PE with Kent as the teacher.

"Okay, well we should get going if we want to get to class on time. Bye, Mia!" I said as we started heading in the other direction.

First up was English with Lucius. All right! Lucius, for those of you who don't know, is probably the most laid back teacher there is. That's not to say that he doesn't care about his job or make us do our homework, but one of his quirks is that he doesn't mind if we don't take notes or pay full attention to the lesson, so long as our marks are decent enough. Luckily for me, I'm pretty good at keeping a B average without paying attention. And Lucius likes to spend a lot of time on creative fiction writing, so basically it's a class where we get graded on our ability to write stories. This'll be a cinch!

"You seem happy," said Rebecca as we entered the classroom.

"Well, who wouldn't be when you find out that Lucius is your teacher?" I said as we sat down.

"Well, well, if it isn't the lovely Rebecca in my English class," said someone from behind us. "Oh, and Edward…"

Well, I guess it's almost impossible not to end up in class with at least one of the popular people. I just didn't get why they had to act all snide when they were with their friends. I mean, almost everyone in the school has some direct connection to the populars, whether it's being friends or something more. In any case, they acted like assholes unless they were by themselves, and such was the case right now.

"Hi, Wil, Rennac, Vaike," Rebecca greeted them kindly.

I wasn't too fond of these three, so I wasn't going to waste my effort greeting them knowing that they didn't give a crap. Vaike can be nice, but more often than not he's pretty rude to me. I have my own reasons for disliking Rennac, and as for Wil…

"Jugdral was awfully beautiful, wasn't it? Though I can't say that it would have been half as enjoyable without you there," Wil directed to Rebecca, earning a giggle and blush from her. Geez, could you get any cheesier?

Okay, so if you didn't guess, Rebecca has a thing for Wil. I'm almost certain it's mutual; otherwise he wouldn't be saying any of this stuff. If anyone else had said something as ridiculously stupid as that she would've laughed in his face. However, given that it just so happened that their families were close, they sometimes went on trips together. Ugh, there they go, flirting away while I tell all of you about how much they dig each other.

See, I don't actually have anything against Wil; we actually used to be good friends. But, like a few other people I know, he got in with the popular crowd and we kind of lost our bond. I think he got in with their group because he's close with Lyn, but you never can be sure with them. Either way, Wil and Bec never really stopped being friends, and now they spend all their time flirting. I always thought that populars only dated within their own groups, but ever since Chrom started openly flirting with Sumia, well, I think that's when they realized they could date 'below their status'.

"Yo, Eddie, you pissed that Wil keeps hittin' on your girl?" Vaike pestered me. "'Cause Ol' Teach here says she'd pick him over you any day!"

"Screw off, Vaike, she's not my girl…"

"Oh, that's right," added Rennac, making me glare at his stupid smirking face. "Vaike, how could you forget that little Edward here has a thing for L'Arachel?"

"W-what?! I-I do not!" I yelled back a little too defensively. I could feel my face growing hot as Wil and Rebecca stopped their flirting because of my outburst.

"Well, if that ain't embarrassed blushing, then I don't know what is!" laughed Vaike.

"Just shut up, guys!"

"Aww, wittle Eddie has a cwuuuush," added Wil. Rebecca giggled, but only slightly. I knew I couldn't count on her right now, not while Wil was around.

"Too bad she's crazy for me," Rennac chuckled. "Bitch is loony if she thinks I'm ever gonna ask her out."

"Why wouldn't you?" asked Vaike. "She's super hot, and I bet she'd do anything with you, and I mean anything."

"Yeah, but I don't think I'd wanna date a psycho, y'know? All her and Serra do is gossip. If we ever got in a fight, she'd turn the whole school against me."

"Yeah, but… good sex."

"You'd know?"

"You kiddin' me? Course I know, Rennac! You think Teach didn't teach her a trick or two?"

Alright, well that was all the listening I wanted to do. As if it didn't make me mad enough that Rennac was insulting the girl I liked, but Vaike was pretty much saying how much of a slut she was.

Yeah, I guess there's no denying that I like L'Arachel. I mean, on top of being on my secret list of top ten hottest girls at FEH, I really liked her personality. Okay, true, she's one of the school's top gossipers, but she can be pretty down-to-earth when she wants to. Last year we were in art together (luckily she was the only popular in the class) and I got to spend a lot of time getting to know her. I'm not sure when it happened, but I just started liking her like that after a while. She really wanted to know whom I liked at the time, but I wouldn't tell her. All she managed to get out of that was that I have a thing for green-haired girls, and of course, being the tease that she is, she decided that it would be a fun idea to be a little more flirtatious. It was all teasing though, because she ended up telling me whom she liked in a failed attempt to get me to spill the beans.

And now you know why I absolutely loathe Rennac. Not only does he despise her, but he also makes a joke out of her every chance he gets. According to him, she's too ditzy to understand that he will never ever be her boyfriend. I don't know if they have some weird history with each other or if it's part of their group's drama. Whatever the reason, I think he's a little over the top about it. I mean sure, she's not the smartest individual, but the fact that he says he would ask out Gonzales before her is just… Come on, just say you don't wanna go out with her and leave it at that!

"-and that's pretty much how the Vaike taught L'Arachel and Serra about pounding two tacos." Ew, I didn't need to hear that…

"Nice, man. I wouldn't do either of them unless they both lost their voices, but the fact that you got a threesome is badass."

"Rennac, they've got the hottest squeals-"

Holy crap, how long were they gonna go on about this? It's just my luck that I don't know anyone else in the class. Well, I do, but I'm not gonna go talk to Jaffar or Miriel just to avoid this; though the idea is getting more intriguing by the second. I'm pretty sure Jaffar only talks to his weird group of quiet friends and Nino, and Miriel speaks in such a sophisticated manner that I'm pretty sure only Laurent and Lyon can actually understand her… Either way, they probably wouldn't want to talk to me if I went over to them, since I'm not in their friend groups. Like I said before, our school is cliquey. Oh, I didn't even notice Athena over there! Other than the fact that she only understands half of what I say, I don't mind her. Better get out of here before Vaike gets too explicit…

"Hey, Athena, how are you?" I said as I ditched my old group to chat with her.

"Ve are doing vell. Thank you, Edvard. Are you vell?" Right, I probably should've mentioned that Athena is one of the four ESL people I know. Well, now you know.

"I'm okay, did you have a good summer?"

"Yes, ve are doing many things over break. Ve svam in the lake and vent to vatch sport game and…" and on and on she went. I felt kind of bad, but I was getting bored of her extensive list of things she'd done over the break.

"Uh, that all sounds fun, but I should probably get back to, uh…"

"Good morning, class!" Lucius said cheerily as he walked into the classroom. Thank the gods; you just saved me from making up a terrible excuse, Lucius.

Walking back over to Rebecca, Wil was in my seat, still flirting with her. I didn't want to seem like that guy, but my bag was on the desk, and class was starting. I coughed inconspicuously as I leaned on the desk. Despite the eye-roll and annoyed groan, Wil stood up and went back to his original seat. Yeah, that's right.

"Sorry, I got a little distracted there," Rebecca whispered as Lucius started doing the normal first-day introductory things.

"Don't worry about it, we'll have loads more time to talk. We do have all our classes together, remember?"

"Of course, how could I forget? And even better, Wil is in our PE class!"

"Oh, uh, that's great…"

"Sorry, I always forget that you guys don't really see eye-to-eye anymore."

"It's alright, I know Mia's in our class, so if anything I'll just hang out with her so you and Wil can do your flirting thing."

She blushed, but didn't deny that it was the truth. She knew that I knew her too well for her to bother denying anything. It worked both ways though, so whenever L'Arachel came up in conversation, she was always quick with a remark. Ah, the quirks of being best friends with someone as clever as myself.

Bzz bzz bzz

I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check who was texting me right now. Oh geez, she would text me right after I was finished going through all the nasty Vaike stories and whatnot. Whatever, I'm actually glad that she texted me instead of the other way around.

1 new message from: L'Arachel Rausten
OMG Eddie! :) R u here today? I havent seen u since last year lol! Txt me ur schedule! Heres mine
P1: Bio w/ Canas
P2: Music w/ Rafiel & Reyson
P3: Business w/ Anna
P4: PE w/ Kent

Nice, we have business together! Hopefully Rebecca doesn't feel neglected in that class. Then again, I can always say that I feel the same way in this one. I know it's a terrible thing for friends to do, but I know that by next week Wil's gonna be way more insistent on flirting with her, so I can only enjoy this for the time being.

Hold up, I must've missed that, PE with Kent?! Oh man, as if that class wasn't hectic enough as it is. It's kind of hard to say if L'Arachel and Wil would hang out during PE or if Wil would stay with Rebecca, forcing L'Arachel to come over to me. That's still assuming there's no other populars in that class. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if there was… Well, at least I still had Mia.

So on top of being in two classes with Wil and Rebecca, now I was in two with L'Arachel too. I know it's only the first period of the first day, but, man, it is going to be a long semester.

Heh, sorry if that ended a bit awkwardly, but I didn't want Eddie to ramble on for too long. To be honest, this intro, like many intro chapters, was just sort of to introduce the main characters. I know it might've been a bit overwhelming, so I apologize for the large amount of people. Actually, I'm going to post a list of all the people I'm sure will make an appearance in the story and what their cliques are down below (except the populars; that's for next chapter). I haven't confirmed if they'll have big roles or not, but they'll defs be in the story at some point.

And if you're curious about the constantly mentioned populars, well that's more of what next chapter is dedicated to focusing on. Just so that I can avoid confusion, the POV for this story will switch between Edward and Rebecca. I can't say if it's going to alternate back and forth, but next chapter is definitely going to be Rebecca's POV. Hopefully you're all for cliché high school plots and stuff, because that's pretty much what the rest of this is going to be :P

So what'd you guys think? I'm open for feedback as long as it's constructive, so don't be afraid of being critical!

As I say on all of my stories, I'm hoping one day to become a video game music composer, so I kindly ask that you guys check out my soundcloud (link on my profile). While I admit that the songs on there aren't fantastic, I'm still growing as a musician and composer, so hopefully you'll see some development as I get better.

I think that's about it, so thank you for taking the time to check this random-ass story out and I hope you'll stick around to see how it develops! Other than my extremely broad plotline, I certainly have no idea how it will :P


List of characters by clique!

Main Group:
Blazing Sword (FE7)

Sacred Stones (FE8)

Path of Radiance (FE9)

Radiant Dawn (FE10)

New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow (FE12)

Awakening (FE13)

Nerds/Band Geeks:
Miriel (FE13)
Laurent (FE13)
Lyon (FE8)
Nils (FE7)
Elphin (FE6)

Quiet People:
Navarre (FE1,11)
Rutger (FE6)
Rath (FE7)
Jaffar (FE7)
Volke (FE9)
Lon'qu (FE13)
Gerome (FE13)

Devdan (FE9)
Danved (FE10)
Athena (FE11)
Gregor (FE13)