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"So Sydney, are you back to your normal self?" Nicki inquired. "No more coughing up furballs?" Nicki and Ron laughed happily.

Sydney glared at them. Her purple eyes suddenly turned into feline slits.

Nicki and Ron stopped abruptly.

Sydney smiled in satisfaction.

"You know, with those cat eyes and that grin, you could pass yourself off as the Cheshire Cat," Justin pointed out.

This time, Sydney didn't get mad. Instead, she just giggled as she playfully slapped her boyfriend's shoulder. Her eyes reverted back to their regular nature.

"No fair!" Nicki pouted. "If I made that joke, she would set my broom on fire!"

"Face it, sis. You're just not as cute as Justin," Sydney replied cheekily as she gave the blonde boy's arm a squeeze.

"Oh yeah? Well you can take that cute face and..." Nicki didn't get to finish the rest.

A stream of water was pouring out of the girls' bathroom across the floor.

"I'm no plumber, but I'm pretty sure that's not normal," Sydney added.

"Yuck! Looks like Moaning Myrtle's flooded the bathroom," Ron observed.

The four students rushed into the bathroom to find the toilets overflowing and Moaning Myrtle sitting on the window ledge. She was crying.

"Come to throw something else at me?" Myrtle blubbered.

"Why would we throw something at you?" Justin questioned.

"Don't ask me," Myrtle murmured. "Here I am, minding my own business, and someone thinks it's funny to throw a book at me."

"But it can't hurt if someone throws something at you," Ron argued. "I mean, it'll just go right through you."

Sydney and Nicki winced. That was not the thing to say to a ghost...particularly a girl ghost. That was right up there with 'that dress makes you look fat' and 'is today a special day or something' on the list of wrong things to say to a girl.

And Myrtle knew it! She zipped right up to Ron's face and screamed, "Oh sure! Let's all throw books at Myrtle because she can't feel it! Ten points if you get it through her stomach!" Myrtle thrust her hand through Ron's gut and pulled it back out. "Fifty points if it goes through her head!" Myrtle stuck her hand through Ron's forehead and pulled it back.

"But who threw it at you, anyway?" Justin inquired, trying to diffuse some of the tension in the room.

"I don't know. I didn't see them," Myrtle answered, her voice softer than before. She floated toward Justin. "I was just sitting around, thinking about death." Myrtle sighed wistfully. "And it fell through the top of my head." Myrtle nodded with a little pout before she turned around and returned to her weeping.

"Looks like somebody's got a ghost crushing on him!" Nicki teased.

"Huh?!" Justin exclaimed.

While Nicki continued tormenting the blonde boy, Sydney noticed a black leather book on the floor of the bathroom. She picked it up, shook the water off, and studied it curiously.


Later that night, after everybody in Gryffindor Tower had gone to bed, Sydney sat alone in the common room. She was wearing a white button-down pajama top, zebra-print pajama pants, fuzzy rainbow-colored slippers, and the purple sweater Mrs. Weasley had given her for Christmas.

She was supposed to be asleep, but her many questions about the book prevented her from doing so. There was something about the book that was eerily familiar. Sydney just couldn't shake off the feeling that she had seen the book somewhere before, but where?

Sydney opened the cover of the book, and the first page confirmed that it was a diary. But to whom did it belong? Sydney flipped through the pages, but they were all blank.

"You know, if you keep shortchanging yourself on sleep, you'll never grow taller," a voice joked from behind Sydney.

Sydney jumped and dropped the diary on the table. She whipped her head around to see Nicki standing at the foot of the staircase to the girls' dorms. She was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest and a sleepy smirk on her face. Nicki was wearing red plaid pajama pants, brown moccasin slippers with aqua beading, and a black 'Ninja Chick' t-shirt. Her aqua sweater from Mrs. Weasley was tied around her waist.

"How did you know where to find me?" Sydney asked.

Nicki shrugged as she said, "I'm your twin. I'm supposed to know these things."

Sydney raised an eyebrow skeptically.

"Okay fine! Your level of concentration gave me a headache that woke me up and when I saw your empty bed, I knew you had to be down here."

"How did you know I wasn't in the library?" Sydney debated.

"My invisibility cloak is still in my trunk and you would never break rules like that."

Sydney slumped her shoulders in surrender.

"So what are you doing?" Nicki questioned.

Sydney sighed. "Just examining this diary that Myrtle found."

Nicki walked over to join her sister and sat down at the table. She grabbed the diary and flipped it over. On the back was a golden nameplate.

"Tom Marvolo Riddle?" Nicki read out loud. She handed the diary back to Sydney. "Who's that? And what kind of parent would name their son 'Marvolo?'"

"I don't know. The bigger question is who would keep a blank diary?"

The twins sat in silence for a minute.

Suddenly, Sydney had an idea. She opened the diary to the first page, grabbed a quill, dipped it in ink, and held it over the diary. A droplet of ink fell onto the page, but it was immediately absorbed.

"Whoa!" Nicki exclaimed. "I wish I had paper like that! Professor McGonagall says my homework looks more like art projects than Transfiguration essays."

Sydney turned to the next page to check if the ink had simply bled though to the next page, but it was pristine. She dipped the quill in ink again and began to write in the book.

'My name is Sydney Potter' Sydney wrote in her neat and tiny cursive. She dotted her i with a little star.

Nicki caught her drift and picked up another quill. Right below Sydney's line, Nicki wrote, 'And I'm her twin sister Nicki Potter' in her messier but bigger print. Her i's were dotted with crescent moons.

Their words faded into the page and other words soon replaced them.

'hello Sydney and Nicki Potter. my name is Tom Riddle' the diary greeted. The words disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

The girls could do no more than gape at the mysterious book.

'Do you know anything about the Chamber of Secrets?' Sydney asked in written form.

The words vanished.

'Yes' Tom replied.

Sydney and Nicki grinned in excitement. Finally, they found somebody who would give them a clear answer.

'Can you tell us?' Sydney scribbled eagerly.

'No' the book responded.

Sydney sighed in defeat and rubbed the bridge of her nose with her hand.

Nicki slouched in her chair, dropped the quill back into the bottle of ink, and crossed her arms angrily. "This is why I don't read!" the brunette grumbled. "You can't trust books, especially magic books that can answer for themselves!"

Suddenly, more words appeared on the page. 'But I can show you' Tom offered.

Nicki sat up straighter as Sydney leaned forward in anticipation.

'Let me take you back fifty years ago' Tom began.

The pages began to flip on their own until they stopped about halfway into the diary. The top right corner of the page said '13th June'.

Sydney and Nicki held up the book. All of a sudden, the split between the two pages began to shine with a blinding golden light until the entire pages were glowing. Before they knew what was going on, the twins were transported into the diary.


Sydney and Nicki opened their eyes to see themselves standing in a monochromatic version of a Hogwarts corridor.

"Nick, why are we in a black and white movie?" Sydney asked worriedly as they walked around the corner. "And why are we still in color?"

"I don't know. Why don't you just ask that guy?" Nicki gestured toward a student standing at the top of the staircase.

It was a tall pale boy with his black hair slicked back and his chin tilted upward. According to his robes, he was a Slytherin prefect. By the look of him, he was probably a sixth year.

"Excuse me, could you tell us what's going on here?" Sydney inquired politely as she and Nicki ascended the stairs. "Are you Tom Riddle? Hello? Can you hear me?"

The boy remained silent.

"How rude!" Sydney said in disbelief.

"I got this, sis," Nicki dismissed. She ran up the stairs, swung her leg over the banister, and stood up on the railing. She used the column to keep her balance as she positioned herself right in front of the student. "WHO ARE YOU?!" Nicki shouted in his face.

Sydney snapped her head around to make sure nobody was going to catch them.

When he still did not answer, Nicki began making funny faces at the boy (AN this part is from Mostly Ghostly). She shook her head back and forth quickly as she made a babbling noise. "Bleh!" she exclaimed as she stuck her tongue out. Then she growled. She tried every comedic face in the book, but nothing worked.

Sydney rolled her eyes at her sister's behavior.

"I don't get it! How is he not laughing?! Even those silent stone-faced guards at Buckingham Palace would be busting a gut!"

"Shh!" Sydney hissed. She pointed up at where the boy was looking.

Several adult wizards were carrying a gurney down the stairs with a blanket tossed over a body. A girl's arm was dangling from underneath the blanket.

Nicki jumped down from the railing and she and Sydney stepped aside as the procession continued. The boy stared at the body with an unreadable expression.

"Riddle!" a familiar adult voice boomed.

All three students turned around to see a bearded wizard beckoning from the top of the stairs. "Come."

"Professor Dumbledore," the student acknowledged curtly. He walked up the staircase to the professor.

"Dumbledore?!" the twins questioned in disbelief as they looked at each other. They trailed behind Tom.

"It is not wise to be wandering around this late hour, Tom," the younger Dumbledore admonished.

"Yes Professor. I-I suppose I..." Tom sighed and straightened his shoulders. "I had to see for myself if the rumors were true."

"I'm afraid they are, Tom. They are true," Dumbledore stated. His face and tone were void of all emotion.

"About the school, as well? I don't have a home to go to. They wouldn't really close Hogwarts, would they, Professor?" There was something lacing Tom's voice other than anxiety, but it couldn't be discerned.

"I understand, Tom, but I'm afraid Headmaster Dippet may have no choice."

"Sir, if it all stopped...if the person responsible was caught..."

Dumbledore looked put off at what the boy was implying. "Is there something you wish to tell me?"

Tom didn't even hestitate before replying, "No, sir. Nothing."

Dumbledore raised his brow skeptically, as if waiting for Tom to change his mind, but Tom merely swallowed without saying another word. The twins watched this silent exchange.

Eventually, Dumbledore relented and nodded dismissively. "Very well, then. Off you go."

"Good night, sir."

Tom strode past Dumbledore and left the corridor. Sydney and Nicki ran to catch up to him. Tom glided up corridors and down stairs like he owned the place. After a long while, he stopped in front of a wooden door. He whipped out his wand and checked his surroundings to confirm that he was alone (well other than the invisible twelve-year-olds following him). Tom threw open the door to reveal a big and hairy boy in Hogwarts robes who was leaning over a wooden box.

"Let's getcha outta there," the boy was muttering to the box.

"Evening, Hagrid," Tom greeted with disdain.

The sisters' eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

The young groundskeeper slammed the chest shut.

"I'm going to have to turn you in, Hagrid," Tom said with his wand pointed straight at Hagrid. "I don't think you meant it to kill anyone, but-"

"No! You can't! You don't understand!" Hagrid interrupted.

"The dead girl's parents will be here tomorrow," Tom stated with an unwavering voice. "The least Hogwarts can do is make sure the thing that killed their daughter is slaughtered."

"It wasn't him! Aragog never killed no one! Never!" Hagrid insisted.

"Monsters don't make good pets, Hagrid. Now, stand aside!"


"Stand aside, Hagrid!"


"Cistem aperio!" Tom chanted. "Arania exumai!" A blast shot out of his wand straight at the box.

"Aragog!" Hagrid hollered as a dark creature scurried out of the chest and out the window. "Aragog!" He looked as if he were about to run out the window after the 'monster'.

"I can't let you go," Tom cut in. "They'll have your wand for this, Hagrid. You'll be expelled."

The twins screamed out Hagrid's name as the scene faded away. The last thing they saw before they returned to the Gryffindor common room was Tom pointing his wand at a downcast Hagrid.


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