-In which, Yzak knows something's wrong when Dearka actually hands in his work on time

Hello, peoples. I am back with a new idea for this story! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, and hopefully you guys will like this one too. I had writer's block for the longest of times, but my sisters gave me a little prompt of having one of the characters watch Spirited Away, and so this baby came to life. Please enjoy!

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❤❀~Dearka, a HakuChihiro shipper?~❀❤

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It is a good day today, a pretty good day indeed for our dear Captain Yzak Joule. A good day. Yep, yep, a very good day. A very very good day. Why, you ask? Why is it such a good day for Captain Yzak Joule? Well, for starters, today when he woke up, he didn't wake up at 4 AM like he usually does whenever Kira and Athrun get on his nerves, and so he had a very refreshing good night's sleep. And then, he ran into his sweetheart Miss Shiho Hahnenfuss and, since no one was around, he gave her a great big kiss on the cheek. And now, his usually procrastinating subordinate Dearka Elsman has handed his work on time for once! Yep, yep! This is a good day for Yzak Joule. A good day in—wait a minute, wait just a darn minute!

Dearka . . . Dearka Elsman has actually turned in work on time? This just can't be happening! It can't be! Why, it's the equivalent of a coming apocalypse! Anyone else can hand in work on time, but not Dearka Elsman! No, not him! There is just no way he's handing work in on time! Maybe he was handing in work from months ago and disguising them as today's paperwork! Or maybe he was Kira in disguise trying to plan his downfall! Or maybe, just maybe . . .

Oh no! Yzak panicked in his mind. What if my mother paid him to hand me the papers for my engagement with Shiho? Oh, no! What if he read them? No! Keep calm, Yzak, keep calm. You're just overreacting. Maybe he really did do his paperwork... Okay, that wouldn't happen in a million years, so start panicking! He must have read the papers and is planning on telling everyone on the whole damn ship about it! NOO! I can't have that! I can't! I—

"Uh . . . Captain, may I ask you something?"

Yzak gulped and tried to sound as normal as can be. "Y-yes?" Crap, a stutter. Now Dearka's bound to be suspicious. "What . . . what is it?"

"Well, I hope you don't mind me asking this, but . . ."

Oh, no, here it comes. All the sexual innuendos and the never-ending jokes and—

"Have you ever thought about working in a bathhouse and changing your name to Haku?"

Wait... "What the Hell are you talking about, Dearka?" As of this moment, Yzak wasn't worried or paranoid anymore. He was starting to lose his temper. Key word, starting to. Luckily for our dear Dearka, Yzak was using the anger management technique he learned from Shiho.

"Well, I mean, you do have the hairstyle for the role, Captain. If only you dyed your hair a nice dark jade green and wore steel green contacts then you'd be perfect, Captain!"

"Perfect?" Yzak asked thoroughly confused. "For what?"

"For the role of Haku from Spirited Away, duh!"

"..." Yzak could only stare at Dearka as if the boy had grown an extra head. Okay, so maybe the apocalypse wasn't coming yet, but still Dearka was getting dumber with each word he spoke.

"Come on, Captain! You have to hurry! I already sent Shiho on her way! You need to get ready! And—"


"Yes, Captain?" The blonde remained oblivious to his friend's fury.

"What have I told you about shipping OTPs?"

"Uh . . . that shipping is okay as long as I keep my thoughts to myself?"

"Correct. And do you remember what happened the last time you didn't listen to my advice?"

"Well, if I may say so, Captain, SasuSaku is a hard ship to ship. I mean, if I had known all that bleach and pink hairdye was going to create such a mess then I never would have—"


"Yes, Captain?"

"Do you remember what I told you last time when your shipping war got out of hand, hm?"

"Uh . . . you told me to run, Sir."

"Yes, yes, I did. And so . . . do you know what I want you to do now, Dearka?"

"Uh . . . run, Sir?"

"You have a five-second head start."

And it was safe to say that, on this good day, Yzak forgot how to count time and, in a split-second after he gave Dearka his head start, he went after the blonde with the joybuzzer he had confiscated from Dearka just a week ago and the taser gun he had confiscated just a week and a half ago.

Meanwhile... In an old, abandoned town full of old restaurants...


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